Can’t Find It! 9-20-23

We’ve all searched for the Cheri Friendship Group and none of us can find it! Good grief! I’m going to look for my copy and if I find it I’ll copy it for you – I know personally that copyright laws aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on!

I’m having coffee with all of you this morning but nearly all the conversation is about the Black Hen pattern. I’m on it!

50 thoughts on “Can’t Find It! 9-20-23

  1. Frances E

    I didn’t think there was another quilt pattern that I wanted, but the Black Hen pattern is so adorable. If you can’t work it out for us, I may have to come up with my own! We’ll see. My heart wants to do things that my body can’t usually fulfill.

  2. Mari

    I found a copy of the Black Hen pattern (IJ572) by Cheri Saffiote/Indygo Junction on Etsy (ClickCreativeCrafts).

  3. Chris H. in Washington

    Love the Black Hen quilt! Thank you for all of your hard work tracking down old patterns that we still love. 💕Bless you, Mary.

  4. Meta

    Facebook page is Quilts by Cheri, look at files, My Black Hen, May 2, 2018. You have to join her FB page.

  5. Shirley Andersen Smith

    There is a Cheri Facebook group run by Irma ? I have been on it, but my FB got messed up with a new phone change. But look on FB. I know we could purchase from there certain patterns.

  6. Dorothy

    Thank you Mary
    I found the facebook group but can’t get in to ask if I can join.
    It says content unavailable

  7. Sharon Ray

    Cheri’s fb group was recently changed to a private group by the admin. you have to be invited to join and from a member who is very active in the group. ‘My Black Hen’ by Cheri Saffiote is an Indygo Junction pattern so maybe using these words will help you find it on ebay or etsy.

  8. Jean

    😂 Mary you are a good woman! Let us know when you find the pattern and I’ll send money in a SASE.

    1. Deborah Smith

      Mary you are something else! I was so excited to hear that the chicken pattern may be out there. I have a neighbor who is 18 and raising chickens I want to give him a chicken quilt for return for all the eggs have given us.
      Keep on it Mary as I hope the pattern comes through.

  9. Gayle Lacey

    In FB, the group is called Quilts by Cheri ~ Friendship Group. I believe that pattern is in the files for free, along with a lot of other awesome prim patterns. Don’t tear your hair out looking!!! 😁

  10. Sandra Fraenkel

    There is a Cheri friendship group on Facebook. I am a member. They have files with some of Cheri’s patterns. They specifically ask you do not post in the group about buying/selling patterns.
    Sandra in VA

    1. Beth T.

      Sandra, would you be able to invite people to join the group? It sounds like her husband wants to share the patterns, but people must join the group in order to have access to them. Do I understand that correctly?

  11. Bonnie Archibald

    There is a Facebook site called Quilts by Cheri-Friendship group. I found My black hen in the files. Her husband has given permission to post her patterns to the group. There are literally 100’s of her patterns in the files. Hope that helps.

  12. Susy B.

    Very easy Mary…. Quilts by Cheri-Friendship Group. That’s it on Facebook. Great group. Worth it.

  13. Ruthie

    I’m in the ” Quilts by Cheri ~ Friendship Group” I sent you an invite. They just went private. They have older patterns in the files – I think it is, they don’t have any of the patterns that were in the manilla envelopes in the files. Those Cheries husband has to give permission for.

  14. Shirley Mann

    Quilts by Cheri Friendship Group on Facebook. I am a part of this group and ‘members’ share pics of Cheri’s patterns that they make. It’s a private group that you can request to be a part of.

    1. Cynthia A Arneson

      I would love to have a copy of the pattern. I am a member of the FB group and I don’t have that pattern. I’m on FB as CynthiaArneson. You can message me and we can iron out the details. 🙂

  15. Cynthia from SW MN

    Mary! Please piput up a photo of The Black Hem pattern that you did it is cuter than the pattern we are all searching for! Then we can have a pillow or two or a wall hanging as well of your pattern as well!

  16. Cynthia from SW MN

    Mary! Please put up a photo of The Black Hem pattern that you did it is cuter than the pattern we are all searching for! Then we can have a pillow or two or a wall hanging as well of your pattern as well! I downloaded mine about 3 years ago when you did that..but it is so cute I bet others would love making one like I am in the process of doing.

  17. Bridget

    I will gladly pay her husband for the pattern. I would imagine he inherited her intellectual property. I am sad that she has passed. In my mind we are all just out of sight around the corner…

  18. Debbie Miller

    I was a member of the Facebook group-Quilts by Cheri previously. The search for The Black Hen quilt reminded me of that. Apparently I was dropped for whatever reason as I can no longer access. Can one of you that are a member send me a new invitation?

  19. Sharon G,

    Mary – I looked in my pattern bin, but I do not have the Black Hen pattern from Indygo Junction.
    Online I found a Chicken Quilt Block tutorial that looks easy and it’s free from Sew Inspired. I linked to the Sew Inspired tutorial from Quilty Love.

    Looking at the Indygo Junction pattern, I drew a hen freehand. It doesn’t look that complicated and since it’s applique – each hen could be wonky especially with each hen in a different fabric! Would be a fun one to try!

    When I was looking in my pattern bin, I pulled out your Bullseye pattern # 307 to look at it again. I need something to think about this evening.
    I’m struggling with this widowhood business. I miss my husband every day and the closer it gets to the
    1-year mark, the worse I feel. After my appointment with the attorney to start the estate planning process, there’s a setback that I wasn’t expecting. My husband’s will has to go through probate. I am hopeful with both of our wills intact and current, the process won’t take years! And hopefully, in the meantime, there won’t be any unknowns that come crawling out of the woodwork! Good grief! If it’s not one thing, it’s another…

    Take care everyone!
    And thank you Mary for your blog about nothing even though it has a treasure trove of information. Truly the best!

    1. Rita in Iowa

      Sharon go to Jos Country Junction blog today. She posted a grief chart and talks about her grief process and revelation she had because of what her daughter said to her. I believe it doesn’t have to be just about grief but also the process of retirement. Hope this helps in some way. Keep us posted on how your doing. We all face these things at some time in our life.

  20. Linda in Michigan

    Well, ya’all had me searching the basement for a Cheri Payne book I KNOW I have. (you even have me talking in a Southern accent, ha,ha!) Finally found it, a Christmas book with lots of patterns, but no chickens. I guess chickens haven’t anything to do with Christmas. Found another Cheri pattern, but no chickens.

  21. Judi Leventhal

    I sent you a message thru Facebook but decided to try this as wll. Quilts by Cheri-Firendship Group . It is a private group so you’ll have to ask to join. Irma Vargas is the admin. Hope this helps.
    Judi L. in TX

  22. Judi Leventhal

    Mary, I found the pattern in the files for the Friendship Group. The pattern is called My Black Hen. Good luck.
    Judi L. in TX (again)

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