Crumb Piecing

Look very carefully at the back side of this vintage 8 pointed star block. The maker has pieced 1/4″ and 1/2″ pieces together to get a piece of fabric big enough for a star point or a background piece. She was very thrifty and did not waste any fabric which is what crumb quilting is all about.

The February sampler block can be found at Have you made your blocks?

7 thoughts on “Crumb Piecing

  1. Gidget Lowther

    I also have my blocks done for this month. Love the blocks so far and your blog. Thanks!! Looking forward to the next blocks.

  2. Jodi Miller

    Yep, I’ve started my number 6 and am almost finished. Love this challenge. Can you please post again where to email our photos of our finished projects to. Also where to find them on Pinterest.

  3. Arla

    My grandmother did the same thing. She needed more gray for the corner in a 9 patch and she pieced 3 pieces together (all different shades ot gray) to make it big enough. We are so spoiled.

  4. Jody

    Nope, I haven’t made my blocks yet. I had to figure out some fabrics that I liked, and am restricting myself to stash fabrics only, so it was trickier than usual to pick them out. I finally found some, and have scheduled some time for Thursday to get them cut, and hopefully stitched! 🙂 I’ll be posting on my blog when they are done!

  5. Terry Johnson

    Yes, my blocks are sewn. I wait for the first of the month and make them usually on the first day. I don’t want to fall behind. Have fallen behind many times and it is hard to catch. I am using Thimbleberry fabrics. I have a whole drawer to use up.

  6. Sarah

    My February blocks are done. Can’t wait for next month. Do like to have only one block to finish as ufo’s can weigh heavy on my shoulders. Maybe that’s why I’ve gained weight since Thanksgiving! 🙂

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