Commenting Update

Hello all! Kayla here with an update on commenting.

Many of you (myself included) love our [New Post] emails from Mary and look forward to reading the day’s news. Are you missing out on emails? You can sign up to be notified to receive an email after every post by entering your information in the sidebar.

Posts will come right to your inbox as soon as Mary posts.

You will need to come back to the blog to see the comments:

In the picture above you can see where to click “See all comments.” This shows up at the bottom of my email. It will open an Internet browser- whatever you have set to your default. I like Chrome best. On ipads it is probably Safari. This link takes you directly to the comment section of the post.

You can also subscribe to just follow-up comments. When you go to leave a comment after a post, check the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” box.

This is handy because readers are very helpful at answering questions. This will send you an email when someone replies to your comment. You will need to check this box every time you comment because it resets with every post.

I hope this clears up any trouble you have had reading comments recently. I will keep an eye on the comment section to this post and answer any more questions you might have.

18 thoughts on “Commenting Update

  1. Diane in Maryland

    Hi Mary and Kayla!
    Perhaps you will receive this reply. Hope the problems are corrected soon for you!

  2. Sheila in WI

    Even when I open it in my browser. I don’t get or see the comments. I’m not sure if this is happening with others or not. However, the comments might appear a day later. I can now see comments from Sat. post. Hope this is helpful.

  3. Kathy in western NY

    Kayla, I do get the blog post thru the email sent to me but once I write a comment at the end and try to post it, it doesn’t show up like it use to in the succession of comments nor can I see any comments from people. I will try this and see if it shows up.

  4. Janice Brown

    Hi Mary and Kayla , I am not sure I understand the explanation in this post regarding the missing comments section. The entire comments section isn’t viewable. It appears to be a recent problem. I first noticed that the whole comments section wasn’t visable to a reader with the “We All Love Fabric! 2-25-21″ post. I emailed Mary about it that same night the post came out and by the next morning it was there. Not sure if a setting inadvertently got reset or a new setting added on the posting software, but it appears that there is a time delay of when the comments section can be viewed by the readers.

    As of now (11:48 PM EST) I can view the comments section for the ‘March Dirty Dozen, 3-1-21” that was posted earlier today but I can’t view the comments section for either the “Tech Problems! 3-1-21” post (2 Replies) or the “Commenting Update” post (7 Replies).

    1. Teresa

      Janice I am seeing comments a day later as well. Thank you for explaining it so well.

  5. Jean

    I am so confused! I never had to do anything in the past to receive and read all the comments.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – hang in there! Things will straighten out – it’s got to be a software issue.

  6. Janice Brown

    Good morning Mary & Kayla,
    It is Tuesday at 7:55 EST and I can now view the comments section for the “Tech Problems! 3-1-21” post. I still cannot view the comments section for the “Commenting Update” post. Thanks.

  7. Janice Brown

    Good morning Mary & Kayla, I thought I had posted a second comment to this post this morning but I can’t see it. I posted about 7:55 AM EST. In my second comment, I mentioned that I could now view the comments section for the “Tech Problems” but that I could not yet see the comments section for the”Updating Comments” post. Well I just clicked on the Updating Comments post again (around 8:20 AM EST) and I can now view the comments section. It doesn’t show my second comment though, so I am not sure if there is a delay in comments posting as well.

    Just some feedback on how I access the blog. When I get an email for a new post I do one of two things: 1) I click on the blog post title within the email and it opens up a new browser window and takes me to that post. I can then read the post as well as any comments posted so far, or 2) I open a browser window myself and click on the saved link I have for the blog. I then click on the title for the latest post and I can then read the post and any comments posted so far. I never post a comment using the Comment button at the bottom of the email nor do I click on “See All Comments”. Throughout the day, I may go back to read any new comments that got posted to a blog post using my saved link to access the blog. Usually, I look at the “(x Replies)” under the blog title to see if the number changed from when I last looked at it.

    BTW: I did click on the “See All Comments” link at the bottom of the email for the “Commenting Update” post last night and earlier this morning. Both times it did take me to the blog post but the comments section was missing.

  8. Michele

    I was and am still seeing all the comments. I wonder if it is the users choice of browser.

  9. Sandy

    Hi Mary, i was fortunate enough have a friend pop in, so i got him to do the technical details, and it worked!hope all is well with you and the animals, best wishes from sandy

  10. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Like several others, my posts have been taking hours or days to post. However, I love this blog and don’t mind seeing the comments a day later. Thanks Mary and Kayla.

  11. Janice Brown

    Good evening Mary & Kayla, It is now 9:56 PM EST. I can now see all 3 of my comments that I posted earlier today. There was a time delay of when my second and third comments appeared under the post. I kept checking for them but they didn’t show up. Gave up looking until tonight. I am curious as to how quickly this 4th comment of mine becomes viewable on the post. It is now 10:14 PM.

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