Chick Update

Just like all babies, they grow up too fast!  It was just a week ago today that the chicks arrived in the mail and this week they’re already getting feathers on their wings.  I’ve increased their floor space as well as their feed and water.  I moved the heat lamps higher because they were congregating at the edge of the pen rather than under the light which told me they were too warm.  I’ve had a few more pasty butts but we should soon be past that stage.

I understand that Ben had a good check up and might even return to nursery school this Friday.  Ben is our Superhero!

I was in Ames yesterday and stopped at the Quilting Connection where I picked up this assortment of black and white script prints and a few others.  They have a big selection of just about everything – I will be returning to do some more damage.

I also stopped at the Salvation Army store where I picked up this shirt with the logo embroidered inside.  I looked it up online and found out that Bugatchi Uomo shirts retail from $129  – $225 each!  Holy Smokes – it doesn’t look all that special to me, does it to you?


21 thoughts on “Chick Update

  1. Carol

    I always find it interesting when people buy fabric without really knowing what they are going to be doing with it… I always ask…what is your rule of thumb when it comes to purchasing fabrics? Is it a yard, a fat quarter, a fat eighth, or several yards? Is it some of each in a particular line? I find myself falling in love with fabrics but never really know how much I will need or what seems to work well for most projects. Of course, it never hurts to have leftover but my fear is not having enough. Do you or any of your readers have a plan of action? I am also always interested in whether or not people cut up their scraps into strips or squares? I for one hate to cut anything until I am ready to use it cause I, once again, have a fear of not having enough or the right size for a project. I guess I have to learn to throw caution to the wind.

  2. Stephanie smith

    That is a really cool find. I found a free large piece of heavy duct fabric any suggestion what to do with it?

  3. brenda A in sunny AZ

    There are probably strands of 24K gold woven into the fabric! No, it doesn’t look like anything I’d part many dollars for. Your black and white fabrics are beautiful and one can never have too much of a good thing.
    As to the scraps question, I just try to lay small pieces flat if it looks like there’s enough to use for anything over about 8″ 10″ and put them in a bin of similar colors. Otherwise, I might cut them into strips, especially if they are odd sized or have uneven and/or jagged edges. Anything except throwing them away. Horrors!

  4. Kathy

    when i find fabric i love but don’t know what i will be doing with it i buy a yard or two. scraps i just put them in a basket, leftover binding in another, and if there is a large piece in yet another basket.

    i am jealous you have an Ames, i miss that store, it was right down the street, with fabric and supplies and everything, instate we have walmarts all over the place, i won’t go in them.

  5. Holly

    What fun to see the pictures of the chicks! I can almost hear them peeping. Great news about Ben! He really is a superhero! I love the black and white fabrics and wish they had them at a shop near me. A different kind of print is often an inspiration for a new kind of project. I would love to have that stack of prints in my stash! And, nope, that doesn’t look like an expensive designer shirt to me–but congratulations on the great buy!

    And here’s my take of fabric buying for Carol from a frequent buyer of fabric for I don’t know what: I buy a third to a half yard of something I like but don’t know how I’ll use it, a yard or more if I think it might end up as a major fabric in something or will work nicely as a binding, too, and if I really love it and think it will be a border that I’ll pull colors from for a quilt, then three yards or more. I pre-wash all my fabrics to save on wear on my sewing machine and I find quarter yard cuts twist up in the wash and end up with creases I can’t iron out.

  6. Kathy

    Every time i read your blog, I get an itch to get some material. That quickly passes as I realize my lack of expertise in putting together a pattern, never mind a quilt. I do have an urge to sew and may indulge when I get my writing done which will be sometime next month.

    Your chicks are adorable and it must be fun to see them grow and mature, just like all babies. Keep posting on their progress. My daughter-in-law will be getting chicks this summer and I’ll let her know of your venture.

    So glad that Ben is healing and can resume his pre-school. I’m sure many prayers surround him as do mine.

  7. Betty Klosterman

    It is great that Ben can return to his “normal” life. And the chicks are looking good and I’d love to hold them. The first Decorah eagle hatched yesterday. Now it will be more fun and not like watching paint dry.
    I think that I have ALWAYS been a fabric collector. Even when I didn’t have time to sew. Sometimes I see a fabric that I just can’t live without and will probably 3 yards or so. Then I pet it whenever I walk by it and just can never bring myself to cut it up. My love of fabric started each week when I could buy 3 or 4 inches of fabric with my allowance for doll clothes. That was at least 65 years ago. One piece I got a few years ago at the Honey Barn in Goldfield was laughing mice and I dole that out very carefully. I love scrappy quilts and usually cut up the small leftover stuff into 2 1/2″ squares and file by color or 6″ squares, strips, etc. It is really convenient when I want to use them. Fat quarters are alright for people who applique, but they don’t make much. Then all the little clipped corners, thread, odds and ends too small to use, small pieces of batting, etc. go into beds for the cats and dogs at the animal shelter. We don’t waste anything.

  8. Launa

    Super to hear about Ben’s great progress… answer to so many prayers!!

    I think the shop in Ames is missing the boat by not having fabric available as it’s fun to go online and check out different shops’ fabrics since there are more designers now and we know one or two local shops can’t have everything.

    Wonder if that wonderful shirt belonged to the Iowa Bachelor, Chris S.? It didn’t look like anything special to me either Mary, altho the yoke lining and button tab print were my favorite. I’d wear it, myself before cutting into it. You got a real bargain Mary…good eye!!!

    I like a big assortment of bkgrnd lights, creams and tan prints so for my scrappy projects I buy a fat or 1/4 yard; more if I’m using just one bkgrnd in a project. If I see something I know will be a nice border I’ll buy at least 2 or 3 yds and if I find a good sale I buy enough for a backing. I don’t toss anything away as some of my small projects use 1″ squares and I don’t cut up scraps into any specific sizes. I don’t prewash my fabrics any more……fabric is treated to prevent fading and other things so with Color Catchers and wanting a little shrinkage after quilting it’s up to the quilter. I’ve never heard a fab. rep say anything about unwashed fabric wrecking havoc on a machine. Where did Holly hear that?
    Your chicks are really thriving….so cute to watch their progress.

  9. Diana W

    Yay for Ben! Prayers answered.
    The shop is Ames IS wonderful! We went up the Saturday and I dropped a small amount of cash. Ahem, small. Always fun to check out the bargain basement
    I think that shirt looks like it might be very worn in and comfy. Hope it fits!

  10. Diane

    Yippee for Ben!! It’ll be great to get back in his routine. Maybe you should frame that shirt, Mary!!LOL. I buy 3 yards if I love it b/c Ihave had to substitute when I didn’t have enough. Love the chicks.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary – you will need to resubscribe with your new address. I can’t change it from my end.

  11. Cynthia Arneson

    Awesome news for Ben!!! Joyful news and an answer to many prayers. When I visit my mother-in-law who lives in Nevada, we always head to The Quilt Connection in Ames. If you love chocolate, next time you are in Ames, walk east a few doors and stop in at Stam’s Chocolate…it’s yummy! Love those cute baby chicks!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ginny – I will keep your number and call you the next time I’m in Ames – do you still have your Sheltie?

  12. Kathy G

    I love how much I learn about farm animals from reading your blog. It’s amazing how much more complicated it is than I ever knew…but as a city girl I guess it would make sense how naive I am when it comes to such things.
    I also love your low volume stack of fabrics, in fact, I think I own most of those fabrics myself. I can’t wait to see what you make with them.

  13. Julianna

    I have a friend who’s granddaughter overheard her on the phone w/our favorite quilt shop. The little one was repeating “yes, Joan, I’ll take 2 yards”. Ha! from the mouths of babes. . . . . That’s been my guideline since she told me about that.

  14. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,

    Great news about Ben.
    It just looks like a stripy shirt to me, but if you decide to patch with it some time, I would assume for that price that it would be good quality colourfast fabric!
    When I am buying fabric not specifically for a project, I usually buy half a yard: it gives me more possibilities than a fat quarter. If I really love it, I buy a yard.

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