Disappointed, 10-13-22

Rick’s hip replacement surgery was cancelled yesterday afternoon after finally reaching the surgeon’s office to inform him of the small break in skin on his ankle. We will now need to return to the Mayo Wound Clinic. With winter weather coming up I am worried about the drive although we made it every month last winter so I’m going to quit worrying. Thank goodness Becky is available to come and stay with the dogs when we need to be gone. I find it impossible to go away for that long and leave the dogs alone – any other pet sitters out there? Must be able to do barn chores, too.

I’ve been putting so many things on hold because of Rick’s surgery and now my calendar is pretty much empty for the next two weeks. I hope to tackle these one by one. Today my fence guy is coming to fix that part of the fence that the tree fell on. Do you remember Armando who has Martinez Fence Co? He is Telly’s original owner and I can’t wait to see their reunion – Telly has remembered him in the past and I know she will today, too.

Here’s what’s happening across the road in Farmer Tim’s field – it goes really fast actually and all of this happened in one afternoon.

So after the field is cleared a few ears are missed especially on the turns. Tim invited me to help myself to some squirrel corn so I walked a few rows and did really well.

See those two nice big ears which will just be plowed under only to come up next year as volunteer stalks in Tim’s bean field? Now they won’t because they’re in my garage.

In very little time I had this much corn but the wind got cold and I gave up till this afternoon when I’ll go back. I take my old golf cart to haul the heavy bags back to the garage. Here’s my haul.

If you’ve ever priced squirrel corn at Walmart you know I have a small fortune here – haha!!

While these pictures are still on my camera roll I’m going to post them. These are quilts I’ve seen online that I love and would consider drafting and making.

Quilt from Connie’s retreat

Some of these might have been reader quilts that I saved as possible starts. As you see all of these quilts are pretty easy and I always want to enjoy what I’m working on without stress.

What are you going to sew today?

42 thoughts on “Disappointed, 10-13-22

  1. Peggy

    Sorry to hear about Rick’s surgery. Hope you get his ankle healed and everything will work out. Have fun in the next few weeks.

  2. Rosalie

    I’m working on clearing off a HUGE PILE on my sewing table.
    Also on the quilt from Connie’s retreat a segment is turned on the second block down on left- just to left of center square.
    So sorry that surgery is delayed.

  3. Launa

    Praying Rick’s skin tear heals quickly!
    Many thanks for all the various quilts you posted today. Great fabrics! Connie’s from her retreat were great to see, too!
    Enjoy the free 🌽!

  4. Bonnie McKee

    Good morning Mary,
    Sorry to hear about Rick’s surgery delay.
    When things like this happen to me I tell myself that God’s timing is best.
    How wonderful that you were able to gather so much corn for your squirrels! All the animals on your farm are so lucky because you love them so much!
    The pictures of the quilts you shared from the internet are lovely. If you draft the patterns will you offer them for sale? I could draft them, too, but I’m lazy and would rather just buy the pattern. Ha!
    Bonnie in sunny Oregon

  5. Dee Winter

    I find it sad when the field is empty but yes the squirrel corn is great! And the disappointment that comes with the cancellation is tough.. Been there, done that. There’s not a wound clinic closer they can send you to? Great line up of easy peasey quilts! I saw a couple that called my name. I have a couple of fabric stashes for quilts that I may just reappropriate to one of these. Off to a quilt show in Grundy Center at the Methodist church. Saw a couple pics online yesterday, looks promising.

  6. Marsha from Kansas

    I’m sorry Rick’s surgery got delayed, especially by another ankle injury. Inspiring quilt photos. There are a couple I’d like to make. I’m on a cutting out spree. I hit a pin with my sewing machine, broke the needle and got it out of time, so it is getting maintenance. That pin just jumped right in the way, or I was just sewing too fast and didn’t see it! Lol It was past due anyway. Seems I have finished several BOM in the past couple of months so I am setting a goal to get one top put together each month. The first one I have chosen needs 280 flying geese. The pattern calls for the Eleanor Burns method, my favorite, for making the flying geese. I’ll be ready to sew when I get my machine back. Also doing some embroidery on Lori Holt blocks while watching baseball playoffs.

  7. Jo in Wyoming

    That is another issue for Rick to get through. Orthopedic surgeons want their patients to be as healthy as can be. Infection in new joints can be deadly.
    Wonderful quilting ideas. So many ideas, so little time.
    Today, I’m making baby quilts, catching up on quilting jobs, and sorting UFO’s. The jail girls love UFO’s. This week for show and tell they made 3 quilts with orphan blocks I took them. One benefit from this program is they learn it’s rewarding to share, trust and help one another.
    Last night I went to dinner with some Old Bell Heads, (old telephone workers). I was invited to join the line dance group. Dancing without beer!!!…I hope I don’t fall down. Hahaha

  8. Sue in Oregon

    Do you ever give some of the corn to your chickens? We make a mix of whole grains and sunflower seeds for our chickens and it includes corn like yours. They love it and it doesn’t crumble like the stuff in bags.

    I absolutely love the red border quilt you show in the medley of quilts.

    Today I hope to sew a blue border on my small red and blue quilt. Blue this month, right?

    Darn, that’s too bad about Ricks’s hip surgery. Hope the ankle wound heals quickly and they can proceed.

  9. Lynn in Scottsdale, AZ

    So sorry to hear about Rick’s ankle and hip surgery cancellation. How frustrating for you.

    I am making potato soup today for a friend that had surgery. I will try to crochet a few rows on a dish cloth and embroider on a dish towel I have going. I could also complete a few rows in a rug I have started.

    Great score on the field corn!

    As always, praying for you and Rick. Too far away to help with the pet sitting.

  10. Deb in Idaho

    So sorry for the delay in Ricks surgery.no sewing here ,trying to finish the roof before winter and clean the garden up. I love the pictures of the quilts. Maybe this winter. I’m enjoying the warm weather

  11. Donna

    I’ve lost my sewing mojo for a while. Been cross stitching like a lunatic. But I’m thinking I’d best get to finishing snowmen. So that’s my sewing for the day. Hope it happens.
    Connie quilt is gorgeous. Mercy. Those teeny tiny blocks. But love’em.
    . My pictures came thru today. Been hit or miss last week or so. Have a good day Mary.

  12. Beamer's mom

    LOVE the quilt with all the houses, and the one with all flying geese. Wish I had all day to sew. Some year I will. 🙂

  13. Carmen

    One year I bought a new Rubbermaid garbage can to store my squirrel corn. It was on my back step. Little buggers chewed a hole in the lid!!

    1. Betty Klosterman

      This just made me laugh out loud! Where there’s a will, there’s a way? Or God helps those who help themselves? Squirrels have survived on their own for a very long time.
      This year I let a small patch of corn and millet grow under the bird feeder. It has made a beautiful boquet to watch grow and we have some home grown bird seed.
      No matter what the calender says, fall is here. Time flies when we are having fun. Are we having fun yet? When I see Tim’s harvested field, I can just hear him give a sigh of relief, The crop is in. And the field still looks beautiful.
      Take care everybody. Betty in Rapid City

  14. Roberta Etherington

    The posted quilts are lovely.
    I intend to send photos of the quilts and lap robes we do at church for local women shelters are other shelters plus lap robes for the cancer center.

    Sorry that you and Rick have these on going issues. Give him my best.

  15. Candy

    Thanks for sharing all the quilt ideas. I love the simplicity of them all. I emailed you a picture of the “Village” quilt I did a few years ago (based on the ‘houses’ quilt you showed). That’s quite a haul of corn you made!

  16. Beryl BC

    I’m sorry to hear of Rick’s surgery delay.
    From your earlier post, my sympathy to you and all your family on Blanche’s death. She came to the door when we were clearing out the house out there. We were able to let her go on a tour, and visit a little. She was a very nice woman.
    The quilts are lovely today.
    You did get a fortune in squirrel corn. They don’t leave near as much in the field as in year’s past. I recall some of my cousins taking their coaster wagon out to a farmer’s field in the 1960’s and gathering up enough corn to buy the family Christmas tree.

  17. Kathy Hanson

    How frustrating to have to cancel Rick’s surgery – hopefully the ankle with heal again quickly, So much driving for you both to have to come and go from Mayo so much. Will keep you both in my prayers.
    So nice to have the squirrel corn, that’s wonderful. Dogs just don’t forget the folks they love, do they?! Nor do llamas I am finding. Mine that are at another location now, that I go to visit sometimes, always know me too! Amazing! Loved all the quilts today, so many beautiful ones, so hard to know what to start next. I just finished one for my granddaughter for Christmas, will send a picture when I get the binding on! Then to start one for Jerry for Christmas as well. (that will be my Blue October project! ) Always more to make. I am really liking the “color” choice each month as it is giving me things to make with my “stash” or groopings that I have had here for awhile and haven’t used…..makes it just perfect!

  18. Kim

    Love the Witch quilt can the person who shared the quilt give the name & author of the book the pattern is in??? Thank you

  19. Kathy in western NY

    I love hearing about Telly reacting to his former owner. I am so glad he keeps in touch with you and Rick. I agree with others that I hope Ricks wound will heal soon but you are in good hands. Ortho docs cannot have infections. We lost a friend to one after surgery so thankful he is being taken care of. And sweet hugs to dear Becky for being a faithful sister to lend a hand from all of us that live too far to help you. Our corn fields have all been cut down around us as hunting season starts soon so deer are running and nothing worse than one running out onto the road from tall cornfields so glad farmers get them down.
    What a wonderful quilt show today! It’s so inspiring seeing what everyone makes whether for themselves or for charity. I like doing flying geese so that’s one I would consider making, I saved that picture to my iPad. I forgot to tell you around the corner is a llama farm!! It’s so cute to drive by and see them in their fenced in area. I heard another one is going in nearby too so is it cause they are knitters or because they are good pets too?

  20. Jan Hebert

    Ooh, I love that first quilt with the red triangle border. So cheerful! And the “village” one, I’ve always liked that. Lots of nice quilts shown today. I’m sorry to hear about Rick’s delayed surgery. Must be frustrating – for both of you! Jan in MA

  21. Jill Klop

    Sorry that the hip replacement got postponed! It’s hard to wait once you’ve had you mind geared toward something like that. That is so neat that the farmer let you gather that corn! In Texas we buy deer corn and it’s gotten very expensive!

  22. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, I know you are disappointed to postpone the surgery, but the doctor really does know what he is doing. You don’t want to take a chance with bone infection. It is extremely serious and painful. Just look how long Rick has had getting rid of it in his ankle.
    Yes, we really love all the quilts. Never get tired of show and tell and we get to see all the colors. Especially colors out of our zone. Seems like we each have favorites and changing can hurt?
    Black Walnuts taste so good, better than corn, but I’d sure hate to chew thru one with my teeth.
    In the meantime, keep quilting. Betty

  23. Sherrill

    I’m sorry Rick’s surgery was cancelled and he has to do the wound thing again. Hopefully it heals fast and he can get his hip done. I love all the quilt pix you showed today–several I’d like to do as well. I’m just working on a scrappy quilt using 4 1/2″ fabric squares that will be a donation quilt.

  24. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    As hard as it is to wait, I agree it is safer for Rick. It IS frustrating, I’m sure. Good luck with the ankle. I love allll of the quilts. Thanks for sending so many! Fun show😃 I will send a couple of our quilt show in our church. I am still trying to catch up so hope to send some pictures of finished quilts soon. Jo in Wyoming, I enjoy hearing about your quilters and how they are doing. Thanks for working with them.

  25. Janet

    Mary, Your heart is in the right place but be careful where you sto re the corn. Rats and mice think it’s a delicacy.

  26. Katie

    Beautiful quilts ,thank U for sharing, makes me want to get back to my projects…
    Sorry about your hubby’s surgery getting cancelled, I am sure they need to take precautions..
    It’s a Blessing your sister can help with your pets…
    We only have 2 dogs, one cat and 120 pound turtle, and getting away for the day, we have to plan our time away make sure they r ok and feeding schedules etc…
    I ❤️My pets..

  27. Kris in WI

    Mary, I’ve been thinking of you both all day and just caught your latest post. So sorry Rick’s surgery has been postponed. Prayers continue.

    Had to laugh about the corn comments. The squirrels in our neighborhood use the street gutter as a highway, toting hickory nuts and black walnuts. We put corn out one fall and there were no takers!

    I’m finishing LWR quilts tonight, but that quilt with the red border is calling to me!

  28. Susan K in Texas

    So sorry to hear about Rick’s surgery delay. I hope his wound heals quickly.
    Lots of nice quilts today. I’ve been working on quilting some of the quilt tops that tend to stack up. The quilt I’m working on now is taking a long time and I got bored. So I started a Christmas quilt. Messed up on cutting so to correct the mistake, I started a second quilt with the miscuts. So two more quilts started.
    When we’re gone a friend comes over to take care of the cats. She comes and talks and pets them. Magnus now let’s her give him his inhaler treatments. She can’t pick him up but he wants her to rub and pet him. I always feel bad leaving them even for a day so I understand how you feel about leaving the dogs.

  29. Kim from TN

    Bummer on the surgery for Rick. Its amazing to me how fast a field can be cleared these days with the big equipment. Lucky you for getting some field corn for free, it is pricey in the stores, even at our co-op. I’m busy putting binding on 2 quilts for a local show here in TN. The weather has been heavnly here and the fall colors are just starting to show up.

  30. Linda

    Mary, I feel your pain, it’s hard to find someone you trust to live in your home when you have a farm, much less leave the care of your precious animal family to people who could never care for them just like you do. Thankfully when my husband got the message that his new heart was on it’s way I did have someone, a grown woman who loved my animals and was a housekeeper for her career. Now however, I don’t have anyone so as my husband gets less capable of doing even simple chores I think I’m facing lockdown for good.

    I pray Rick’s ankle heals and he can get his hip replacement and pray to God that goes well. Make sure you enjoy your unplanned time off and do things that make you happy.

  31. Judy

    WOW I love all of your quilt pictures! I would like to make many of them. Thanks for the picture show! Sorry to hear about Rick’s wound festering up again. Sending you prayers.

  32. Becky

    Not related to today’s post, but I remember last winter you were looking for hand creams and I’ve found an amazing product. It’s called Flexitol Hand Balm and it actually heals your skin. I can’t believe the difference it’s made. It’s quite thick so I put it on at night but no gloves needed. My local drug store doesn’t carry it so I buy on Amazon. So sorry to hear Rick is still going through this and best wishes to you both.




  34. Joy in NW Iowa

    So sorry to hear Ricks surgery was postponed. I’m sure he is disappointed, I know I would have been! When you r in pain, you want it fixed!
    We did a parts run this morning. Saw some snowflakes while driving! Brr! It is chilly today.
    Planning to head to the sewing machine soon.

  35. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    So sorry about Rick’s surgery being delayed; hope he heals quickly.
    I would love to be sewing, but applesauce for the freezer comes first. My grandson has been patiently waiting. Our three weeks out in the camper last month put me behind.
    I really enjoyed all the wonderful quilt pictures—eye candy! My next sewing project is a tv/recliner throw made with postage stamp fabric for my stamp-collecting hubby.
    Take Care, 🥰

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