College Football! 11-27-21

You all know I’m a fan of college sports and today I am glued to the television. Right now it’s Ohio State and Michigan and it’s snowing!

The kitties are leaving me on Monday – I took this picture last night. These kitties will be up for adoption next week at Patriots for Pets in Clear Lake, IOWA. You must fill out an application and be approved. Go online to find the application. And if you’re one of the lucky four that get one of these little darlings, please let me know by email at Anybody looking for a sweet kitten?

A reader asked what size this little quilt is – it’s 22” x 26”. Remember these were leftover pieces and size is irrelevant. Yours can be any size YOU end up with when you use your pieces.

For those of you looking for patterns in our online store, please be advised that not every pattern can be found there. We designed hundreds of patterns! if there’s a pattern you can’t find and really want, I can make a copy for you and mail it for $15.00. Send your check and order to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438. I do not have the capability to take your credit card information. We retired in 2014 – remember? We had no idea we’d still be selling patterns!

Here’s a quilt I saw online and loved because it’s so easy – just strips and quilted in straight lines!

Just a couple more kittie pictures – bear with me -it will soon be over.


More later – this got looong! Sorry!

38 thoughts on “College Football! 11-27-21

  1. Sandy

    Hi Mary, your little quilting assistant is so cute! And Hazel is good with the kittens, don’t think my Bella would be so well behaved, she is busy at the moment barking, keeping control of anyone coming down the zigzag path near my house! Enjoy your weekend, best wishes from Sandy

  2. Jeanine

    Your blog entries are never too long. What darling pictures of the kitties. I especially liked the one of the kitty checking out your sewing machine. Enjoyed all the quilts, too. Sunny and 59* in Oskaloosa, IA today. A beautiful fall day!

  3. Marty in AZ

    Rita’s Christmas Tree Skirt is too cool! I love it. The kitties are so cute and adorable. Hazel is a good pal to them. Thanks for all your entertaining photos!

  4. Sherrill

    Oh my gosh, those kitty pix are SO CUTE! They’ll be gone in a flash. My boy crossed the rainbow bridge nearly 2 years ago and I fight with I want/don’t want to go there again. I think if I ever were to get another, it would be 2-4 yrs. old or so (kittens are a lot of work!). Really love the kitty are your machine.

  5. Candy

    Oh, I’m going to miss those sweet little kitty faces … as I’m sure you will too! Enjoy your football day … we are too!

  6. Jody Randall

    Love that tree skirt! Will have to keep my eyes out for that pattern. Go Bucks! O H I O!

  7. Nancy Wines

    I love the kitten pictures. Hope they all get adopted quickly! Thank you for fostering them. You have such a kind and generous heart. Happy Holidays!

  8. Lois Ann Johnson

    Those kittens are so adorable. I pray they will all fine good, nurturing families to love them forever. I can’t believe how warm it is today after having that cold spell earlier this month. Bailey and I have to get outside for a walk later this afternoon. We need to enjoy this lovely weather while we can! Enjoy your football afternoon, Mary!

  9. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

    Those babies are adorable. Our Spike looked like the one with the black ears. I love white kitties so now I have a black tuxedo cat from the Big Lots parking lot 10 years ago and a Maine Coon cat from our front porch 3 months ago— go figure😂. The quilts are great and the blog is never too long. Thanks, Mary. Central Ohio is COLD and unhappy. OSU is losing right now 28 to 13–yikes!

  10. Brenda Furlong

    What beautiful white and black kitties. I wish I were young and able enough to take one. I would take the black one. You are wonderful to foster them!

  11. Martha

    Love the pictures of the kittens.
    Any idea of where the pattern for that lovely tree skirt came from?
    I just love to read whatever you want to talk about !

    1. Dot

      It looks like the tree skirt might be demo’d in a Shabby Fabrics YouTube video. Called Bargello Tree Skirt:

      1. Sheila in WI

        Thank you. Dot! I appreciate your time to shared this, since I also am interested in it.

  12. Sharon

    I’ve been looking for a pattern that I think was called Second Hand Clothes or Wear Second Hand Clothes or had a title that was similar. Just not sure if it would have been one of your patterns. Think it was a scrap-user-upper. I would like to order if it was your pattern. Please advise so I can send payment for a copy. Thank you!

  13. Bobbie Woodruff

    Happy Saturday Mary,
    Those kitty’s are adorable. I don’t think I could choose between them. Someone is going to be lucky to have them.
    I’m also watching football but ALABAMA and Auburn game. Yea ALABAMA!
    I’m in Washington state here and our usual forecast is rain. It hasn’t surprised us as it’s raining and about 51 outside. After the game is over I want to get my tree up. Not sure if I’ll make it. We are still eating leftovers. Going to do open faced turkey sandwiches with mashed potatoes tonight. I still have lots of gravy left.

  14. Launa

    Michigan won! Now we have Oregon Ducks vs Oregon State.
    Just hope the darling Little Seamstress goes to a quilter! How the fostered four have grown!
    Our sunny high is 38o up here today. Hopefully some more snow will come our way??
    Thanks for the pictures today.


  15. Nancy Pleimann

    Hazel is going to miss them. I know they will go to a good home. I wish I could have them all. Good luck kitties. Nancy Pleimann And now you have one that wants to sew.

  16. patti leal

    hi all, the kitties are so cute, i’d love to take all four of them. my now 7 y.o. cat might not care for them. but than again, maybe he would. i wish i had gotten two when i rescued this one who was a 2 y.o. feral. kitties can’t be too much work – you had time to teach one to be interested in quilting. all the quilts look great. good job, ladies. hope none of us ate too much for thanksgiving. continued happy holidays to all. patti in florida where it is 59 F at my house right now.

  17. Paula in Texas

    Thank you for loving the kittens. They are so cute. I just love to observe kittens, they are so interesting.
    We were cheering for Michigan to win the game!

  18. Susan

    The kitties are adorable! I hope people will look to adopt them in pairs. Keep the family together. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Joy Van den top

    I will miss the cute kitties! How can you let them go?? I could never foster anything because I’d want to keep them! Love the quilts!

  20. Gloria B.

    Great day for college football. Go Michigan! This Alabama vs. Auburn game is a thriller. Definitely more a dog person than a cat person, but that quilting kitty is a cutie!

  21. Gayle Shumaker

    It’s a good day to be in Michigan! Michigan and MSU both won today. Just heard that Iowa and Michigan are now paired for the Big 10 Championship. Kitties are adorable wish I wasn’t allergic to them.

  22. Margaret in North Texas

    The kitten pictures belong on a calendar! Such cute kittens–I’ll bet they will be adopted quickly.

  23. Janice Brown

    Mary, the two photos of the 4 kittens together are great. Not sure how you got them to pose for it, seeing they are playful kittens. What cuties.

  24. Dee

    On Jo Country Junction sewing room there is a quilt on her wall that I pretty sure she said was from your store. It has a star in the middle and than there is 9 patches all away around it and then it looks like churn dash blocks around it. Do you happen to have that pattern?

  25. Cynthia Arneson

    The kittens are so dang cute! I hope each one of them goes to a loving home. I was very excited that Michigan beat Ohio State…now Iowa Hawkeyes need to beat Michigan!! Go Hawkeyes!!!!!

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