Christmas at Farmer Tim’s, 12-23-23


6 under 4

I know you’ll enjoy a Christmas tour of Ellen’s decorating so here we go – no narrative needed!

You loved it, didn’t you?

Reader photos:


If you watch Instagram I recorded Let There Be Peace On Earth yesterday and Star of the East today – if you’d like to listen.

Busy day tomorrow – Christmas Eve Day!

56 thoughts on “Christmas at Farmer Tim’s, 12-23-23

  1. Shirley Andersen Smith

    Such a lovely tour of that beautiful home and loved the quilts that followed.
    Have A Merry Christmas everyone.
    Shirley from Central Oregon

  2. Diane in Maryland

    YES, loved seeing Ellen’s decorating and farmer Tim with the grands! Beautiful! I immediately thought “Future Farmers of America”in when I saw him with the 3 boys!
    Loved all the pictures!
    Merry Christmas, Mary! Thank you for all you do. We all appreciate it!

  3. Vicki in Seattle

    What a beautiful group of grandchildren, lovely home and quilts!
    Thanks for sharing, Mary. “Merry Christmas” to all!

  4. Jeanine from Iowa

    Just one little girl in the whole bunch? I’m sure she can hold her own. Thank you for the tour and also the readers pictures. So fun to see them. We will have a quiet Christmas as our kids will not be home. The weather used to be so unpredictable, but, this year it isn’t so bad. They also have their own Christmas with their families, and it is at least a 10 hour trip for both of them, so can’t just come for the day. Merry Christmas to all!

  5. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Thank you for the tour of that beautiful home. And, what a hoot with all those grand children. They look very close in age😀. It must have been a fun, wild time! The quilts and photos are pretty and peaceful today😀.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.

  6. Cheryl from Niagara Falls

    That’s a lot of kids! What a fun Christmas! And what a gorgeous home. Love that kitchen! The pictures are hung very cleverly. Beautiful pictures!

  7. Gail in Ohio

    Looks like a grand time in a beautifully decorated home! Merry Christmas to you and Farmer Tim’s family!!

  8. Kris in WI

    That grin on Farmer Tim’s face says it all.
    Thank you, Mary, for bringing us the home tour, quilts, and even more Christmas ideas!
    Merry Christmas everyone. Kris

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kris! – both Hazel and I thank you for the cards – 3-D is lovely on my shelf! And tell your husband that I, too, think every white dog I see on TV looks like Hazel! I was pretty upset about the fox, too, and couldn’t believe my eyes. I’m so careful to lock them up every night but this took place in the middle of the day! Shocking. And thank you for your special gift – it’s very appreciated!!

  9. Pat Book

    Marie C. You really brought back some memories as my parents had a nativity just like that and it’s been years since I last saw it

  10. Robin B

    Loved the pictures! That kitchen…❤️❤️❤️
    Merry Christmas to Farmer Tim, his family and you!

  11. Lois Ann Johnson

    Merry Christmas to all! I found the recording on Facebook of your playing “Star of the East,” Mary. It is lovely. One of my favorites. No snow for our Christmas this year; can’t say I am disappointed. Thanks, Mary, for the blog and all that you share with us.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lois Ann – both pieces are simple tunes to sing along with. Are you okaying your violin at a Christmas service?

      1. Lois Ann Johnson

        No, no violin playing at my church this year. However, I did go play at one of the care centers.

  12. Paula S.

    Farmer Tim has his arms full with the grands. What a crew! Love all the decorating. I just don’t do much of that anymore but sure admire those who do. Merry Christmas Mary to you and your entire family!

  13. Diane Deibler

    What a wild and wonderful Christmas, Tim and Ellen had! Those little cousins will be friends for life. I think I had every one of their daughters in kindergarten. Nice family.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – what fun for you to see those “little girls” from your class again!

  14. Pattie from PA and anywhere else

    I’ve been so busy traveling and visiting with friends that I have not been sharing my latest journey from PA to California to work on the Rose Bowl parade floats. I left home December 6, just 1 day before the first snowfall. I didn’t miss it at all. Then made my way to Kingfisher, OK and spent about 10 days there with people I consider my second family.
    Actually got some sewing done there and visited the local quilt shop. The local quilt guild was raffling off a beautifully restored Featherweight in a brilliant red. It was love at first site and of course I bought several raffle tickets. Won’t know until May.🤞
    Since Wednesday I have been driving west, about 350 -400 miles a day. I spent Thursday night at a winery in Las Cruces, NM. Met several RVers there, great conversation and stories. The view was beautiful and all 3 of my dogs had a great time running and exploring.
    Tonight I am sitting in the middle of the desert in Quartzsite, AZ. Very peaceful but being cautious as they have been having a lot of rattlesnake activity.
    Tomorrow I will cross into California and another time zone change. Kinda messes up my sleep and the dogs’ stomachs. 🤣
    To be continued…

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pattie – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – YOU ARE VERY BRAVE!! Driving all that way in an RV and with 3 dogs no less. I got the picture of the red Featherweight and I’ll post it for everyone to admire and wish they could win. I’m hoping you’re the winner!

  15. Charlotte Shira in No. California

    Thank you Mary for sharing all of these beautiful pictures. Love all the grandchildren on farmer Tim’s lap. It’s hard to get a picture of 6 little ones under the age of 4!
    Merry Christmas to all!

  16. Sue Bowers

    Omg! I’m still smiling after looking at the pictures of Farmer Tim trying to gather up the kids to sit on his lap. He’s smiling too – what a memory. Looks like it’s about as challenging as herding cats. All the quilts are amazing. You all inspire me. What knack for decorating Ellen has. Beautiful home! Mary, thanks for the tip on the quilt shop in Kiester. I too have fabric from your quilt shop that I feel the need to use up before I go too crazy in a quilt shop. Merry Christmas!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – I recognize that feeling of not wanting to go crazy in a quilt shop! Haha! It’s easier just not to visit.

  17. C vidal

    Lovely, lovely, lovely post! What Christmas is supposed to be! Unfortunately my hubby has bad memories of too much decorating in the past that he had to pack, unpack, store etc and since our kids don’t come here…too far in the winter with weather concerns, we don’t celebrate at all. Kind of a gift in itself. We cook great meals and relax with games and movies and everything is put away the day after with no work!

    1. Lynn in Scottsdale, AZ

      Farmer Tim’s Christmas pictures are great, but we all have different callings.

      Nothing wrong with a quiet Christmas.

      We don’t put out all our decorations anymore, and I am just as happy.

      My husband picked up the son of friends at the Phoenix airport, and then we all went out for lunch. Today lunch with our niece and her family.

      Merry Christmas everyone! Each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Lynn – I told Ellen the same thing! I used to decorate like that but have pared it way down. Too much work and there’s nobody coming so I really enjoyed looking at Ellen’s house.

  18. Jo in Wyoming

    Looks like a house full of fun! Farmer Tim and Ellen will need a long winters nap after this holiday.
    After supper tomorrow, my kids and I are going to drive around looking at lights. Then we’ll open 1 present, watch a movie and hit the hay.
    Merry Christmas to all.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – it was very fun for me to visit the chaos at Tim’s – all those little kids running around was delightful!

  19. Billie

    Boy, what a lot of little ones!!!
    Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

    Billie in Henderson NV
    where it was almost 70 today!!

  20. Farmer Tim

    Thank You Mary , we enjoyed your visit today. Many of your followers may not know that Mary was a very dear friend of my mother that we lost way to soon . We love Mary as a neighbor and friend.
    Merry Christmas from our fun and crazy family. We are so blessed to have all of our kids close and involved .

  21. DebMac

    What absolutely lovely chaos at Farmer Tim’s house! We had a Christmas with 3 three year olds, 2 one year olds, and a 7 month old. Total, total chaos! There was also a 5 year old and a 7 year old but they were pretty mellow. We always took a picture of G’ma and G’pa with the grands and my MIL said that year’s picture was her all time favorite. 8 kids in motion and the grandparents are smiling ear to ear! My FIL said it was a great Christmas; only 3 in diapers instead of 5 the year before. Twice a day the dear man did “diaper patrol” and emptied all the trash cans of used diapers. This will be a Christmas Farmer Tim and wife will remember.
    The decorating was beautiful but that double oven just took my breath away! I so miss having one. Cute idea of the pillows with the doilies; I will have to remember that. Merry Christmas to all.

  22. Sandy

    Hi Mary, farmer Tim and Ellen have a beautiful home and a wonderful bunch of grand kids, l bet they are great neighbors too.A drizzly Christmas eve in New Zealand, rain tomorrow too, but that is ok, keeps people off the roads l hope.More fabulous quilts today and Telly is adorable, Kinky and Welly have had their jabs and off to cattery for the month the family is away. Kinky is very lean and muscular,very much in charge of the outside, whereas Welly is soft and loves naps on the bed, they have settled well into the house. I wish everyone a happy ,safe Christmas, especially you Mary, the glad that holds us together! Much love to you all, Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – I don’t quite understand what the cattery is – a boarding facility? But then you say they have settled well into the house – your house? Are they staying with you while the family is gone? How does Bella get along with them?

  23. Dianna in Wisconsi

    The children bring such joy. What fun to have all those precious little ones.
    Every day I read the blog I see so many wonderful quilts. I have so many of your blogs flagged so I can go back to them.
    Thanks Mary. Hope you have a joyous Christmas .
    We will celebrate on the the 26th when my family can be with us.
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  24. patti

    beautiful post today. farmer tim and wife have a beautiful home that was decorated beautifully. lots of time and talent there. all those little ones will hopefully be great friends one day. as a military brat i saw my cousins once a year if i was lucky. when 8 we moved to europe and didn’t see any family again til i was 12 almost 13. lots of lost time. none of my family is close. dh’s family is in texas except for a brother in st. louis, mo. my dd is in new hampshire, my son is in texas and my sister is in a different part of texas. dh and i will have a small holiday. i went out today and bought a great roast with the trimmings to make for Christmas. by the time i got home i was exhausted. will do some meal prep tomorrow, but slow cooker will do most of it. i plan to make a texas chocolate sheet cake and an apple pie. that should do it for us. quiet time here. will miss family but it is what it is. loved all the quilts and animals. a Merry Christmas to all of you.. patti in florida

  25. Martha W in WY

    Thanks for the photos of Farmer Tim and Ellen’s home. It is so beautifully decorated for the holidays. My, my it’s never easy to get a nice photo of more than 4 toddlers at one time. The 3 goats Christmas card is cute. I wish everyone a peaceful, relaxing Christmas day.

  26. Mary Ann

    Thank you for sharing. Beautiful family, beautiful photos. I enjoy all your blogs and love seeing the fabulous things the readers share.

  27. Linda in Michigan

    I wish I could sit at that long table and ogle all the beautiful decorations while I eat. Thank you Tim and Ellen for allowing this wonderful tour of your home. Merry Christmas to all, safe travels for those on the road and in the air. Thank you Mary, for all that you do for us.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – lease update all of us about Duncan – every time I see your name I think you’re going to tell me about him. What about his leg? Does he still run on 3 legs? Did he regain his strength? What about Sammie? Does he still run over Duncan? Yesterday Keeper rolled Hazel and was seriously afraid for awhile – she was stunned and I was afraid she was hurt. I thought about Duncan then.

  28. Linda from Georgia

    What a great family! Farmer Tim and his wife are very lucky to have all of those wonderful grandchildren. And lucky to have such a lovely home to share with them and their parents. Nothing like living on a farm! I wish them a very Merry Christmas.

  29. Janet S

    This is a perfect Christmas blog you have posted.
    It is 7:30 AM and dawn is just breaking which is a good time for me to count my blessings. We have always celebrated Christmas eve but not this year so we will adjust. We will celebrate Christmas day and next week with family which will be wonderful. Farmer Tim & Ellen will sure sleep well after the day they are having creating memories.
    Here’ wishing everyone a blessed, safe and happy Christmas and holiday whatever comes your way.

  30. Carla

    You know my favorite picture in today’s post wasn’t even Christmas. It was the old family portraits. Love them. We have some in our family home and I enjoy seeing them. Merry Christmas everyone!

  31. Launa

    Thanks for all pictures today Mary!
    Really enjoyed them on this 7o morning, trying to snow up here! Stove fire sure feels good!
    Tis the season! Sunday morning.
    Happy Holidays to everyone and especially you, Mary! Love reading your blog!
    Launa in beautiful Idaho!
    PS…the market gave all shoppers 10% off yesterday! 🥳

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – brrr, that’s cold! Suppose it’s heading my way, too. I didn’t even wear a coat to church this morning but it’s very damp outside and extremely windy. Merry Christmas, Launa!

  32. Sue Hoover

    That’s a lot of love over at Farmer Tim’s. and I thank you, Mary, for sharing. What a beautiful home and so much energy everywhere, I loved it. Merry Christmas to you, Rick, and Farmer Tim’s family.

  33. Diane in WI

    What a wonderful Christmas Farmer Tim and Ellen will have! Lucky you to be part of it. I wish all of you a blessed, wonder-filled Christmas. Take care.

  34. Rita in Iowa

    Mary thank you and Farmer Tim and his family for sharing such lovely memories and the tour. All the quilts are beautiful and what can I say wonderful.

    Merry Christmas to you and Rick and all the blog readers. It’s such a special family to be a part of!
    Will spend tomorrow with my sister and her husband coming to our home. Will spend later in the week with our kids and grandkids.
    Stay safe everyone!

  35. Susan K in Texas

    Merry Christmas Mary and Rick and all my fellow blog readers!
    I loved seeing Farmer Tim’s house and the grandkids. What fun those cousins will have as they grow. And the house is beautifully decorated.
    We will have a quiet Christmas lunch with my mother in law, sister in law, one son and his fiancé, my husband and I. Then the Iowa crew will arrive in the evening. The week will be busy and full.
    Whether quiet or busy I wish everyone a peaceful end of the year and a prosperous 2024.

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