Connie’s UFO Game Continues

We picked the new number for Connie’s UFO Game this morning.  You can’t tell from the picture below, but number 9 was picked.  Connie has just finished her number 6, which was an applique wall quilt, and now she moves onto another applique project called Noah’s Ark from Jan Patek.  It’s easy to see that she was a little disappointed with what number was picked.

Here is a list of what everyone in the shop will be working on this month.

  • Connie – Noah’s Ark by Jan Patek
  • Lori – Geraniums for Sale punchneedle
  • Mandy – Bind a wall quilt (she doesn’t have very many UFO’s, she’s too young)
  • Mary B. – Log Cabin quilt with 1-1/2″ strips (she said she didn’t have a size in mind, just however big it is before March 31st)
  • Joan – Paint her storage shed (we told her it was ok if she worked on one of the baby quilts on her list for her grandson, due in May, she can’t paint outside anyway!)
  • Brandi – Two footwarmers for next Christmas (she said she found the idea for this on Pinterest)
  • Mary E. – Blue and Black antique 4-patch (it might take her longer to find it than to finish it)
  • Deb – Catch up on framing family pictures
  • Ina – Sweatshirt quilt
  • Jan – Crochet necklace from ladder yarn

Hopefully this list can inspire you to either keep going with the challenge or join in.  If you want to join in just pick 9 UFO’s that you would like to finish up.  Number them and work on the project with the number that we picked, check the blog for which number was picked.  If you have finished that project by the end of that month send us a picture and we will post it onto our Pinterest page.  Your name will be entered into a drawing at the end of the year for a $100 gift certificate.  For every finished project picture you send to us your name will be entered that many times into the drawing.




10 thoughts on “Connie’s UFO Game Continues

  1. Karla T

    OH NO! #9 is my one with the most work left to do on it! Good thing March is a long month! My #9 is “Snow Days” —
    well… i had better get to it right now!

  2. Pat

    I really should get in on this. I have quite a few UFO’S. Is is okay to send the finished photo via the camera on my phone?

  3. marilyn holley-stupka

    Oh good, #9 is a quilt that my daughter started about 10 years ago and gave up on. I don’t know what she was doing when she was cutting but it needed a complete redo or the garage. I took it all apart and now I’ll do the redo. Boy is she going to be surprised! Thanks for the game! I can go for three years no problem.

  4. Kathy

    This is the greatest idea! I must ask, what is ladder yarn and what are the footwarmers that were found on Pinterest? I am also enjoying, and keeping up with the BOM you are posting. Thank you very much!

  5. Sarah

    My #9 might be the death of me. I have made a gazillion 9-patch blocks with 30’s fabrics and can’t decide how to place them into a top. I think I have enough for 2 twin beds which will be wonderful in the spare room. Guess I have been procrastinating long enough. Full speed ahead.

  6. Sarah

    It looks like #9 is everyone’s nemesis. I’ll be anxious to see all the results on pinterest.

  7. Lael Koster

    yes, i’m wondering too, what is ladder yarn, never heard of it before. working on family pictures, i need to get at that yet before it gets nice out.

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