Corrections – 11-1-22

I had the simply wonderful problem of so many pictures I got them mixed up! What a great problem to have, huh? I will start over.

Remember Cyndy who came from California to get the two kittens from my neighbor? These are her quilts and Biscuit, the kitten with the deformed back legs, is included.

Here are Marsha’s quilts.

Rita’s black and white improv quilt.

Mary Waller’s quilts.

More reader quilts –

Hydrangeas today – I took down the fence and have decided to cut the stalks down next April instead of now. In the spring when I trim, some stalks are already sprouted and I’ve planted those very successfully. I have a couple places I need to fill in with hydrangea transplants so that’s why I decided to wait. I usually cut them off a few inches from the ground. Annabelle hydrangeas are very hardy!

This is what I worked on today. A very generous reader, Donna S., sent me the quarter square triangle blocks with additional fabric and I’ve always wanted to do something with this vintage needlework piece. Now that I’ve got it all secured and a 4” grid in place, I plan to to use this as the center of a medallion quilt.

Hope you all found your Dirty Dozen project or have thought of what you’ll do with red! Such a simple scenario – red! – in the month before Christmas.

Looks like the Phillies are hot tonight – already 4-0 in two innings! I’ll need another beer for sure!

30 thoughts on “Corrections – 11-1-22

  1. Joyce Edmeier

    I like to leave my Annabelle hydrangeas up all winter in Minnesota. They look great in the winter peeking out of the snow!

  2. Kathy in western NY

    Love the red and white sampler quilt. And your sweet embroidered piece!! Nice show of quilts.
    Glad to see the kitty picture and know she is doing well. What an Angel Cyndy is to care for her and I remember her driving all the way to save her.

  3. Kathy Hanson

    Ah, RED! I have been waiting for that color! Looking forward to getting started on that quilt!
    looks like the kitty that has problems with her back legs is doing wonderfully! How wonderful. What beautiful quilts too, I like the last picture that you had, sounds ike a medallion quilt will be perfect!

  4. Suzanne Golden

    Love what you are doing with the embroidery piece in the middle with the blocks around. The quilt sho always is so inspiring just to have more time.

  5. Angie from Baltimore

    The Philly s are hot tonight and just hit another homer!!!!!
    Biscuit looks happy and great to hear she is loved and the quilt is great as well.
    It gives me faith that there are kind people in the world

  6. Vicki in Seattle

    Mary, thanks for reposting the reader quilts! They are so inspirational. Your medallion quilt will be lovely! Can’t wait to see it. What a night for the Phillies! 7-0
    so far!⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

  7. Carmen Montmarquet

    Biscuit is just a doll, and again so many fabulous quilts, love so many of them! Wish I had luck with the endless summer hydrangeas I have, 3 and only 2 blooms on 2 of them, none on the other. I have decided they are all coming out and will get something new in the Spring, maybe Annabelle as I love the ones you have! Thanks for sharing them and everyone’s quilts!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carmen – if it’s any consolation, my Endless Summer doesn’t do much either.

  8. Nancy Olson

    Kitty looks as if it was climbing a wall to be pictured with the quilt! All the quilts are wonderful!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susie – you must be a good friend? Do you know Pumpkin and Biscuit?

      1. Cyndy

        Mary, Cyndy here. Susie and I go way back. She hasn’t met Biscuit yet. She lives closer to you.

  9. Gail in Ohio

    Love all the quilts – and the cute kitty!
    Thanks for the name of the hydrangeas… may have to try that variety.

  10. Carolyn Boutilier

    Thank you for the wonderful display of quilts. Love the basket one from Laundry Basket. Nice fall day here 71 degrees. Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va

  11. Ros Cosgriff

    I have been reading your blog now for a long time and enjoy your daily posts. I’m nearly seventy and your little verse brought back memories of Sunday school lessons when I was a little girl. Thankyou for sharing your day to day life with us. Cheers Ros. Victoria, Australia.

  12. Marcia-Ohio

    Thank you for posting about your hydrangeas -trim or not trim. Internet research proved to be conflicting. I wanted advice from a ‘pro’ or at least a proven grower close to my growing zone.
    Loved the pictures as I have been wanting inspiration. My sewing room has been torn up for a new cutting table assembly. I decided to fold/refold fabric in my stash. Not only has that been time consuming but has proven that I have an abundance of fabric like most of us.
    Thanks again for your blog. I appreciate the time it takes.

  13. Gayle in Tennessee

    Beautiful quilts. Love the basket quilt and the multiple sized churn dash quilt.
    Little Biscuit looks very much at home..

  14. Robin Ciuffetti

    I would love to cut some of this dried hydrangeas! They’re still pretty dried. I love the Now I lay me down to sleep. Can’t wait to see his that turns out.

  15. Lois Ann Johnson

    Mary: I have some “Annabelle” hydrangeas and a “Limelight” hydrangea. Both have been pruned every fall when the yard is cleaned up by my garden center. Both bushes seem to do all right, although I have read that it is best to not prune until spring. My big project this fall was to get some grass seed started in the front yard where Bailey has destroyed it. She is a “digger” and she is pretty hard on the grass.

  16. Sharon F

    What a wonderful quilt show! All the quilts are beautiful, but I particularly like Mary Waller’s Churn Dash – wonderful use of color – and Marsha’s basket sampler. Bless that Biscuit, what a sweet kitty.

  17. Sue in Oregon

    I LOVE your medallion quilt idea using that precious old needlework piece. I would love to do something like that.
    Thanks for the wonderful quilt show.

  18. Carolyn S Knott

    I have a funny story to tell. I decided to take a shower and my youngest of 4 cats, Ziggy, likes to dig in drawers so I just leave one open for him as I take my shower. Well I closed it later not thinking, and he must have been asleep at the time. After multiple trips around the neighborhood and calling and calling for him, I finally decided to just go to bed. By this time its been 7 or so hours and I kept hearing something and you guessed the rest of the story. He was one thirsty kitten. I was so glad he hadn’t gotten out.
    As always enjoyed the quilt show. You have wonderful quilters on your blog.
    Carolyn K.

  19. Cyndy


    I would like to know what scissors folks are using. I got a new pair of Gingher 5C’s and they are not as nice as my old pair. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  20. Connie

    Hi Mary,
    I embroidered that same ” Now I Lay Me…” piece in the late 70s for my first born. It hung in her room for years. Years later, when she got pregnant with twins, I gave her the framed pieced and it hung in their nursery! It now hangs in the upstairs landing area by their bedrooms!
    Who knew when I made that, where it would end up?
    Who knows, maybe someday another little one will find it on their bedroom wall!

  21. Susan K in Texas

    My sisters and I had the full prayer embroidered and framed hanging in our bedroom. We all loved it. It will be great as a center to a medallion quilt.
    Thanks for another quilt show. I’m glad to see the kitty doing well.

  22. Lynn

    Beautiful quilts. I hope someday I can make quilts that Beautiful.
    Mary if you have time to answer. Did you do any preparation on the needlework before you attached to the quilt blocks? I have some embroidery pieces that I want to put into a quilt.

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