Days Three and Four At the Fair

Yesterday was Senior Citizen Day at the Fair and Concord Care Center hosted Bingo.

Myra won a game but neither Reed nor I won anything but a participation prize. We had a good time playing however.

Then we walked through some animal barns. Pigs are not my favorite and I don’t know anything about them but many kids bring pigs to the fair.

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We saw many gorgeous and super clean sheep.

But my favorites were the goats.

Reed liked this horse.

And calf.

Here is some of the new farm equipment on display. It is HUGE!

Today was the Open Flower Show and the judging was taking sooooo long, I left and will return to see the results. Reed entered this succulent garden and this cactus. If you recall this is a start from my 39 year old 4-H cactus – a tiny cactus given to me in a paper cup by one of my 4-H kids when I was a leader.

I took my rock with hen and chicks. This rock broke in two leaving me with a convex half and a concave half which I planted with tiny hen and chicks.

And that’s all for the fair activities today – I’ll return for church services on Sunday morning in the Grandstand. Now I need a nap – this is too much “going” for an old lady.

14 thoughts on “Days Three and Four At the Fair

  1. Joyce Alban

    Thanks for sharing your fair pictures, our county fair is going on now, not sure if I will get to it but yours sure looks like a nice one to visit. Just found your blog recently and have sure enjoyed your post.

  2. Colleen

    Gosh I love the animals on display all of them. The smell of the barn is always not sure how to say but it brings me back to the memories of the horse barn when I was a young girl. My cousins would show their calves so and had to spend more time with them than they would like. The cousins were drawn to the rides and games.

  3. Kathy

    I loved hearing how the 4-H cactus has been grown into the next generation.
    That farm machinery sure looks huge!

  4. Ann Barlament

    Being a wanna be country girl, entering into the fair was always exciting to me. I entered a few things when I lived in Assisted living and was probably as excited as these kids when I won a ribbon!!

    County fairs always feel more personal, than the state fair.

    Have a wonderful time!!

  5. ada montessoro

    Thanks for the photos of the fair. You said that you liked goats. Then perhaps you will know the answer to my question. Why is it that baby goats are always jumping on things and often just jumping in the air? Is it just a “goat thing”?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ada – all baby animals jump around and play but baby goats are especially agile. Since they’re so very cute doing it, many videos are taken.

  6. Tomi

    Hello – I’m glad to see that you are still sharing with the world. There’s a search currently taking place on Facebook for a quilt pattern that shows spools. Vague comments on Pinterest, reference “20th Anniversary Spools”. Is that a past Country Threads pattern? Was this something that was published in one of your books?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Tomi – yes, this is our pattern. I don’t believe it ever appeared in any of our books. We have the original and can make a copy if anyone asks.

  7. Carolyn Boutilier

    Thanks for sharing the fair pictures. Good luck to you and Reed.
    Carolyn B

  8. Angie

    County Fairs have always held a special place in my heart. Our county fair in Ohio was larger than the MD State Fair but it still makes me long for a county fair. Good luck with Reed’s and your entries. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

  9. Diane

    What a fun day. Good luck to Reed in his flower entries. Did he enter any other categories? We live near Amish country where most of the plowing is done with horses. Put your feet up, Mary:)

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