Busy Weekend

My hydrangeas are thriving with all the weekend rain. Mosquitos are also thriving making it hard to work outside. Over the weekend I saw a friend buried and a friend married-all on the same day. Gladys’ funeral was Saturday morning and I played for a wedding at our church in the afternoon. During the wedding, the rain poured down – almost 1-1/2″ ruining their plan for a hayride following the ceremony. Sunday afternoon was one rain shower after another making it a perfect day for reading a good book.

5 thoughts on “Busy Weekend

  1. Carol

    Please can you redirect some rain here to Southern California? I have almost forgotten what it is…:(

  2. Linda Hanley

    Hi Mary – that is exactly how I would like to spend a rainy afternoon – any afternoon. Curious – what is the good book?

  3. Ann Barlament

    You Hydrangeas are pretty – we had white one’s that looked like huge pom-poms. Every fall mom would cut them even with the ground.

    Think it’s past time to build an Ark – tired of all the rain!!

  4. Launa

    The San Joaquin valley could use rain and lower temperatures this week as triple digits are predicted. My third granddaughter called from San Clemente to check on her dog who is spending a few days with me.

    Local news showed some FAINTING GOATS last week. If something startles them they drop to the ground in a faint! Hope there are no fireworks near their home.

    Today would have been my dad’s birthday. Tom Brokaw called him a member of the greatest generation! One of many!

  5. Bonnie in Az.

    We are crying for rain here in the desert Southwest but haven’t seen a drop in months. Wildfires burning in the mountains. And HOT!! 110 today.

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