Dirty Dozen Quilt Show, 12-19-20

Merry Christmas, from Dot and Lily Tesene!

25 thoughts on “Dirty Dozen Quilt Show, 12-19-20

  1. deborah Grisanti

    They are are all beautiful!!! The kitties look warm and toasty under the lights!!! Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Arrowhead Gramma

    Thank you Kayla for posting.

    Mary saying a prayer that all is well with you and Rick. Take care, be well and to quote you, “be still.”

  3. Brenda ks

    Marsha from Ks you finish is absolutely beautiful.

    The jewelry tree is great.
    Marry Christmas to all.

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh! What a lovely show today. Thanks for posting.
    Take care, be still and Merry Christmas to all.

  5. Mary Ellen

    Loved the 2nd DD…. it was designed by Alice Berg of Little Quilts from that contest years ago!!!
    Also loved the DD that was both quilts from “Simple Times” designed by Little Quilts. Some patterns are just ‘timeless’!👍🏼👏🏻

    1. ChristieB

      Thank you Mary Ellen for letting us know that these were “Little Quilts” designs. I thought so. And, I agree, some patterns are just timeless – just like some of Country Threads’ designs.
      And thank you to Kayla for posting the DD quilts, these gals have been busy, and they all look great! Sending HUGS… and prayers for Mary and Rick.

  6. Beverly Lockmiller

    neat quilt show. I wish I had gotten in on the dirty dozen thing. love seeing the cats and all your reports on Jo.

    1. Kayla Pins

      Beverly LOCKMILLER – you can join the Dirty Dozen at any time! I’ll look forward to your first finish! Mary

  7. Teresa

    Thank you to everyone who sends photos to Mary of your completed projects. I love seeing everyone’s creativity and color combinations.

    Blessings to all during the holiday season!

  8. Jeanne

    Kay Crandall, your quilt is beautiful. What a job that must have been to position all of the colored squares. How big are the squares?
    What a great show of all the DDS.
    Kayla, thank you for doing the blog. We are all praying for Rick, Mary, and sweet Jo. Hoping all is going well so they can enjoy a peaceful Christmas at home in front of the fire.

  9. Charlotte Shira

    What a great quilt slide show! So many talented ladies!
    Merry Christmas to everyone!!
    Be Still.

  10. Rita in Iowa

    Beautiful quilt show. You all did a great job. Hope to share a quilt soon. On the home stretch of getting it done.
    Merry Christmas everyone!🎄

  11. Jeanine

    What a wonderful quilt show. I loved all of them. Mine will be coming after we have Christmas tomorrow.
    Merry Christmas to all you faithful readers, and prayers for Mary, Rick and animals. Our daughter and family are coming today from ND. Excited to see our first great grandchild, a boy!

  12. Caryn in Eastern WA

    Thank you to all who share pictures of their DDs. Praying that all is well with Mary and Rick and all the critters. Christmas blessings!

  13. Sheila in WI

    Thank you for posting this mini quilt show, Kayla. Each of the quilts was beautiful in its own way. I hope that since you are posting this, Mary is taking a well deserved break from the blog.
    Thinking of her and Rick and all the critters!

  14. Freda In Oxford, AL

    All the quilts are BEAUTIFUL . Thanks for posting PIC’s!
    We are saying Prayers for Mary & Rick !!!! Hope Rick is
    getting his Heart Regulated & will be able to be home soon!
    We send Love to you both !!! Freda

  15. Pat Smith

    Thanks for the great show of talent and creativity. Thanks Kayla for helping Mary make this blog work. I don’t normally read blogs, but this one is special, and I’m sad when I don’t get it for awhile knowing people are struggling to get it going again.

  16. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Hope Rick is out of the hospital, not a good time to have to be in hospital. Prayers for you, Mary, and Rick. The quilt show is beautiful and inspiring.

  17. Kathy in western NY

    Fantastic quilt show and I too thank everyone who sends their photos to Mary so we all can enjoy the creations. It’s such a blessing in our isolated lives right now to feel close to our quilting friends.

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