My dogs each get a cooked egg with their supper and it’s easier to bake them ahead and freeze them. I spray my cupcake tins with Pam, crack one egg into each “dish” and bake at 400 degrees. It takes only 10 – 15 minutes to cook and then I just tip the pan and 12 eggs pop out. Then I freeze them in freezer bags and take them out as needed.
The blue coffee pot came back to life with the help of oven cleaner which took off all the burned ash and then I just cleaned it with glass cleaner. It has a hole in the bottom so I put a fruit jar inside to hold water for the flowers. Just FYI, I have never stopped on the highway to pick up a piece of junk in my whole life before I saw this coffee pot!
Have a great Friday, Everybody!

11 thoughts on “Eggs

  1. LMK

    hey, i was just thinking… what if it fell off someone’s car or pickup???? and maybe they miss it. we saw a snapping turtle laying on the highway yesterday, it was hurt, paul stopped and took it down to the water, went by again today, checked it out, he was gone so hopefully he will be okay, otherwise he’ll help feed his fellow critters. your coffeee pot turned out real pretty, who wouldn’t want it????

  2. Judy Rounds

    Love your posts, especially all the ones with dogs in them!! Thanks for always brightening my day!

  3. Carol A

    If I had a dollar for every bungee cord I ignored on my journeys, I could strap down Nebraska. DO you guys sell eggs at the shop? If you don’t, sounds like a swell idea to me. Sometimes I scope out the garbage set out on my way to work. Found an old chair without a seat, put in a pot of bloomn flowers and viola, cute accent to my back patio. I think more people need to think outside the box. If only this pesky “Work THing” didn’t get in my way, I have A BILLION ideas rolling around in my head! I love RECYCLING!!!!

  4. maryjane

    never know what the roadsides will hold, our friends found their “little Zoey”, a little dog, on the side of a country road a few yrs back, nobody claimed her so they got to keep her, she is spoiled with love….

  5. Jean Elliott

    The pot was a great find! I ALWAYS look at the side of the road when I’m out and about – have found lots of treasures that way – one I really liked was an entire vintage wood cabinet with six drawers that all had old “pull” glass knobs on it – two on each drawer!! The frame was shot but I took all the drawers – made “shelves” out of them and used the knobs on a piece that I subsequently sold. All for free!!

  6. helen freese

    Bless Your Heart, Mary! This is a crazy world we live in right now where people trash a lot of useful items. Watch the Antiques Roadshow! Also, I hate this throw-away society–nothing is made to last–just buy another one. You rescued something lovely–be proud of yourself.

  7. Diane Deibler

    Oh, sure, Mary! I know you are an antique hunter like me-Bob has brought some of the best things home found discarded on people’s lawns or by the side of the road! LOL

  8. Beth Laverty

    Stopping by the roadside CAN be worth it. My dh is always looking for chairs people have tossed. Even if it can’t be repaired it can be used as stove wood!!

  9. Barbara Corbitt

    Do your dogs like eggs? When you get a chance, i would love to hear all about them barbara

  10. Katie Hayse

    Did I miss a blog? I don’t know anything about a blue coffee pot! It sounds like one I would have stopped to pick up tho! Did you post a picture?

  11. Leslie

    Wow! Thought you had painted the coffee pot it looked so pretty. I am now going to stop for junk. LOL

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