CHANGES! 12-8-20

I have a new email address!


Effective immediately!

12 thoughts on “CHANGES! 12-8-20

  1. Jeanine

    I got your email changed in my address book. Thank you. Hope things go better for you in the future. Love reading your blog and all the comments. Our son and family from Ohio are not coming for Christmas this year because of COVID, so I got all their presents packed up and ready to send to them. It was pretty easy as the grandkids wanted gift cards. I made each of the girls a set of potholders out of selvedges, 2 masks, and a star ornament from selvedges. Our daughter and family from ND are still planning to come on the 20th and will be here till the 23rd. We have a new great grandson that was just born on December 3, and he will also be coming. That is our first “grand.” Excited about that.

  2. Sandy

    Congratulations Jeanine on your great grandchild, very clever of him to be born on my birthday! Hope all are safe and well, best wishes from sandy

    1. Jeanine

      Thank you, Sandy. He came 10 days before my birthday, but that is fine. He can have the day all to himself. His aunt’s birthday is December 1. We are so blest to have a healthy baby boy. I will get to see him at Christmas if all goes well (with COVID etc.)

  3. Jean

    Good grief you poor thing. Got the new address until next time. I must be old because i’m sick onto death of our world right now.

  4. Luci

    So glad you are up and running again, and wouldn’t want to miss your blog. I enjoy all the different things you do and subjects you cover, patterns, and all around sharing. Your email address is in my contact list, and I am ready. Thanks, Mary.

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