Check the comments, please!

Getting these kittens to new homes is urgent – please read the comments – I have sent questions to several of you. Are you local? Will you be willing to hand feed for awhile? Will they be house cats? Please let me know.

3 thoughts on “Check the comments, please!

  1. Pat Hayes, Piffle

    They sure look adorable and like 1/2 Siamese like my Suki from fourteen years ago. I wish I lived closer as I would like to have them. Alas is not possible as I am in florida. YUCK

    I wrote to you a few weeks ago and wondering how you and your knees are today with all the work you do outside. My left one is screeching as right one is a-OK, well heeled by now. I wish to h ave this guy done as soon as virus is allowing me.

    Good luck with kitties having a new home soon. these little 1/2 siamese re such wonderfully good well behaved babies.

    Mine, fourteen, is so well behaved and lovable.
    someone take chance on them, you will not be sorry. Pat

  2. Deb Harrison

    I wish I could, Mary, I am allergic to cats and so are our kids but asked them anyway. So sorry , they look so lovable!

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