Christmas Quilts, 11-22-20

Between Connie and me we have a lot of Christmas quilts so this will be a partial viewing – I’ll continue in the next couple days until we show them all. With a few exceptions these quilt patterns can be found in our online store.


Uncle Santa

Split Squares – found in this book.

Looks Like A Gameboard

Got an old Christmas sweater you don’t wear anymore? Here’s an idea for you – make a pillow – this is the front of my old Christmas sweater made into a pillow several years ago.

More Christmas quilts tomorrow!

12 thoughts on “Christmas Quilts, 11-22-20

  1. Kim J LeMere

    Putting me in the Christmas mood with all those great quilts. How clever to take an old sweater and make a pillow.

  2. Beryl in Owatonna

    I think I will have to make some red and white quilts this coming year!! Can’t wait to see the rest!!
    Praying Jo had a good day!

  3. Jo In Wyoming

    How fun! I think I’ll check GoodWill for a Christmas sweater.

    Rub her ears for me.

  4. Kathy in western NY

    My Uncle Santa is front and center on the UFO pile ready to be finished. BUT I have an older pattern with the log cabin blocks made with 1” strips and I think that is where I folded it up and said another day. It’s funny what we use to never mind sewing years back and now I know better. Going to think if I should do it with just the green squares now like yours. I have always loved that pattern as with many others you and Connie created.


    All these beautiful quilts makes me just want to order tons of fabric and patterns. If only there was more time to quilt! I will have to wait for next year, but will be ready to start shopping for those warm colors soon! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

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