It is such mild weather in North Iowa, I opened up the barn and the first goat to get to the house was Emma. I was at my machine when I looked up to see her just outside my door.

30 thoughts on “Emma

  1. Paula

    Greetings from Texas!! I received the Email! So glad to hear from YOU!! Please keep me on the email list!! I have continued to work on the Jubilee 9 patch from Camp, I have 60 diamonds completed.

  2. Nancy Finch

    So thrilled that you and all your farm kids are back on-line. What a great Christmas gift. Hope all is well with all the quilting family in Garner.

  3. Joan Harrison

    Sooooo glad to hear from you and EMMA!!!! And wishing everyone at Chicken Scrach
    A Very Merry Christmas !!!!
    Joan Harrison

  4. Peggy

    So happy to hear news from the farm! Have always loved the posts. Keep ’em coming! Hope you are all enjoying retirement. Soon you will be wondering how you ever had the time to work!!

  5. Nikki Mahaffey

    Help Please…where do I get pattern for November and December for 2014 Sampler? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  6. Jo Schmitz

    Such a cute picture! Hope you are enjoying your retirement. Glad to see your pictures and notes again!Merry Christmas !

  7. Julie erickson

    Love the animal pictures and stories. I admire you and love the lifestyle you have. What a way to spend retirement.

  8. Mary Etherington

    Thank you for the comments – I think Kyle got it working! We will continue to monitor the blog and comments.

  9. Diana W

    So excited to see your name in my inbox! Have missed you and your goat stories. Sounds like you are enjoying retirement!

  10. Diane

    Oh Mary–It is so good to hear from you:) Our grand daughter is Emma so I had a good chuckle. Have you enjoyed your first months of retirement? Isn’t it wonderful? My long arm quilter just finished an Ohio State U disappearing 9 patch for our grandson for Christmas. The back is bright orange and bright blue fleece–I know–odd combination, but those are his middle school colors. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2015!! Hi to Connie, too, and all the gang in Iowa.

  11. Carol

    Glad for the post! Lucky you to be having mild weather…we had about six to seven feet of snow just before Thanksgiving….it’s hard to measure after about four!

  12. Carol Yungkurth

    So glad to see an email from you–have missed hearing about all the animals and life in Iowa.

  13. Jean Elliott

    So happy to see a post from you!! Didn’t you say there was one more book coming from you and Connie? I don’t want to miss it!

  14. Anna

    YA-HOO!!! I just started getting your post again! I have missed you! Good for you and Emma having a mild winter 🙂 Enjoy!
    I’m just so excited that your in my inbox!!!!

  15. Sharon Hultgren

    Great picture!!
    We are our way to Orange Grove! We bought a place right across from where your mom’s was!
    Merry Christmas and have a wonderful retirement New Year!!

  16. Marian

    I understand the look on her face. Like me she wondering what you are doing. I think she hopes it for you.
    Miss you.

  17. Karen

    She looks like she is saying “Where have you been all morning?”
    Nice to hear from you once again … miss you guys.

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