Do I Have What It Takes?

I’m not sure I do. Within the last 24 hours I’ve learned that I really have no WordPress support from my host/server and that malicious codes the hackers used will continue to attack this blog. One day I might be able to post and another day I might not be able to reply and I’m never going to have any warning.

There is a web developer who could possibly “fix” it but it could cost many thousands of dollars. And after it’s all fixed the site needs to be maintained and updated for a monthly fee that could be $400 and up. He says on his site that “WHEN your WordPress site is hacked , not IF your WordPress site is hacked” which just shocks me.

So…..I am going to limp along as best I can for now until I can figure out what to do next. I would like to return to the Rug-along, the Dirty Dozen, Adventures With Reed, Quilts, plants, animals, books and general farm news. And I know you’d like to return as well. If I can’t post or reply, I will have Connie put an announcement in the comments.

It’s 6:15 am and I never got to sleep last night at all. I finally came downstairs at 3 am and cleaned the kitchen. Now I think I’ll head to my sewing room and try to clear a path.

65 thoughts on “Do I Have What It Takes?

  1. dale

    This breaks my heart… I have loved getting all your posts…I don’t understand why they would pick a harmless site to hack….Please hang in there… you are in my prayers!..

    and you don’t have to answer this!

  2. Dee

    Oh, my! You’ve worked so hard on this! It has to be so frustrating! Thank you for all your efforts! Wish I had the knowledge to help you! Wish people who had the knowledge didn’t work so hard to use it in a negative way. Hang in there. Hope you can catch a nap today.

  3. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    We all love you and for sure are in our prayers. A word now and then to know all is okay with you is good and hope one of these days it will get worked out with the blog. You are like family. Will keep closing ads.

  4. Deb

    I love coming here to visit…I’ll be sad if you go to Facebook only, as I refuse to join. Feels so very invasive. (That’s how I know I’m an old lady, lol!) 🙏❤️

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Deb – not to worry, I’m an old lady, too, and won’t go to FB

  5. Mary Ann

    Reading your blog everyday is like being with family. Why are some people so hateful. They could be using their skills to help out in this world, not harm others.

  6. Jill

    Fairly new to this blog and so sorry to see all your problems. I think most people are willing to read what ever you are able to post!

  7. Lynn Lahr

    I will miss you if this blog ends and will be grateful for your updates when they come. I do not understand why hackers are so evil. They should use their skills for good. Hope you get some rest sometime today. I know this blog is an important part of your days. Love hearing and seeing g what is going on in your life. You feel like an old friend to me! Hang in there. Hugs!

  8. the other Angie

    I cannot imagine your frustration level! You have probably thought of this, and given that I don’t know much about how hackers do their deeds, I was just wondering if you could close out this account and open a new one under a new name? It sounds like the craziness is attached to your account within WordPress?
    We are all pulling for you to be successful in your efforts to get this thing under control. It should not be so hard!

  9. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    What a shame this stress came your way because rotten people get their jollies tormenting people. All those costs, makes you wonder why protections aren’t built in to begin with?

  10. Kathy in western NY

    Amen to the previous comments of support to you Mary as you have tried so hard to keep in touch with us and we so appreciate your efforts. Just keep doing the best you can keeping in touch as your life will go on even if some dishonest people try to stop you. We will all keep closing ads as many times as we can and hope you bring in some money to compensate for your frustration. Take a nap later after sewing.

    1. Ellie

      Mary, you know how sad we are to hear your struggles aren’t over! I wondered about the suggestion made by the other Angie about starting a whole new blog. I know that would be a pain but at least it might be a clean slate.

  11. Diane in Maryland

    Ditto to Mary Ann, Martha and others. Mary you ARE like family to us. We feel like we know you, your family, Connie, Reed and his family, Hazel, Betty and all of your animals! Of course the quilting part joins all of us together but quilting is only a part of our friendships! We appreciate all the hard work you have done to correct this malicious act. To be told that it will cost you thousands to correct it and then a monthly fee to be protected is like being attacked twice! I wonder how THESE people sleep at night! Hopefully you can sit on your porch later with a good book and take a nap. We all love you!

  12. Jill Klop

    I can only imagine how frustrated and defeated that you feel at this point. Like everyone, I just hate that you are going through this. I don’t know what you pay WordPress, but it’s really sad that they offer no support and/or protection.

  13. Judy

    SO sorry for all of us! You would think hackers would have more to do than pick on quilters! I know it is an oldish term, but good-grief-hacker-go-get-a-life!

    There is SO MUCH JOY to be had in every day living life! Quilters are always among the first to share JOY!

    HUGS to All Y’ll,
    Judy in Texas

  14. Marilyn in CT

    Mary, I am so sorry for the stress and aggravation you’ve had to deal with. Like so many others, I truly enjoy reading your posts.

  15. Patricia

    So sorry, love your post. Pray a solution will be found soon. Take care and get your rest.

  16. jane

    Move the blog to a different blog hosting company. You don’t have to give it up…start the new blog and alert everyone as to where it is and eventually shut this on down.
    Easy peasy….
    Here are some other blog hosting sites
    You will start anew and that’s always a good thing.
    You don’t have to suffer with WordPress….you also might want to get a MacBook laptop with good security to make it easier and more secure. Much cheaper than your alternative to try and salvage this blog.
    Move forward. Not a big deal:) You’ve exhausted your current options…
    Much love

  17. Linda

    I’m so sorry for all the trouble you are having, wish I could help. I enjoy so much reading your adventures.
    Hugs, Linda

  18. Miriam

    I would hate to lose your blog for all the reasons others have listed. are some of the other blog host sites more expensive? I know other bloggers left Worspress for the reasons with which you are having difficulties.

  19. Carolyn Meadows

    You bring so much pleasure to so many people. Never forget that. I hope you find a good solution soon.

  20. Wendy T

    Mary – I love your blog and truly appreciate all of the hard work you are doing to keep it going. So, so frustrating!!! Let’s hope for some sort of reasonable solution to the situation – and soon!

  21. Cheryl in St. Paul

    I echo the love and support everyone else has expressed so well. I follow several bloggers on blogspot. Check with Jo, whose husband passed away recently. Please, don’t let it get you down .

  22. Arlene

    Like all the people that commented, I enjoy your adventures and especially love the pictures and stories of all your animals. Sincerely hope that the hackers leave you/us alone. Don’t understand what they have to gain from any of us.

    Hang in there! We all love you and are praying for you.

  23. Sharon Lowy

    Mary, Give yourself some grace! We all love your blog and you didn’t cause this fiasco. To bad we don’t know a “hacker” who could fix this right away! (Sad but true). So miss you, Connie, Reed , Hazel, etc.

  24. Frances

    I’m fairly new to your blog, but I have come to love it. If you don’t move it to a different blog company, try not to worry about it so much. It will be okay even if some of the pictures disappear, if we don’t see everything you posted just right, etc. I think we come to your blog to hear from you and to see your animals, scenes, and quilts. Some days life is good and some days it isn’t. We roll with that everyday in our own lives. Just post if you can and let the hack be damned.

  25. Pat Smith

    I’m so sad at the terrible problems you’re encountering. We all read this blog because your life, your activities, and the interesting people you share them with bring us a little taste of farm life in Iowa. I hope you’re able to continue, but the odds don’t look good. I don’t do Facebook either as I find it too public a forum for me.

  26. Anonymous

    I just want to let you know how much joy you bring! Whatever your decision just know that I have enjoyed every minute of it. From the above I can see you have many big fans. You take care and pet a cat for me!

  27. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    I’m so sorry you are dealing with this. I know so many of us love your blog and have enjoyed the projects, Reed and everything else! Is it possible to do this blog differently? Like maybe through Facebook or some other system? I can’t imagine how frustrated you must be. Please try to sleep though. Everyone needs sleep!!

  28. Caryn Goulden

    Mary, i am so sorry for all the aggravation and stress this is causing for you. I so enjoy reading your blog,
    I agree with Jane that it may be a good idea to start a new blog with another host.
    In the meantime do things you love and be sure to take a nap! You must be worn out.

  29. Brenda

    Mary I can’t believe you don’t get any support from word press. What a shocking business. Love you and all your hard work.

  30. Paula J Fontanini

    Hi Mary, I read your posts faithfully but have never posted before. I just want you to know how much your blog is loved and how much all your hard work is appreciated. It’s so sad that good people like you are victims of this kind of sabotage! I sincerely hope you find a way to fix this mess but if the stress gets to be too much, take a break…we’ll all still be here when you come back! Love reading your blog and would miss it very much! Take care of yourself! 🙂

  31. Elizabeth Rickert

    I still say Geek Squad from Best Buy! We had a jacket and they fixed our internet. The hackers told us we had to pay $800 and $300 every month because they could clean up the scam. There has to be a way for you too! Look how many would miss your blog. Also I am an old lady, but I am on Facebook.

  32. Carole S

    I would be so sad if you stopped blogging, but I totally understand your feelings. I’m hoping you’re able to find an acceptable solution, and please don’t stress yourself over it!! Your health is more important than our curiosity about your life!

  33. Nikki M in Tx

    Your blog brings joy to so many people.. would hate to see it vanish!
    Support you 100% no matter your decision, you deserve joy not aggravation in your life. Prayers for a resolution to this problem.

  34. Janet

    Mary, You have stuck with it longer than I could have. The stress it is causing you is concerning and I am sure no one that reads your blog wants that for you.
    I do have a couple of private facebook groups that I have become very fond of and it is not something anyone else can see or read. I know a lot of people are against it, but I wonder if its just because its not understood. the private pages are just that, very private.
    I hope you can find a solution that works for your life.

  35. Pam

    So sorry for all your problems….love getting your emails but oh my you have done way more to get things right than most….will miss you if you can’t write us..but not worth your health and well being….as a suggestion would a blog on facebook be an option? Just a thought.. God bless you …way more patience than I have.

  36. Paula In Texas

    Oh, how I wish I was nearby so I could give you a hug and a smile not only from my face but from my heart. I can feel your disappointment.
    I know that you enjoy sharing your knowledge, adventures and animal happenings with us, as much as, I enjoy reading them. Please Keep on Keeping ON, until there is a better solution. Seeing a post from Country Threads in my IN box really does make my day!

  37. Chris H. in WA.

    Keeping you in my prayers. Asking for a resolution to all of these computer issues. I’m of no help when it comes to computer/technology issues. I love your blog and look forward to all of the news on the farm. Hang in there, Mary.

  38. Nancy

    This makes me so angry! Why do people have to do this? They’re so many things to do in this world to help mankind! They should be drawn and quartered! Let it go and don’t lose any sleep over it. WE LOVE YOUR BLOG AND WELL BE HAPPY TO GET IT WHEN WE CAN. VERY SINCERELY,Nancy K Walker

  39. Annette from WI

    So sorry you are going through all this. Your blog is the first one I read every day, and I so enjoy everything you write about, quilting, animals, books, family, things to do and places to visit… Anything that you are able to post or share with us through whatever means you decide works for you, your faithful followers will continue to support you!

  40. Sue in Oregon

    There are no words the others haven’t already said…except maybe some bad ones. I, like the others, support you and any decisions you make. Hang in there, Mary. We love you.

  41. Montana Kathy

    So very sorry to hear all this. The frustration never ends. All your loyal fans have expressed what we’re all feeling so I can’t improve on that, but know we’re with you and are feeling your pain. Whatever you do, we’re behind you 100%. I can’t envision a world without you and your blog. Thinking of you and sending lots of hugs.

  42. Sandra F. Block

    Sooo sorry. I love your “visiting” even though I’m not really a quilter!

  43. Paula

    Mary, all of this trouble caused by a horrible hacker just makes me sick. I am so sorry you are stressed to the point of not sleeping. I so look forward to your blog. It is just such a wonderful heart-felt sharing of your life. And I have learned so much from it and you. As others have said, perhaps using another blog forum would work. There are so many bloggers out there that something must work. Don’t know how to research that but perhaps you could contact some other bloggers to find out their thoughts. Thanks so much for continuing to struggle through this! Just know that you are loved by all of us and hang in there.

  44. Jo in Wyoming

    Shocking, just shocking!
    I had no idea of the cost or the need for such intense security. It blows me away.
    What can a hacker gain from access to great pictures, adventures, ideas, inspiration?
    Don’t go to the poor farm keeping us together.
    Your the greatest, Mary, but it time to put yourself in front of the line.
    Take care

  45. Paula Ziegler

    Have you considered just using a Facebook page to post to? People can subscribe, etc. Still get the ideas and pictures put without all of this stress.

    Just a thought.

    Paula Ziegler

  46. Diane, Squeak's Mom

    Oh, Mary. That stinks. Please do not lose your health over this. I LOVE your blog with quilts, animals, friends, and family and think of you as family.
    I know nothing, but wonder, as do several others, if another blog would work. We have a friend who sails each summer and he uses Blogspot to chronicle his travels to us. Again, I know nothing, but don’t want you to lose sleep. HUGS.

  47. Chris B in San Diego

    I also read the blog Frugal Gal. The other day she mentioned that she had changed blog hosts and was “300 %” happier than with any other host she had used. Sh.e mentioned Agathon as the company she was now working with. Cheaper and helpful.
    I would have for your blog to go away. I enjoy reading about your adventures and I’ve learned a ton. I’m even twining a placement which I would never have even known about without you

  48. Sandi from Oregon

    Mary, right now the most important thing is YOU! It isn’t healthy for you to lose sleep and add anxiety because of your blog. Please take care of yourself!!!
    Yes, we all love to read about your life, but your well being is the most important thing. This stress is not healthy.
    Consider taking a breather. Sew, hug a puppy, have a beer. If you feel you must resume, 2020 is a new year.
    We love you!

  49. Susie Q

    sounds like word press should be history in your life…… are there other companies that have blog posting….. see I know nothing about hosting blogs….

    read the facebook suggestion above and I do know there are open groups, closed groups, secret groups….. you don’t have to just open it to everybody. In fact I belong to a half dozen groups…..

    Be sure and take a nap today !!!!!!

  50. Kathy Bahn

    Mary, I’m with Diane in Maryland. Your blog is the first thing I look for each morning. I’ve followed you for
    years and so hope you can come up with a fix that doesn’t cost thousands to remedy.

    I’ll settle for whatever you can come up with. I’ve enjoyed all your adventures but certainly not this one.
    You are in my thoughts and my prayers.


  51. Beryl BC

    So sorry for all the troubles. Technology is a blessing and a curse. I’ve enjoyed your blog for all the above reasons as well as the N Iowa connection. The Gypsy Fest reminded of seeing you make rugs at the Country Fair in Columbus, OH. Good luck with whatever you choose to do. I hope you get a good night’s sleep tonight.

  52. Nancy A Poole

    Mary you do so well with your blog. Keep strong get your rest and post when you can. I loved seeing your quilt shop and meeting my distant cousin Connie back in the 90’s. I’ll still be following what ever you do. I love this connection with my roots in Iowa, while living so far away in California.

  53. Diane in WI

    I agree with what others have said. It is such a shame people find joy in hurting and ruining others. Please try to relax and get some rest. Hugging Hazel and Telly will help. Take care.

  54. Rhoda Ebersole

    Yes take care of you first.
    Can you do the blog with a different company and get rid of Word Press??? Others have suggested this too I see.


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rhoda Ebersole – Denise and I are still working on that. It might be the answer. Thanks!

  55. Teresa

    Mary, I hope you will consider using another option for your blog. I know nothing about having a blog so can’t offer you any advice or suggestions on other services to use. Seems the only free option is Facebook.

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