Dirty Dozen, 6-1-23

This is our last month for Dirty Dozen until we get organized to start again July 1. I will go through all the rules again for any new readers who want to join.

Our last three numbers are 3,7,8 so I would say pick any of those numbers to work on and put the remaining two into next year. The color is purple. I think I’ll have to do the color challenge as I’ve never done much with that color. Now there’s a challenge!

Look at what greeted me this morning –

Isn’t it just breathtaking?

Marie sent some of the greatest pictures of their calves – I remember their hard foreheads and rough tongues.

Aren’t they cute?
I am picturing all my dogs looking down – I can’t wait to see them all!
Ernie isn’t acting right this morning – he’s going to the vet.

Chris immortalized her beloved Bailey in this quilt.

I’m writing from the porch this morning and the vet just called – I can take Ernie in about 9 am.

38 thoughts on “Dirty Dozen, 6-1-23

  1. DebMac

    Almost July already? I haven’t even got projects picked for last year yet!!!

  2. Barbara Firesheets

    What a gorgeous bloom on your plant! Love the pic of the “entrance to heaven,” and the beautiful cows. Hope all goes well with Ernie at the vet.

  3. Diane in Colorado

    I hope Ernie is OK—glad you could get him in so quickly.

    I need to get organized for Dirty Dozen, too. One would think after doing that several times that I wouldn’t have any UFOs left, but alas, I’m pretty certain I can find another dozen or so!!

    We had another big thunderstorm last night. Gosh the sky was black. Big lightening strikes to the east. The grass is so long everywhere and too wet to cut well—all pretty unusual here in the high desert!

  4. Teresa in Indiana

    Beautiful photos this morning. Love your bloom! Hope everything is OK with Earnie. We are expecting another 90+ day here. Too hot for spring.

  5. Suzanne

    Greetings from Australia.
    Thank you for the picture and words re the entrance to heaven. Our jack Russell Oscar died 4 weeks ago and it still hurts so much. After having him in our lives for 15 years I guess it’s no wonder. But that photo made me smile and think happy thoughts. Thank you again

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Suzanne – tell me about Oscar and send me a picture of him. After 15 years you must be lost without him.😢

  6. Annie

    All hopes for Ernie! You have had your share of sorrows this Spring. Holes in the heart and holes in Heaven. Hugs.

  7. Cathie

    The picture of your yard looks like a great place to have coffee in the morning!!

  8. Lorraine

    Hope all goes wells with the vet visit with Ernie. Thank you for the picture of that beautful bloom. Love the pic of the calves. They are so cute. Makes me miss living on the farm growing up.

  9. Carolyn in GA

    The bloom is exquisite. We had that type of cacti, it bloomed at night and the flowers were white and huge. They smelled wonderful, this was in a town (Ojus) just north of Miami, FL. We could smell them in the house in the early morning.

  10. Sandra Goddard

    Love the calves. We are getting our group almost done. One more momma to have here’s. Last night Daisy had a bull calf. I suggested we name him Duke. My prayers are being sent for your vet visit.

  11. Alice SW Ohio

    Hope all goes well for Ernie at the vet! That picture of the flower is breathtaking! Our temps here today in SW Ohio will be close to 90*! I just finished watering plants along with shrubs. Since I can’t have a vegetable garden here I do grow my tomatoes & peppers in large pots on my patio. They produce amazingly well! We’re hoping for rain soon as everything is very dry! Even the lawns are dry & crispy!! Love the heaven picture!
    Alice in SW Ohio

  12. Jackie in NY

    Beautiful pictures today Mary! What kind of flower is that? It’s stunning!

  13. Jill

    I pray all things go well with Ernie today. I really enjoyed the pictures of the calves. Please keep us posted on Ernie.

  14. Marsha from MI

    We had a night blooming cereus years ago, but it was white. One weekend we were away and as we came up the steps to our apartment we could smell the fragrance! Wow! Another year we were home, knew it was almost ready to bloom and my husband took a bunch of photos as it opened.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marsha – you’re the only person I’ve ever known that had a plant like this!

      1. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

        My great Aunt had one when I was a child. She grew it outside her bedroom window so that she could enjoy the scent in the night.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Fiona – was here red like mine or white? Just curious as I’ve never seen a white one.

  15. Janet S

    Poor Ernie. Hopefully the vet can help him. I’ll have my fingers crossed. The plant is beautiful. It’s going to be hot here today (about 90) so I did some watering early and them helped my husband transplant seedlings. My plan was to come inside and sew but I got a glance at my fingernails! That was not a pretty site. Oh well, soap and water perform miracles. Have a nice day everyone.

  16. Rita in Iowa

    Love the picture of your flower, wish we could smell it through the email. Hope Ernie is okay, glad the vet was able to get you in quickly.
    Loved the pictures of the calves, reminds me of the days of living on the farm when I was younger. Also the memories of chasing cows when they got out, they could get quite wild and I would try to hind behind trees because I was frightened. Yesterday while I was working on weeding the black raspberry patch I was met by a bull that was in a pasture next to our land. He was not going to move while I was there and I knew I couldn’t outrun him. I decided to move up the hill in the other patch till he left. Finished getting all the tree seedlings pulled from all of the beds. Now just need some rain.
    Chris thanks for sharing the quilt of Bailey

  17. Sharon G.

    Hope Ernie is okay! Keep us up to date on what is happening with him.
    Loved all the photos today! The flower is beautiful!
    I woke up to a chilly 41 degrees this morning. It’ll be up to 60+ later so I better get the lawn mowed.

  18. Dot

    I loved the Entrance to Heaven photo. In my case it would be dozens of cats. Sending love to you and Ernie, and I’ve been worrying about JB, too. Here in North Carolina, its a bit rainy, but starting to get warm. Hurricane season starts today; time to start watching the NOAA website.

  19. Joyce from NY

    Thinking of you & Ernie, hope everything will be okay!
    What a beautiful flower to see first thing in the morning. It got up to 85 today & supposed to be the same or higher tomorrow! My lawn is getting very dry & crispy, calling for rain on Friday but only 20%. Nice break from mowing but we need the rain.

  20. Beryl BC

    The flower is gorgeous. I had one once, but it never bloomed. I hope the cat is ok. As someone else said, it is hot in SW Ohio. We have been watering the garden at least every other day. I wonder if the seeds we planted will germinate without rain, as we can never give them enough with the garden hose. The good thing is I haven’t had to mow for quite a while now.

  21. Jean

    I have been waiting all day to hear a report on Ernie. I’m praying that there is no heartache.

  22. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Best wishes for Ernie, Mary. That last photo looks like a mighty fine Iowa morning. I hope it turns into a good day for you.

  23. Rosalie

    Mary, I LOVE that picture and the thought of all the critters greeting you and me!
    I know it will have to be a huge hole to allow all those faces to peek through. Hopefully Ernie is better.

  24. Charlotte S in northern California

    I hope Ernie will be fine. What a beautiful bloom on your plant! And I loved the pictures of the calves!
    I was at the Chicago airport yesterday when they had 2 lightning strikes. They don’t work the ramps when lightning strikes….too dangerous for the crew. We sat on the tarmac for 1 hour…thank goodness my connecting flight was delayed. Then we sat in a line of 20-25 airplanes waiting to take off. We were only about an hour and a half late. Much better than sitting in the airport all night. I’m very glad to be home!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Charlotte – oh, what a long day for you!! And so frustrating.

  25. Susan K in Texas

    Those cereus flowers are so beautiful.
    I really like the idea of our pets meeting us when we get to heaven. I imagine that heaven is beyond anything we can imagine.
    Those calves are so cute. My brother will send pictures of his newborn calves sometimes. He has a black calf with white facial markings just like its mom.
    Chris in Alaska I love your quilt of Bailey.

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