I think we’re all experiencing warm rainy weather so these scenes from North Iowa won’t seem odd to many of you. The goose pond has overflowed into the dog yard – I have never seen it quite like this.

The small kennel yard is also partly under water.

The ground is not frozen so this water is going to sink in which is so good for the grass.  What a great opportunity to throw out 20 lbs. of grass seed which is just what I did.  The blue patches look so festive, don’t they?  Ha!

Tonite Becky and I are going to the Presbyterian Church in Garner to lead a Christmas sing along and it’s a good thing I’m not the singer because I have laryngitis.

7 thoughts on “December?

  1. Diane

    Oh no, Mary. I’ll bet you did such a wonderful job in the Cantata that lost your voice. I love the “blue” decorations. Where do the dogs go when their yard gets all wet? It’s 62 degrees here in Central Ohio.

  2. Louise

    Our backyard and pasture looks pretty much the same with small “ponds” of water.
    With the promise of more to come. Take care of yourself, Mary

  3. Angie Rowland

    How did the Cantata go? Is that were your voice went? Hope all went well.Merry Christmas and HAPPY New Year.

  4. Launa

    Take care of yourself Mary,
    We had a little bit more rain yesterday from the first Alaskan storm that had rivers overflowing their banks in WA and causing landslides in Oregon…and sure pounded the waves at the CA beaches. We need so much more rain here in the valley.

  5. Carol

    71degrees and blue skies today in Buffalo, NY…35 degrees above normal! Amazing and appreciated!

  6. Jane dumler

    Be prepared–we are having a blizzard like storm along the front range in Colorado. They say we could have up to 10 inches before is is over later today. Schools closed and lots of white out there. It is coming your way Mary so you will probably need some break up boots to get around in the wet. Happy quilting to everyone. Good day to get caugh up instead of finishing the shopping.

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