Cold Sunday, 1 -29 – 23

After 5” of new snow yesterday, temps dropped to below zero. Ugh. It’s winter in North Iowa – and this is why I hate fall. I know this brutal weather is what follows.

On Wednesday, February 1 I will start giving directions to make the rug – you can’t do this without the book because it’s a visual lesson. I will be working on a placemat frame to make the demonstration go faster. please refer to specific fabric requirements in the book. My placemat frame will require approx. 3/4 yd. fabric cut into 2” strips.

Reader quilts:

As you know I take lots of pictures of Three – he is so photogenic!

The paw shown here on the left is very deformed with only two toes.
JB2 thinks he fits in this bowl.

I’m working on a shirt quilt for my neighbor Cathy whose husband Tom died recently. It’s always such a mess to cut up shirts but the end result outweighs the mess many times over.

Have your wrap strips cut before we begin. If nobody wants to work along with me I won’t bother to post on the blog. I can take everybody’s email and do a private message email. Please let me know –

Stay warm!

41 thoughts on “Cold Sunday, 1 -29 – 23

    1. Mary Bratrud

      Years ago a car load of us traveled from northern Mn to the farm for one of your retreats!
      We fell in love with the goats, the barn and you and Connie. New then was the rug and placemat frames and weaving. In search of the pamphlet with directions. Been searching the internet and lo and behold you are giving a class!
      Any chance you can connect me with the pamphlets.

      “ auntie Mary”

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Mary B – I remember your group, Auntie Mary! Those were the days, huh? You must not be a regular blog reader because I have posted this many times – $22 for book, dvd, and postage. Check to Country Threads – address on home page.

  1. Diane in Colorado

    Your shirt quilts are so lovely!! I have considered a trip to Goodwill for shirts but have so many other projects, I haven’t gone.

    We have hovered between 1 and 3 degrees here today. I did shovel, but had to do it in shifts because it was just too cold. I’ve been doing some machine embroidery but mostly spent the day making Valentines. I did not get Christmas cards sent this year so will do Valentines instead. My goal is always a simple, reproducible design.

  2. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Would love to see the demo! Have always be fascinated by this, and I’m SURE I’m not alone!

  3. Vicki Ibarra

    Moe has really been BUSY! I can’t imagine how she got so much done. I envy her. And Linette’s quilts are quite striking. I am temporarily where it is warm, so am glad to be away from the below zero temperatures of my home town.

    1. Moe in Illinois

      Hi Vicki, thank you for the compliment. Now that I retired I am tackling UFOs. Some were as old as 25 years. I’m so happy to have time to sew and I love winter sewing days. I have 8 UFO tops to bring to the quilter so will have another great show n tell in a few weeks.

      1. Joy in NW Iowa

        Hi Moe, I too have been retired for 15 years now…I quit when I was 59 (just so you don’t think I’m ancient🥴). But, I had bought many projects thinking they were so pretty and that I’d find time to make them! Ha! Didn’t happen……so now I have a big supply of stuff. Some of it doesn’t thrill me. 🤷🏼‍♀️. So I donated some to masks…make a total different pattern. You have that issue too? Plus, now I find something for a grandchild that fits their personality….more fabric! 😂😂😂. Happy sewing!

        1. Moe in NE Illinois

          Hi Joy, I’ve been retired for 2 years, I wake up happy everyday! All those patterns, unfinished quilt projects, and ideas in my head are finally coming true. It’s been so much fun being snowed in and not having to drive in the bad weather, instead I can sew sew sew! I finished 8 UFO’s this past January, they are at the quilter’s now, no hurry. I’m pulling out the UFO’s I want to finish in February. Hubby has just retired too, so I know in the nice weather I won’t be sewing as much. We don’t have children but we have plenty of nieces and nephews….sooner or later they will each be gifted with a quilt or two. Enjoy every minute!

      2. Meredith in Cincinnati

        Your quilts are wonderful! That appliqué quilt is over the moon beautiful! How long did that quilt take to finish?

        1. Moe in NE Illinois

          Hi Meredith, I think you are talking about the “Baltimore Album” quilt, hoping not to disappoint you, it is pre-printed blocks and border. I bought it as a kit. Still, it took a lot of work setting the pre-printed blocks with the green sashing and corner stones, and adding the border so it fit perfectly, and then quilting it. I made in 2007.

  4. Mary Markert

    14 degrees and 6” of snow here in Brookfield Wisconsin. SE part of the state. Going to get much colder the next couple of days. Great sewing weather. Enjoy all your pictures and reading your blog. Just finished 3 of your seasonal table runners. Need to make spring yet.

  5. Terri S.

    Count me in on the demo, I will be gone on a WARM vacation. But would love to follow along!

  6. Sara in Indiana

    Beautiful cats, beautiful quilts, and love how JB2 tries to fit in the bowl—so funny! When our brother passed away in 2021, my sisters and I made three shirt quilts (for his wife and daughters). I still have enough scraps to make more (as soon as I decide on a pattern).

  7. Patricia Sparks

    I would love the demo….. I’m working on my rug got to the end and can’t figure out how to turn and go back. I’ve watched the video but it’s not sinking in.

  8. Jan in Cosby, TN

    I will be glad to join you in rug making. I started one a few years ago Im sorry to say. It sits there and I’ve forgotten what to do. No excuses, though, as I have the book and the video. Just need a little push or maybe a shove!!! Ha! Ha!

  9. Beryl BC

    The quilts are lovely. Moe in Illinois has been busy. Our snow in SW Ohio is nearly all gone after it got up near 50 yesterday. It will be colder this week, but only a small chance of snow tomorrow.

  10. Diane in WI

    I agree with you about fall leading into winter. I just keep telling myself spring is coming despite the awfully cold temperatures. I even kept my two cats Boo and Toby in the house with me tonight. I did get a Bonnie Hunter’s book to get ideas to sew Bernard’s shirts into a quilt. I’d like to use some of his shirts to make teddy bears for my granddaughter and grandson. Stay warm.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane in WI – where else would Boo and Toby be in the winter? No domesticated animal can survive outside in this cold.

  11. Sue Hoover

    So many beautiful quilts but especially an amazing job by Moe!!! Reminded me I forgot to send in my finished quilt’s picture. Stay warm! We’re only going to 24 tomorrow which means you’ll probably be even colder!

  12. Barbara Yarnell

    I just got my book and my husband is making me a placemat frame to start on. I plan to work along with you.

  13. Brenda In SC

    The quilt show today was excellent!!! I am trying to get together Winnie the Pooh material together for a quilt. I have a backing, just need more front material. Can any of your readers help?

  14. Kathy Hanson

    I hear you about thinking about wi tee in the fall but I do love fall anyway. Love your kitty pictures and the lovely quilts! How prolific … so many quilts finished! Beautiful! Happy rug making !

  15. Wendy

    Hi Mary –

    I have your rug booklet but have not started anything yet. This may be the inspiration I apparently need! Thank you. Cape Cod is in the 40’s today but I saw on the upcoming weather report frigid temperatures ahead. I definitely agree with you about fall. I can never truly enjoy it as I know winter follows. I’m waiting for spring. I saw our snowdrops the other day so I am hopeful.

  16. Deb in Idaho

    I would love to watch you make a rug. I don’t have the book but maybe soon. I’ve been getting ready to paint my living room. Slow going but needs to be done. When to a bonzi class that was quite interesting. Love all the finished quilts.

  17. Joy in NW Iowa

    Hi Mary! Weather report on Jan 30 at 7:30 am……… -15 degrees….I’m sitting in my fav chair until a snuggly quilt reading my iPad…I’m not even going to look at the windchill. Our country road was almost impassable yesterday morning going to church, but the plow came thru before we came home!
    I’m working on the sew along quilt with Gudrun if GEDesigns which was on Saturday. I didn’t sew ALL #Saturday, made some chicken soup in between, took a little snooze, etc. but, that’s what I will be working on today.
    I love to see what ever you are working on. I’m amazed with the shirt pillows, quilts, etc.
    Love your kitties. Three is so pretty and I think JB figures I fits I sits!
    STAY warm!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Hi, Joy – ditto on your weather – miserable. If I didn’t have to go out I wouldn’t really care but the dogs need to go out and the barn needs me as well as the wild birds that I feed every day – they literally watch for me, I think. Connie and Roy left for Florida yesterday.

  18. JUDY - Michigan

    Hi Mary, Please put your demo on the blog. I am not ready to do one yet but want to follow alonfgand see the process. Love all of your blogs and pictures. Quilts, barns, chickens, cats, dogs, weather, plants, etc.
    Also just grabbed your Civil War Remembered and Back to Charm School books! Great for me!

  19. NancyTD

    Cute pics of the cats. They seem to like their pictures taken.
    A great quilt show today. Moe your Baltimore Album quilt is beautiful. Did you take classes? I did from a very talented gal in town. I was even lucky to get in a class by Ely S. Learned from her books. Unfortunately the quilt blocks got put aside and never finished.
    It is bitter cold again today in SE MN. High now is -2 that feels like -12. Wind chill alert for tonight with wind chill as low as 20 to 30 below zero. Wishing for spring!

    1. Moe in NE Illinois

      Hi NancyTD, I hope I don’t burst your bubble by telling you the Baltimore Album quilt is pre-printed blocks, but it did take some doing to set the blocks in the sashing and corner stones, and set the pre-printed border correctly, even the red diamonds are preprinted. I knew that was the only way I’d own one of these quilts. I made it in 2007. You have to finish if you have started….even if you don’t want to make more blocks at least set those blocks you’ve finished to make a wall hanging or runner. Beautiful applique should not go to waste!

  20. LoreleiB

    Hi Mary, You mentioned in a comment on a previous day that you had some copies of the rug making book and DVD. I would be interested in purchasing one from you. If that is possible, could you let me know the amount including postage to send you. I would love to follow along for the rug making.
    Many thanks!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      LoreleiB – I have posted this many times. $22 to Country Threads – find address on home page.

  21. Joy in NW Iowa

    Weather report in NW Iowa: -17 at 7:10 am! At least the sun is shin8ng and very little wind! But that is sharp! Haircut and the library this morning. Brrr.
    You probably saw the news about the community center in Inwood, Iowa. The roof collapsed over the gym about 7:30/8:00 p.m. Saturday. Thankfully, no one was playing in there! The building also houses the library and city office. There are so many events in that building, it is really going to be a struggle. Too much snow in the roof!
    Take care.stay warm.

  22. Janet S

    Mary, I too would like to follow your making the rug. I have the book and video so I should make use of them. I’m sure my rug making will be sometime in the future as I am busy bringing my husband to rehab after a heart attack. Modern medicine is amazing that he got 7 heart stents and came home the next day. Driving him to rehab is a very small duty compared to what life could be like. Stay warm everyone – stay inside.

  23. Karen Hockom

    Please do the demo on the blog! but if you decide not to, please add me to the email list. Thanks for doing this.

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