I hate auto correct!!!!

11 thoughts on “CHATTING – NOT CHARTING

  1. Betty Klosterman

    The computer tech took the spell check (auto correct) off my computer and I love it. Now to get my fingers trained to hit the right keys. It couldn’t spell the words I couldn’t spell either. Had to get a dictionary!!
    I do love to hear about “Erotica
    It hasn’t rained today,..yet.

  2. Darby in WI

    I once meant to text my sister to remind her to bring me her CROCKPOT and it auto corrected to CRACK POT. Pretty sure that is something I’ll never use and that she doesn’t have one for me to borrow!

  3. Michele

    Thanks for starting my day off with a big laugh! Auto correct makes me loopy.

  4. Sharon Lowy

    Me too! Sometimes it really is funny though. I have a friend named Veronica who is a retired librarian. She is always well dressed and a perfect lady. It autocorrected her name to “Erotica “. We are all still laughing! Happy Saturday. It is finally sunny in Yorkville, Illinois at least for the moment!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sharon Lowry – I’ll bet your very proper librarian was appalled! It really is just too funny!

  5. Carole S

    Dang! I was looking forward to some interesting charts!! Oh, well…maybe next time. 😆

  6. Moe Baly

    Yes, and dont you love it that we are “seeing” and not “sewing”. Autocorrect constantly changes it.

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