Busy Day – No Post Till Tomorrow

Connie and I went to Gloria’s house today – what a treat! I’ll post pictures tomorrow but in the meantime I wanted to post this picture of PAPER BOWLS. I thought maybe I’d called them by the wrong name because so many of you questioned me but here it is!

Until tomorrow’s post!

6 thoughts on “Busy Day – No Post Till Tomorrow

  1. Holly in Two Harbors

    I use paper bowls at times, too, and sometimes I reuse them. Like when I take pretzels up to my sewing room in a smaller-size paper bowl and then end up using it for scraps or small pieces of fabric for a quilt. They’re nice and light to take to retreats, too, for thread bits by my machine. And I always keep them on hand for picnics.

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    They come in an even smaller size, I have 2 by my sewing machine. One filled with tiny milk bones for Loretta, the other with M&M’s for me!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – what a good use of paper bowls! Love it!

  3. Linda Baker

    I always took them camping. Can’t believe so many people don’t know what they are.

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