Election Day, 11-8-22

Are you interested in politics? I am not but I know lots of people who are and I’m guessing they are enjoying tonight’s tv coverage.

So windy today it was hard to be outside – not cold really but even 50 degrees with a 30 mph wind makes for a chilly day. Wonder if it was the same where you live – and speaking of where you live – could I please ask everyone leaving a comment to leave your state? Like Jo in Wyoming, Kathy in New York, Brenda in Kansas – weather is very interesting to most of us and husbands who also read this blog like to know about weather and what’s happening in other parts of the country. So tell us where you’re from.

Look what I found today in the grove – an intact oriole nest! Even some baby poops in the bottom – it’s an engineering masterpiece – hard to believe two birds actually made this very sturdy little home.

See this bone? Keeper loves these bones and just last night he came to me whining – the bone was caught on his teeth quite tightly but I was able to remove it. Not 20 minutes later I saw a Facebook page posted by a vet hospital warning about this type of bone. They showed a picture of it caught in a dog’s mouth around the teeth and the dog had to be anesthetized so it could be cut in two and removed. I had never given it a thought – I walked through the house and picked up 6 of them and into the garbage they went.

Remember the Quiltalong starting on November 15! Connie will be leading this Quiltalong as we make the cover quilt on our new book Fresh Start Quilts.

Too windy for quilt pictures today – maybe tomorrow. I have a couple finishes for you and I’m so glad they’re finished because I am sick of them!!

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131 thoughts on “Election Day, 11-8-22

  1. KathyG from Oak Creek, WI

    It is in the 70s here in Milwaukee County. I need to longarm some quilts but I don’t want to when the weather is this nice. So we will spend the day in the back yard taking down our granddaughters’ trampoline so it’s put away before the snow flies. At least that will keep me outside!!

  2. Diane in WI

    Beautiful warm day here in southeast Wisconsin. There is rain coming in tonight. The temps are to be in the thirties for a few days. I much prefer the warm temperatures. I couldn’t find my cat Toby since Sunday. Today when I had my grandson and granddogs out, I heard meowing coming from the granary. I pulled the door open and there was Toby. He was chubby before, but he has lost some weight! Four of us are going to Country Sampler tomorrow. They are having their Christmas Open House. The days seem to be going so quickly. Have a good day tomorrow everyone.

  3. Janice Brown

    Good evening Mary. I live near Traverse City Michigan. It was a really warm one here today with a high temp of 76 degrees and lots of sunshine. After today, we’ll get the more typical weather for this time of year . . . colder and possible snow/lake-effect snow. The storm and winds we had this past weekend blew all our leaves away, so we don’t have to rake them at all this year. From year to year, it is always a toss up whether we can clean up the leaves before the snow. Your birds nest is really cool.

  4. Lee

    Good afternoon from North Carolina. We are expecting rain and some blustery winds from the hurricane Nicole..my granddaughters name.
    Thanks for reminding us about clicking on the ads. Glad it still benefits you.
    Btw. I read an article about a lab in France that is working on genetically altering a pothos plant into being able to remove copious amounts of particles in the air. More than refreshing our air . Removing bacteria and smells from unhealthy objects in the home environment like formaldehyde from fabrics.
    Don’t know how I feel about it…the plant would cost $179.00. Guess you would be conscientious watering it. Lol
    Have a peaceful weekend
    Lee from North Carolina

  5. Sandy Kolarik

    I love your new book! Can’t wait for the quilt along. You always come up with so many beautiful quilts. Tomorrow, Thursday, last of our nice days the cold is coming. Can’t believe another winter is here. I plan to go through my stash and try to use or donate ,I’ve accumulated way to much. Prayers to all in Florida and hope the hurricane misses you all. That’s all from suburb in Illinois.

  6. Wanda

    Wanda in southeastern South Dakota
    Love reading your blog, have been to your quilt shop when it was open, enjoy all the quilt pictures and updates about your animals!

  7. Kathy B

    78 degrees here halfway between Farmington and Fredericktown Missouri! What a beautiful day

  8. Joy in NW Iowa

    It has been gray and gloomy here in NWest Iowa with little rain. Some areas south and east of us had some measurable amounts. We are very dry. I’m ready to put out my ‘let it snow’ wreath!! And I am serious! Anything to get moisture! It is hard to get motivated when it is so dark and gloomy. Plus, the week of time change doesn’t help!
    I did some sewing today. I made a pillowcase dress for mission today just to have something different. Then I worked on a swaddle baby blanket to get some things and projects cleaned up.

  9. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Here in Cincinnati in southwest Ohio we have had a spectacular fall,but now we really need rain! One more beautiful day, maybe 62 degrees, then much cooler. I’m ready for a cold, pretty winter! So interesting to read all the responses today.

  10. Patty McDonald in Southern California

    Thank you for posting about the dog bone!! I have eliminated those from our household!!
    Every spring we spot Orioles. Some years we have 20 and others we see 2 or 3. The earliest we’ve spotted them is April 1st and as late as the beginning of July. I’ve read they are migrating north but many stay along the Pacific coast instead of migrating. Can’t blame them. I’d like the chance to spend the year at the beach too. I have wondered what their nests look like and now I know. They seem to fly from our eucalyptus grove to an old silken oak tree. The silken oak has an orange sticky flower. It’s a messy tree. I have a glass cabinet that I put nests I’ve found. I have one humming bird nest in there. I will be on the lookout for this Oriole nest. So interesting .

  11. Jane A Busby

    We are hunkered down for hurricane Nicole. It will be making landfall very very close to us.😥 75mph sustained winds from 10pm to 9am tomorrow. We have been through several hurricanes since we moved here from MN 7yrs ago, but this is the first direct hit and it has me worried. Prepare for the worst, 🙏🙏🙏🙏 for the best, it’s all we can do.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jane – I did not remember that you moved to FL – oh, I hope the hurricane isn’t too bad!

  12. Sabra E Jenkins

    Sabra in Sitka, Alaska 40 degrees today cloudy with rain showers … long time follower … love pictures of quilts, animals and your corn fields

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sabra – it’s going to be colder here than Alaska within a few days! Thanks for being a blog reader!

  13. Frances E

    This is the day after elections. It is windy here, but not as windy as it was yesterday! The guy that washes the outside of our house was supposed to come today, but he’s postponing it because of the wind. I’m in eastern NC. I am interested in the election, but I’m glad it is over. I haven’t watched the local news and weather in a while because of all the political ads. So, now we can get back to normal. It has been glorious weather here, lots of color, but now I think we’re in for some cooler weather. The last of the soybeans are being harvested, and much of the cotton is in. The sweet potatoes are gathered and the peanuts have been turned up and are drying. I didn’t grow up around peanuts, so it’s interesting to me. I went to an ordination of a new Episcopal priest near our town, and we have another one next week. It is a busy Fall.

  14. Montana Kathy

    Hi everyone, I didn’t have time yesterday to get to my IPad but I had to say “Hi” to everyone. So glad the elections are over. I vote but really don’t like listening to all of it on the news! Here in Montana we’re on our 3rd day of snow and cold temps. It was 7 degrees this morning and has only warmed up to 12 degrees now. We live on top of a mountain and the road down has not been plowed as yet, so we’re staying snug inside with the fire going. That’s fine with me as I’ve many projects to work on. The dogs are a little frustrated as they don’t get out as much on snow days (but get lots of extra attention!). Mary, loved the bird’s nest! What a great job they do! Keep warm & safe!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Montana Kathy – oh, I hate to hear about those temps because they’re heading straight to Iowa!

  15. Carolyn from the oldest town in Texas

    I have really enjoyed reading the comments today. I was just thinking the other day that it would be nice to know where everyone was from. And low and behold as they say Mary, curious minds want to know. So glad you added this feature. Our weather here in east Texas is so nice right now, in the 80’s but this weekend is slated for the high’s to be in lower 50’s. And to me that is fireplace weather. I know a lot of your writers have a lot lower temps but for we east Texans lower 50’s is cold.
    Thank you for inspiring this interesting topic’

  16. Pat Smith in central Florida

    We are at home in central Florida awaiting hurricane Nichole’s arrival tonight. It is VERY windy, but at least the rain hasn’t started yet. That’s tonight. We’ve never been here for one of these, but in central Florida it usually is an annoying event but not damage producing they say. We are hunkered down with lots of good food in the fridge. Our utilities are underground, so we usually don’t lose power. Loved the picture of the oriole’s next. What a creative idea to put a plant in it!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat Smith – hang in if the hurricane gets to you – sounds like lots of rain.

  17. Tina W in Oregon

    It’s been fun reading the comments today and seeing everyone’s location. We’re located in NE Oregon on the western side of the Blue Mountains. It’s been very windy and cold. The lows will be mostly in the 20’s with highs between 30’s to 50’s. Even with all the wind most of the trees still have their leaves and the colors are gorgeous.
    It will be interesting to see who wins our governor’s race. It’s pretty close right now. I’ll just be glad when all the political ads are gone from tv! I’m really not interested in watching the polls but I do cast my vote.
    Looking forward to seeing the fabric being used for the quilt-a-long.

  18. Betty Klosterman

    What wonderful reports from all over the place! Great to hear about the weather, what’s happening and all the other good stuff. Very interesting.
    Normally my life is quite dull, but yesterday after voting, I went to the church where our quilt guild meets every Tuesday morning. One of our members started a “Boots for Troops” a few years back. We sew Christmas stockings and she gets all sorts of goodies to fill the stockings. Example: you have a son in Iraq and turn in his name. He and the others in his group will each get a stocking. Yesterday they had all the goodies on about 5 tables and about 50 ladies filed by filling 2 stockings at a time which went into a box to be shipped. In an hour we had at least 200 stockings filled. The planning was amazing, no energy wasted. And it really gives me a warm and fuzzy moment to imagine how much fun the recipient has a long way from home knowing a bunch of old ladies are thinking of them, not to mention the goodies.
    The car windows and sidewalks are slippery, but doesn’t look like streets HERE are a problem, yet. Storm warnings and travel could be awful tomorrow? I’m staying inside and sewing!
    Also, a hint: A friend asked me to sew BLACK patches on BLACK knit shirts. It was cloudy and I couldn’t see anything until I walked past the bathroom! Best light in the house. Got the kitchen stool and got them sewed on with no problems.
    Take care, everybody. Betty in Rapid City

  19. Elle in South Alabama

    Although it was 89 yesterday (Nov. 8) in coastal Alabama, today will be much more comfortable at the mid seventies. We are heading into a cool front and might have to turn on some heat this weekend.

    I vote, but I have no interest in watching news—I’d rather be quilting. I am currently working on 2 wholecloth quilts for my new twin grandbabies.

  20. Cecelia Ronnfeldt

    We have had multiple rescued bulldogs in the last 10 years. They tend to destroy toys and bones. We have had success with Kong chew toys and real deer antlers. The antlers hard hard and last for quite a while. When they get smaller they get tossed and replaced by a new one.
    Weather in NW Iowa – thunderstorms yesterday – puppies were scared. Humid today, 50’s with big change coming tomorrow.

  21. Marsha from MI

    I follow politics fairly closely & would guess some were happy and some were not.

    We’re in SW Michigan. Had some 55 mph winds last week with lots of power outages & downed trees. This week has been pretty nice & today it’s raining. Not hard rain. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 70.

  22. Betty Bush-North Carolina

    Some years ago I was working out in the yard and found a very small bird’s nest. It was beautifully built and could hold something the diameter of a quarter –like a coin. Being a craftsperson, I knew it was something special–from the materials used to the engineering of its shape. Took it in the house to save and forgot about it until I was in a Wild Birds store and saw one similar in their display case. It is a hummingbird nest and what a marvel it is. It now resides in a glass enclosed keepsake case so that I can show it to others.

    1. Carolyn from the oldest town in Texas

      How wonderful!!!! I was just commenting to another that I had yet to find one. Maybe someday..

  23. Maria Dippenaar

    Hi Mary, I’m writing from Johannesburg in the highveld of South Africa. We are in early summer with typical thunderstorms and 28 to 30 degrees Celsius. I love reading your posts and admiring all the beautiful quilts. We are watching the mid-term elections in America with a lot of interest.
    Regards Maria.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Maria Dippenaar – I just have to ask some details – is quilting popular in South Africa? What types of quilts do most people make? And you’re really watching our boring election? I live here and I don’t watch! What’s your favorite traditional quilt pattern? We’re you born and raised in South Africa? Please don’t think I’m being snoopy – I’m really interested.

      1. Jo in Wyoming

        Me too! Are fabric stores plentiful? Please send information and pictures of quilt shows…we’d love to see your areas interesting creations .

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Jo in WY – Maria returned my comment but I want more info – hahaha! Guess I must be nosey, after all!

      2. Maria

        No I don’t mind your questions at all. Unfortunately I don’t do any quilting but have great admiration for all you quilter’s as it must take a lot of time and dedication but ooh the finished product must give you great satisfaction. There is a South African quilters guild in Bloemfontein but I personally know no one who quilts in my immediate circle of friends. I’ve often thought that maybe it’s because we have very short winters and not much reason to stay indoors. I do believe that quilting is an art and that just looking at quilts brings me great pleasure. To answer your other question, yes I was born in South Africa and love reading about your life on the farm and of course all the photos too. Just know that this blog gives me great pleasure and am always happy to receive it in my mail. 🙂 regards Maria

  24. Carolyn in GA

    Carolyn, 23 miles southwest of Atlanta. Having lived in Texas most of my adult life and in the ranching business, know how very important weather is. In this area, colors have been glorious, leaves are now falling. Lots of hardwoods and pines here. Hopefully, we will get much needed rain from the storm on the east coast. Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year.

  25. Nancy Ann

    I voted early so yesterday was a sew day. We have an Innovation Center here that allows you to use what is called Makers space. They have studio size tables. Ideal for laying out large projects or quilt to baste. My girlfriend Debbie and I worked on making table runners for Christmas cookie exchange. We remade the Ten Minute table runner to a 72 inch length to lay on 8 ft tables. It took us 5 hrs. to figure out the measurements. Of course, there was a lot of laughing with our mistakes. Measure twice, cut once didn’t always work. All this fun inside as it was pouring rain out. Our first BIG rain for Southern California. Even snow in our mountains I can see as it is clear this morning. I live in Riverside, below the mountains.

  26. Jean from Wisconsin by way of Garner!

    Wow..Glad you got that bone out. I did watch the political coverage my son is here from Chicago helping me do some work that I am unable to do. It’s nice having company.

  27. Vickie

    I’m writing from East Texas and it’s to get into the 80’s here today. Crazy weather here. Tornadoes last Friday, 50’s on Monday and 80’s today. Go figure!

  28. Angie Short

    🐦 Beautiful Oriole Nest. Bird nests are very impressive! They sure put lots of work into each nest. I’ve always wanted to locate a hummingbird nest. 🌾 My husband Gary & I live in Western NC, about an hour south of Asheville, NC. It’s been very warm here lately. Cold weather is on the way though. The leaves have been so beautiful. 🍁🍂 Fall time is so nice. 🦋 Hope you have a great day. I enjoy reading your blog & all about your adventures, quilting & life in general! ☆♡☆♡🌷

    1. Carolyn from the oldest town in Texas

      I was thinking the same thing about wanting to find a hummingbird nest. We get so many of them especially in the late summer to early fall as they make their way to Mexico. If I ever do see one I will post it on here.
      Carolyn from east Texas

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Carolyn – I’ve never seen a hummingbird nest so I hope you find one!

  29. sIBYL

    Loved the picture of the Oriele nest! I have a small collection of bird nests I’ve found.
    Sibyl–Thornton, Iowa

  30. Launa

    Good morning, Mary!
    18 chilly degrees out this morning! About 20” of snow!
    Husband has nice wood fire going in stove.
    Reside totally OFF THE GRID in north Idaho! Walls are so thick it was still 69o inside with no wood added to stove last night after 10 pm! Lots of Elk, two types of Deer, an occasional Cougar, and more critters visit us. In 6 years have only had two Bears go up the mountain behind us for Huckleberries!
    Just received a snow alert!
    Launa in Idaho

  31. Sally

    Thank you for posting about the dangers of the bone for your dog. I learn so much from this blog!

  32. Brenda

    It has been an unusually beautiful fall here in Georgia( southern suburb of Atlanta). I have a really old silver maple tree in my backyard that has in the past only had a few beautifully colored leaves in the fall. I would pick them up and marvel how pretty they were, but only a handful. This year every day for weeks there were too many to possibly study in every color from red to orange, yellow, gold, green and beautifully patterned. I wonder at what aspect of this year’s weather has caused this phenomenon? I wish I knew.

  33. Jeanine in Iowa

    My husband found an oriole nest in our yard this fall after some strong winds in southeast Iowa. I never thought about planting a flower in it. I wonder where you put it so it doesn’t fall over. We did save it, so will have to see what I can do with it. They truly are a work of art. One wonders where they find all the things they weave into that nest. We enjoyed seeing the orioles, but they move on too quickly. It’s a sunny day today, and the wind has died down, so pleasant out in the 50’s. Enjoy reading the blog and everyone’s comments. Have a great day!

    1. Jo in Wyoming

      Jeanine, if you can make/ find macromaie (sp?) hangers. They only hold 1 flower, but a pop of color in a tree is nice to see.

  34. Barbara Stoffel

    I have also had that type of dog bone get caught over the teeth and around the bottom jaw of a dog. It was terrifying. I eventually got it off, but if I ever get bones (which is very rare) I make sure the hole is super small so it can’t get caught anywhere or I get the 6″ or longer bones. My favorite choice for chewing now are beef cheek rolls. Not rawhide, but made from the inside of cow cheeks. Long lasting and not harmful like rawhide. My favorite place to order them is Mickey’s Pet Supplies (I am not affiliated with them).

  35. Patricia Anderson

    I used to work as a vet tech. Those bones are definitely a problem but all things dogs chew on can be! Raw bones are a better choice- they are not rock hard like the cooked ones. But it’s really better to avoid bones altogether and get safe chew toys. Fragments of chewed bones can bind together in the gut and cause danger impaction.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patricia Anderson – thank you for that sage advice. I’ve been told chicken necks when raw are safe to give dogs. No more round bones for my dogs!

  36. Lorraine

    Wind is blowing like crazy here and waiting for a little snow to come our way.
    Lorraine from Northern Arizona

  37. Wendy from Cape Cod

    Hi Mary-

    I just love it when I find a nest – they are miraculous creations! I live on the East Coast (Cape Cod) and we have been enjoying some really nice fall weather. I cannot believe that we have yet to turn on the heat for the season. Usually we barely make it to the end of October before that happens. This weekend we are due for some rain and wind as a storm moves up the coast. Love all your posts, pics, animals etc. Thank you!!

  38. Kathy in western NY

    It’s interesting reading the comments and where everyone’s little part of the country is going through with weather. I am looking forward to seeing peoples fabrics in the quilt along just as Robin is. So many have good stashes to pick from and some of the new fabrics out are tempting. There is a big fabric sale in a firehouse an hour away from me this coming weekend and as much as I think it would be fun to shop at, I better not buy more. I vision my children hauling totes of it to sell at a convention center if I don’t stay inside and sew!!! Good thing rain predicted this weekend as remnants from Fl storm move this way.

  39. Kelly

    Kelly in Arkansas- sunny and in the 70’s, our colder air is coming this weekend. Like the pic of the nest, I also pick up abandoned or blown down nests. Have a great day!

  40. Donna

    Glad elections are over, some whining ahead and them on to presidential bantering!

    Tuesday was extremely windy. We finally have gotten some rain which the earth was thankful for the drink. Hoping for more today!! We live in southern Minnesota, Wantonwan county to be exact, about 35 mikes north of Fairmont,MN.

    Enjoying you blog immensely.❤️

  41. JoAnne from northwestern WI

    Yes very windy yesterday in WI, I worked at our election site and was si bust we ran out of ballots and had to go get more so we had enough. Had turn out of more than we usually get at a presidential election, and nice to see the turnout of the 18 to early 30’s voting. Then it rained and rained but we sure needed it as we were way down in inches for the yr.
    Everyone take care and have a great day, our weather here will be gloomy, windy, and rainy with some snow mixed in by weeks end.

      1. Lynda Adams

        Hi, my maiden name was Gopperton. I graduated in ‘83 and haven’t lived there for a long time, but it’s fun seeing and hearing about what is going on in your blog. My parents have moved closer to me after living in Britt for 50 years.

  42. Kathy Duval

    I’m from Northeast NE and it was the same weather as you had yesterday, windy and the temp wasn’t too cold. It will be cold tomorrow with a high in the 20’s. Brrrrr!!

  43. Darla

    My home is here in Kentucky. We have had a lovely long-lasting fall. Lots of wind though.
    Today, the forecast is for a sunny 77 degrees!
    I should be doing some clean up in the flower beds but will probably end up sitting on the back porch to finish sewing down a quilt binding instead.

  44. Margaret

    Always love reading bout your farm. The love you have for .animals is wonderful. Love all the wood in your home and how it has worn over the years, your cabinets are beautiful. We have had odd weather here, too warm then we get chilly day. Frost is coming soon, we have had small one but not hard. That nest was awesome, love birds. Praying for Rick , his healing, your strength.
    Margaret, Illinois

  45. Jan in Blue Earth

    Windy, thunderstorms, and a late afternoon downpour like we haven’t seen in months.

  46. Mary Knabe

    Mary from Minnesota. In regards to the dog bone comment- isn’t it amazing how Facebook monitors what we talk about and posts associated things?

  47. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo from St Croix Falls WI

    Hi Mary…I never see adds on here any more. I don’t know why. Thank you for the info on the bones. Great to know. Very windy. Snd rainy here yesterday also -and raining this am also.

  48. Jill Klop

    Jill in south Texas. Thanks for the reminder about the ads. I do forget about clicking on them, but I’ll do it again. I’m happy to help!

  49. Martha

    Martha from Maine. It’s been a record-breaking warm autumn. More seasonal temps arriving today.

  50. Marcia-Ohio

    Weather in SW Ohio has been beautiful for November. Days are sunny & in the mid 60’s to 70. That is about to change this weekend. Most of crops are off. We cash rent our ground and our corn was taken off yesterday.

    I longarm and we were without electric due to high winds on Saturday. We have a generator for most of house but not the sewing room.

    My mom always said not to talk about religion and politics. I will say that J.D Vance’s book, Hillbilly Eligy and the movie on Netflix are worth a look at. It was written before his senatorial race. It explains his background having a very dysfunctional family. It is an interesting one but beware of language.

  51. Kim from TN

    The oriole nest is a wonder of nature. I did not know that about those bones, I occasionally by my pet friends’ toys or treats for their furry friends, these will come off my list. Thank you for letting us know. We have spent the last week in the twin cities helping my sister move once more and my gosh it has been windy. We have a lovely view of the light rail at the Mall of America from our hotel room. We hope to head south for TN by mid-day and beat the snow that is headed this direction. It’s been fun to come and stomp around in our old home state but we don’t miss the morning traffic.

  52. Sandra Goddard

    The nest is amazing. My dog once got a bone like that caught in her mouth. My husband had to reach in and pull out we were lucky. I am from a small rural farm 30 miles south of Buffalo on Lake Erie in grape country

  53. Cheryl

    I am new to your blog but just love how you write and your honesty. I think all quilters have said at one time they are so glad to be finished with a quilt, but I had to laugh when you said “I am sick of them” . This was the first year we put out an oriole feeder and I was amazed how fast they found it as we had never even seen one flying around. They are so beautiful! Now I know what their nest looks like. It truly is a work of art and now that the leaves are gone, I can check out the trees around us for one. Love the new book too! The cover quilt is my favorite.
    Going to be a cold weekend after all the unusually warm weather we have had here.

    Cheryl from Niagara Fall, NY

  54. Pattie from PA

    My dogs love those bones even 9 pound Lily. But as soon as the marrow is out they never touch them again. Into the trash they go.
    It was a crisp fall day here yesterday, no wind and sunny. The perfect weather to run errands with all 3 dogs in the car and not have to worry about the temperature.
    It is 33 degrees this morning but will warm up into the 50s again. I really need to get outside and continue cleaning up flower beds. I have been doing so much laundry and still not done with cleaning the motorhome since returning from a 3 week trip. I am going out again a week from Saturday to have some maintenance work done at the Newmar factory in Napanee, IN.
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  55. Linda

    Hello from Saginaw Michigan. It has been unusually warm here until the winds took over last weekend. The winds were so strong it knocked over some old trees in our woods and dumped a lot of large dead branches on the paths were the dogs and I take our farm walk. This weekend it is supposed to stay in the 30’s so sounds like winter is coming. My horse Bear and Albert and Norman, my mini donkeys, have been putting on pretty heavy coats which is a sure sign of what’s to come. The bone that was stuck in Keeper’s mouth reminded me of Maude, the beautiful, smart golden that I was lucky enough to love for 12 years. She loved sticks and liked chewing them into mulch. One day I noticed she kept licking and licking so I looked and she had a stick caught against the roof of her mouth. I had to pry for quite a while to dislodge it but that never stopped her from reducing sticks to splinters. Accidents happen!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I would love to see your mini donkeys and if I were younger I’d get a couple! I’ve pried a stick out of a dog’s mouth before after she kept pawing at her mouth – very scary!

  56. Bonnie in Central Illinois

    We’ve sure been lucky with the weather here in Central Illinois. Our highs for today and tomorrow will be unseasonably warm – in the 70’s. My geraniums and zinnias are still blooming. Winter is arriving on Friday.

  57. Karen Pidcock

    I live in Southeastern Ohio in a region called the Hocking Hills. We had a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and moderate temps, but cooler weather is predicted for the end of the week and will no doubt be here to stay.

    I enjoy your blog and things you share with us. The bird nest is one of those things. Amazing what can be created without hands and fingers!

    1. Jeanine from Iowa

      Our son and family live in Mt. Vernon, OH, and several years ago when we went to visit them, we went to Hocking Hills. What a beautiful place! We live in Iowa and I always thought Ohio was all farmland, similar to Iowa. To the readers here……I would recommend going to Hocking Hills for a vacation. It was wonderful. Our weather in southeast Iowa yesterday was in the 50’s along with a wind, so chilly. A friend from IN was here to visit so we went to a Thrift Store in the morning and then had lunch together, and then she went to another friends house to visit. It was a good day.

    2. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

      Karen, The Heart of Ohio quilters are having our quilt show again in Granville in Nov 2023😀😀

  58. Susan Franke

    I’m from Indianapolis Indiana. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and look forward to reading your stories and sharing your life.

  59. Melinda Themm

    Pompano Beach, FL. Today’s weather has us waiting for a tropical storm or possible category 1 hurricane to make up it’s mind. Windy with
    not too much rain in the time being.

    1. Pat Smith

      I LOVE Homer! We were there several years ago in a motor home camping on the spit. Enjoyed it so much and felt of all the places in Alaska, I’d most like to live there. Loved the Two Sister’s Bakery too. Probably a good thing I don’t live there or I’d be visiting them every day!

  60. Sandy Pierson

    I’m Sandy from SanDiego, Ca
    I would love to click on the ads but I never see them anymore 😢

    1. Jan

      Sandy, When you open the comment section, scroll from the top to bottom. The ads will be in with the text.

  61. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Here in Central Illinois, it was in the low to mid 60’s, sunny and breezy. Apparently, it will be cold by the end of the week. We washed our windows, which is always a good job to have finished before Thanksgiving.
    I offered to bind a quilt for a friend, so that is a priority this week.
    Take Care All, 🥰

  62. Polly Blank

    Hi from the panhandle of Florida. It was bright and sunny today. No jacket needed. We haven’t had a coldish snap yet so most of the leaves are still on the trees. Will be a mess when they finally fall. We are out of the cone of uncertainty for this latest storm, thank goodness. Sure hate wishing it on someone else though.

    Love to read your blog about your quilting, your animals, your house and life in general.

  63. Sharon Ludwig

    Sharon L in Dana Point? CA
    It RAINED and was really windy ALL Day!
    Fabulous ❤️

  64. Mary in Louisiana (20 minutes from New Orleans!)

    Hi Mary! It was 83 degrees today and a lot of humidity. I’ve been running the A/C for the last couple of days. We will be cold for the weekend. I have been finishing up several quilts that have been hanging around for a while.

  65. Rhoda Ebersole

    Politics is interesting but election results are more easily read in tomorrow morning’s paper.
    The hummingbird’s nest is an engineering marvel isn’t it?
    Got my flu shot today which is made for older adults and when she saw my age – 78 – she said you don’t look that old.

    Made my day!!!
    Rhoda in Nevada

  66. Sheila Lande

    Sheila from Wisconsin. Nice temp-wise here today, but breezy. It got windy and chilly as the day went on.

  67. Gayle Shumaker from Michigan

    Hi Mary, I live in a village in northern Michigan. Our weather was sunny with 30mph winds today. Over Saturday night into Sunday we had winds up to 60mph. My husband was out for many hours with trees, power lines down and even a fire caused by down wires. We’re in a rural area so our fire department is volunteer. They sure work hard keeping everyone safe.

  68. Susan Sundermeyer

    Good morning from Dayton, Ohio. Home to Orville and Wilbur Wright. We have had a beautiful fall so far, but very much in need of rain like many areas of the country. This has been one the most colorful falls that I can remember. I can say that I am tired of raking!

  69. Robin Boggan

    Hi Mary! This Robin from Washington State. We got snow on Monday and it is cold!! It is going to be sticking around for awhile but I guess it’s that time of the year. I can’t wait to see everyone fabric for the quilt along! Take care! 🤗

  70. Arrowhead Gramma

    From the mountains in Southern California, have we been having an enormous weather event. Since overnight Sunday until Tuesday at 6:30 PM my unofficial rain gauge shows 9 inches of rain. Along with the rain it has been extremely foggy and windy. Many huge trees have fallen onto houses and road. Might get a little snow before morning. We are looking forward to seeing the sun by Thursday.

  71. Jan from TN

    Hi Mary! Glad you got rid of those dangerous bones so your dogs don’t get hurt on them.
    I’m from middle-ish TN. We had November weather during part of October so now we’re having October weather in early November. It’s been very windy the last 10 days or so. Wild fires are are real risk here in TN & there have been a few but nothing has been out of control. 🙏🏻🤞But, things will be changing when we get back to November weather this weekend & maybe even some rain.

    That oriole nest you found is quite interesting. Hope you have a good rest of your week. Take care!

  72. Jo in Michigan

    Hi Mary, I do watch some of the political coverage on the elections around the country. I’m not glued to the TV but I like to know what’s going on in my state and else where.
    I have looked and looked for a Baltimore Oriole nest with no luck. We have had them for two summers now. They are beautiful birds.
    So sad about the dog bones. Now what will you buy?
    I always worried about that stuff with my Golden’s. They have crossed over the rainbow bridge but I have a few grand dogs I buy treats for ♥️
    The weather here in Michigan was sunny and 56 today. Not too shabby for November 8th! 70 this Thursday! But watch out the bottom falls out next week with nighttime lows in the 20’s. Have a good night!

  73. Jo in Wyoming

    We had a beautiful day today…I’m not sure the high, I’d guess around 65-70 and no wind. Quite a change from the snow and 90 mph winds of this weekend.
    When I find a bird nest blown out of a tree, I save it for next year and plant a flower in it…great strength and drainage. And cute too. Sometimes I put a coffee filter in the bottom

  74. Heidi

    Freezing here in Washington up 10 miles from the Canadian border into British Columbia. We have had what is called a Nor’easter, strong cold winds from up in Canada that comes down the Fraser Valley. Winds started Sunday supposed to been done by morning, I hope. Will be in the upper 20’s by AM. Many power outages and South of here a tree crashed through the roof of a house and killed a 19yo girl.

  75. Deb in Idaho

    It’s raining in Idaho ( yahoo). Maybe snow in the AM. We need the rain and snow, so I am glad. Can’t do much outdoors but I can stay in and sew.

  76. Sandy

    Hi Mary, saw the blood moon last night, last one till 2025, wish my son was here to set up his telescope for a better view, they come home to new Zealand next week after packing up their life in Taiwan. The little girls have enjoyed visiting family and the warm weather, fortunately it will be summer when they get back..the birds nest was interesting, will have to check out a photo of the bird too. Take care everyone. Best wishes from Sandy

    1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

      Hi Sandy, Ws visited Rororua and other parts of New Zealand in 2003. It is such a beautiful country. And, we even visited a quilt shop😀. Nice to hear about you and your family😀

  77. Marie C

    So fun to find an Oriole nest. We have Orioles but I can never find their nests during the summer. I have to wait for the leaves to fall. We had lots of wind today. I’m in East central Iowa. Thanks for showing the dog bone. Now I know not to buy those.

  78. Colleen in Oregon

    Love seeing the oriole nest! Thanks for sharing that Mary. My hubby and I are real birders. Today was only around 37 degrees, will get down to about 14 tonight. Supposed to hang in the 40s for the next few days. We live in the high desert of central Oregon. It’s been snowing off and on for a few days now, but not a lot of accumulation yet because it melts in between.

  79. Maryjane

    Love the nest! They are such amazing creatures and express such intelligence. Their nests are such fun to analyze . I’m in S. Calif.. where we had much needed rain today and lots of it. A little more tomorrow maybe. The trees are singing!
    Yes those dog bones are dangerous. If they chip them, the bone can lodge in their intestine. Never good.

  80. Joyce from NY

    It was in the low 50’s today & a bright sun, but the breeze made it feel like the 40’s. I went for a walk after I voted & had to wear warm vest & winter hat & mittens. The wind has been pretty strong last few days. Real cold this weekend!!

  81. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hi Mary, Yesterday we were 75 degrees and today mid 50’s sun but some wind.Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Virginia

  82. Sandi

    I live in lower Alabama. Hi has still been hot here, 85. No heat yet for me but plenty of ac. Hugs,

  83. Pamela Dempsey

    This is Pam in Northeast Texas 😻! We had some cooler days but back up to 80 today 😖. Our highs will be 50s this weekend and lows in 30s, yay! Love the cooler weather!

    1. Cindy Smith

      I’m also in Northeast Texas and will love temps in he 80’s today. Time to clean out the flower beds and mow one last time. I do not like cold weather. The persimmons are predicting we will be shoveling snow!

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