Connie’s Game For February



9 thoughts on “Connie’s Game For February

  1. Patricia G. Hayes

    Guess I am confused. OR— I have not kept up enough to know why #6 is important. !20 sq to be put together? Are we talking about UFOs that we are working on???? Piffle

  2. Karla T

    Dang! my #6 is the only handquilted piece on my list! and Feb. is a short month! better get busy pronto!

  3. Heather K

    # 6- not bad! Buggy Barn star crazies-from my first camp at Country Threads- it was winter and over the garage. I put it aside because I was unhappy with the contrast, but it will be done in 28 days.

  4. Karen in Breezy Point

    Woohoo! My number 6 are the components to Easy Street–Bonnie Hunter’s mystery from the end of last year. I started to get them put together, but got sidetracked–I’ll send a picture if I finish them up!

  5. LeAnn

    My #6 is a wool pumpkin block of the month that I LOVE and I’m glad of the “kick in the pants” to get it finished.

  6. Jody

    It is a scrappy jelly-roll race quilt, made from 2.5″ strips from a variety of lines that I can’t recall the names of anymore! I’ll get that finished up right away! yay!

  7. Sarah

    My #6 is a quilt made with a line from the French General which I love! This will be good to get done and use! I bought the fabric on a quilt buying bus trip several years ago. Better start digging through the stash.

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