Exhausted! 1-7-24

I’ve never been this tired in my whole life – slept 2-1/2 hours this afternoon! I stay up very late because I’m hooked on watching Justified, a great series about a deputy Marshall in Kentucky. Hillbillies, moonshine and feuds!

I needed something mindless to work on and Lynn’s quilt of 1 – 1/2” squares really inspired me because I have a big container full. Here are my nine 8” blocks. That’s all I’m going to make so now I have a question for all of you:

I love this quilt!

I’d like some suggestions of how to share some of these leftovers with you readers – especially you very loyal ones who leave comments and engage in conversation. I’m not wanting to “sell” them but I’d like the recipient to pay the postage. I’d like to pass them to someone who might use them rather than to have my estate burn them when I’m gone, which is what will happen. I also don’t want to have a sale at the farm – just too much work and you all live so far away from here. I’m open to suggestions.

Reader photos

Look at this sweet gift! I’m going to remember this gift and send it to someone I love the next time they’re sick. The soup is absolutely delicious and so much I had to freeze half of it!

My favorite PBS series is on tonight – All Creatures Great and Small – I love these people and I’ve missed them!

I hope none of you have Covid!

131 thoughts on “Exhausted! 1-7-24

  1. Jane from St Marys IA

    Justified is one of my favorite shows & you reminded me I started to rewatch it a couple of weeks ago so I should do that tonight since there isn’t anything else on I want to watch. I don’t have covid but I do have crud so coughing is what I’ve spent a lot of time doing. It’s gotten very old! However when I did have covid I was exhausted for a long time. I blame a lot of things now on that bout of covid!! Or…maybe it’s my age! Thanks for the reminder to watch Justified!

  2. Karen in the Hocking Hills

    So glad to see your post. I was worried about you. I’m finally getting some Christmas decorations down and put away. I’m sorry to say I can’t use any of your extra scraps. I think most of us are in the same situation as you but I bet your scraps are the best!

    Take care and continue to rest. It is the best medicine.

  3. Christie Stengel

    Mary glad you are on the mend. Spent the Christmas holiday with Covid. I had dodged it till now and never want to do that again. Started on December 19th and just now starting to feel better but still exhausted.

    I am sure there are plenty of us willing to pay postage to get any scraps you may have – of course I have bins on my own I should probably work on!

    Spoonfull of comfort is great.

    1. Pamj

      Happy New Year Mary, hope you continue to feel better. No Covid here in Texas Hill County for us, just the damn cedar fever garbage that makes you cough excessively. Coughing so bad, one feels your guts are going to make an exit. I hate it, it comes & goes. But at my age 70, my ribs hurt and body ache from all the coughing. Husband’s full knee replacement surgery seems to be doing well, he still babies it and complains, go figure !! Such a ninny. He confirms the saying about men having babies, there would hardly be any kids. I keep telling him to suck it up buttercup !! He just ignores me. I guess that happens after 40 years of marriage. If you want to replace all the scraps you are going to send off, let me know. I can replace them with new ones!! My piles just don’t seem to get used up and I have a hard time throwing anything away. Plus all these *sales* everyone keeps sending me notifications about. I just can’t find any that I can’t live without. I’ve been working on Bonnie’s mystery and love the red, white & blue colors. Plus finishing up a Halloween one of hers from a year or so ago. Too many things that this house wants me to do. Plants, painting and hanging all the rest of the pictures on the walls, we’ve been here 5 years and I still don’t have all of them hung. One of these days I’m hoping to get them hung, I’m just not going to hold my breath till I get them done. I’m still trying to get the last of all the Christmas decorations taken down & put away. Why do we have to collect so much crap !! Take care and feel better

  4. Anna M

    I hope you feel better soon, Mary. I was sick on New Years Day with stomach flu. Took a few days to feel better. Then today I went to acute care with a UTI. I sure hope this isn’t an indication for how the year is going to go. I loved Justified! Haven’t gotten into the new season when he’s in Detroit.
    We’re in a winter storm warning for tonight thru Tuesday. I guess it is winter in South Dakota. Glad it’s held off this long. Take care and love your blog!

  5. Brenda C

    I love All Creatures Great and Small too. Since I moved back to Canada we get it at different times. I hope you can just rest until you are well. Best wishes

  6. Dianna in Wisconsi n

    Oh Mary, Hope you feel better very soon, must be Covid yet……….,..what do you think?
    I’m watching “Just Get it Done Quilts”
    I need help decluttering LOL. I tear patterns out of quilting magazines for ideas but I don’t need any more so I can donate a lot of them to guild.
    We took the tree down today so I’m trying to declutter some Christmas items too. I have collected Santa’s for many years but I’m downsizing. The large ones will be donated later this year when the thrift store will accept them again.
    Prayers for good health to you and Rick

  7. Brenda Ks.

    Mary I love that quilt also. We are in a winter storm watch. 59 mph wind gusts and rain, rain snow mix and changing to snow. It is very cold too. We both have Dr. appointments this week too. Rest, rest and rest is the best medicine..

  8. Lynn H

    Hi Mary, I watched all of Justified a few years back. I also loved it and have problems finding it on repeats now. I didn’t get a chance to see the 2023 episodes. Especially love Walter Goggin! And of course Tim Oliphant.
    My daughter moved to Kentucky a few years ago and it’s an interesting state!

  9. Lynn in Iowa

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Our son and his family got back to Wisconsin early this morning from their trip to visit our daughter-in-law’s family in Colombia, South America, and our daughter-in-law now has Covid. I’m sorry she has it but glad it came when they got home so her trip to see family didn’t get ruined. They try to go over the holidays most years and stay for a couple weeks. So far, our son and granddaughter are fine. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks everyone for the comments about my postage stamp quilt and the pineapple quilt. When doing a project, with the leftover fabrics I cut the smaller pieces into 1-1/2 strips and separate into lights and darks. That is how the pineapple quilt and the postage stamp quilt came to be. I strip pieced the blocks and made 4 patches and then put those into blocks with 100 squares in each block. This was a project I worked on off and on over several years. I still had strips and so made an Ohmigosh quilt. It is mindless sewing and very satisfying seeing a big pile of blocks. Giving your squares away is a great idea. Those strips keep multiplying and there seems to be no end.

    Sounds like a snow storm is headed our way. We really have not had any snow so far, and we need the moisture. So, stay safe everyone. Stay home if you can. Mary take the time to get better.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Your 1″ pieced quilt is beautiful. I’m wondering how much it weighs, as by my thinking each 1square inch piece is doubled with the top and seams? Maybe leaving about 1/4 square inch just 1 layer??? It could be pretty heavy and you won’t fall out of bed?

      Betty in Rapid City

  10. Marian

    Mary, so sorry that you are still under the weather. No way to start 2024. Love your little squares quilt. Get well. We all love your musings. Makes my day. Snow is coming to Iowa and Minnesota. Be safe everyone.❄️

  11. Carolyn Howard

    Be aware of a new virus that is going around in my state, Georgia. Have been really sick with terrible cough, fever, chills and now in fatigue stage. This is tough, your lungs take a beating, got sick New Years Eve, now starting to feel like I’m improving. Would say that anyone with lung problems will have a very difficult time with this. Did not test positive for Covid.

  12. Gloria from CC

    Darn Mary – I was hoping you would be on the mend. A friend of mine had Covid over Thanksgiving and she’s still exhausted! Love the Brrrrr quilt especially since we’re under a winter storm watch. Bring it on! I’m ready for an old fashioned snowstorm.😊
    How about everyone pick a number between 0 and 100; whoever guesses the number or is closest to the number you picked gets some scraps.

  13. Kathy in western NY

    Our church cancelled service this morning as Covid and more continue to increase causing concern that we need to do our part to stop this spreading around. Plus a fill in pastor was having to drive an hour to us with not the best weather and not necessary for a smaller group gathering as many of us chose to stay home today anyways. We got about 4” so winter has arrived. But I am pleased we cared for others as some of our regulars have gotten over recent illness or treatments and don’t need to pick up more out there.

  14. Bonnie McKee

    Hi Mary,
    I know it’s not in your nature to nap but I’m glad you did so you can get well! And the thoughtful gift of soup was the best idea!
    Perhaps a raffle for your fabric scraps? I will have to think on this….but I’ll bet someone will quickly come up with a splendid idea!
    I LOVE the pony/horse quilt ❤️ The different horses depicted remind me of my beloved horses, from decades ago, that enjoyed eating the apples in our orchard. Such sweet memories!
    I’m also looking forward to watching All Creatures Great and Small this evening! It’s one of the best series I’ve ever enjoyed!
    Take care everyone!
    Bonnie in Oregon

  15. Dee from Shell Rock

    I am working on finishing up some odds and ends. Tomorrow night we are in the 4 – 7″ snow band. A friend had some surgery on Friday, she’s not bouncing back as well as she thinks a 75 yo should. I was a last minute dog sitter, her other one had something come up and so she called me. He’s a cute little guy, old and loves his mom. Not this mom. My status has improved since I found the treat can and I fill the water and food dishes. She may get to come home tomorrow. We can only hope. Love the pictures like always.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dee – you’re a good friend to take her dog while she’s laid up – it will be a happy homecoming when she gets home, won’t it? (Glad your status improved!)

  16. Gail in Ohio

    Such a wonderful gift – bet that hit the spot! I do hope your exhaustion comes from staying up too late instead of recuperating from that nasty virus!
    We’re trying to avoid Covid and all the other respiratory crud that are going around. Some of the nieces and nephews have had it recently but we haven’t been exposed that we know of. Crossing our fingers!! The extended family will start arriving on Saturday with more gathering on Sunday (should have about 29 here that day) and some staying until Monday – we do our Christmas celebration in January because everyone is too busy in December. Here’s hoping everyone will stay healthy!!
    Rest up!!

  17. Char in MI

    What a sweet gift! Please get all the rest you can. I know it’s not easy for you, but you will feel better sooner if you do what your body wants.

  18. Judie Wookey

    You mentioned that you put half of your new soap in the freezer. I’ve never heard of that. What does freezing do for soap? I love these blogs – learn new things all the time.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judie – TYPO! No soap is included in this package – spoonful of comfort suggests soup, right?

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judie – I went back to my post and I don’t see the typo actually.

  19. Dorothy

    I love your blog about nothing—except when it tells me that you aren’t feeling well.
    Naps and soup=healing powers

  20. Sherry Whalen

    Hi Mary, I hope you get the rest you need to recover! I know a lot of people who have/have had covid in the past few weeks, and it takes time. I loved Justified – I can’t wait to watch the new series.

    After Christmas, the company we hired got our custom shower installed in our lower level! It looks so great, but then that put us back into remodeling mode and I had to finally make bathroom flooring decisions. We picked up our flooring on Friday and Al removed the toilet and sink, finished chipping out the tile and cleaned up the floor for installation. We need to pick up a few more parts tomorrow, Al has a eye doc appointment, I have to pick out a new sink and cupboard plus we have a grandchild transport obligation too – so I think we will also have to go out for supper lol. Tuesday we will be installing flooring! And maybe by next week – I will be able to take a shower in that fancy shower!

    Now I am going to 5 feet to my left and sew some BH mystery blocks together. I don’t have many left, and then I can assemble. I am hoping to get it quilted so I can bind it while Al is driving us to Gulf Shores in February. I’ve been sewing in the evening because over the past couple of weeks I have cleaned, vacuumed and organized my sewing room….so much dust. I bought a cordless vacuum – think glorified dustbuster with a floor tool – but I really love it! It is no wonder I kept sneezing so much in my room!!!

    Take care of yourself! Sherry W from balmy Kasson MN

    1. Janet S

      Sherry, Lucky you to have the Hubbell House Restaurant in your town. It is absolutely one of our favorites. Quite a drive from the twin cities but once in a while we make a day of it and enjoy ourselves.

  21. Elizabeth

    Hi Mary,
    I hope you are starting to feel better. My daughter, daughter in law, son, and I all had covid between Christmas and New years, and my dog was sick too! Please take care of yourself! I love your blog, thank you for doing it. It’s just nice, and the world needs nice.

  22. Jeanne in Colo.

    Isn’t that Spoonful of Comfort a wonderful surprise to have delivered to your door when you aren’t feeling well? My niece from New Hampshire sent some to us when I first brought my husband home on hospice. If I’m correct, the soup came from an Amish community. And the spoon was included in the pkg. Our pkg. had cookies included instead of rolls. I had never heard of it before then.
    Oh Mary, your blocks are so colorful. Why don’t you just put them together and make a wonderful scrap table cloth to brighten the rest of these wintry days.
    Praying for rest and healing for you.
    Hugs, Jeanne in Co.

  23. Jill Klop

    Sorry that you are having a hard time kicking Covid. Just when you think it’s done, it rears its ugly head! I’ve sent that soup package to people before! That spoon is neat!

  24. Gaile Schriber

    Hope you are feeling better soon . O had Covid for the 3rd time this past fall. It really kicked my butt.

  25. Colleen in Central Oregon

    Hmm, I’m wondering what’s in your bag of snackies in the first picture? What are other people’s favorite snacks while sewing? I need some good ideas because I’m usually kind of messy.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Colleen – good question! Those are sea salt pita chips. I’ve lost my taste for “ice tea” but they go well together!!

  26. Shirley Andersen Smith

    So sorry to hear you are still fighting it. When I had it I kept thinking I don’t want to get long covid, so napped everyday even though not my style. I was very tired for about 15 days then never left house for another 10 after that. Take it ezzzzzzzz. Soon it will be gone.n
    PS. I would love some of your 1.5″ squares. You could have everyone put there name in and draw names then notify them to send the envelope.
    Shirley from Oregon

  27. Judy A

    I LOVE your little tiny square blocks. Everyone’s scraps seem to go so well together. I did a scrap quilt once – never quilted it. I think the blue I used for sashing was just so not right. I suppose I could either take it apart or just finish it and give it to someone who needs a little warmth.
    I’m guiltlessly binging on “The Crown” while recouping from a nasty cold (no, I didn’t test for Covid as I’m not seeing anyone except my husband and I blame him for giving it to me in the first place.) When I get some energy back, the quilt mentioned above should be first priority. Tis the season for wanna being warm!
    Everyone – feel better soon!

  28. Jean Elliott

    I’m glad you’re on the mend! I’ve been lucky enough not to get covid! I’m currently working on a quilt made up of 30 squares..each square uses two colors & there will be 100 1″ blocks in each square. I love working on putty sruff! I’m in Garner until Wednesday night..I’d love to pick up some of your scrap squares!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – seems like I now have many takers but I’ll make up a box/bag for you and leave in the mailbox house tomorrow. You can stop anytime to get them. Can you use 1-1/4” squares?

      1. Jean Elliott

        Yes I can. I’ll drive out tomorrow. Thank you! I looked for your booth at Junkin Gal but they said you are no longer there.

  29. Diane In Colorado

    I LOVE the horsey blocks!!! I see a Pete in there!!! I cannot wait to start seeing again!! Still hoping the sale of the house goes through. This has been a painful process.

    We still have no snow here which is just fine by me. I did winter water my oak tree a couple of days ago. Guess that’s not something everyone does, but we do here in Colorado.

    Hope you are feeling better, Mary. I’m still battling a Christmas cold, but am happy it wasn’t COVID. There is a lot of that out here, too.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I am so sorry to hear the house sale hasn’t closed – I honestly thought it had – I must have misunderstood. That really leaves you with an unsettled feeling, I’m sure. We have nothing but dry grass and in places it’s completely broken off to the dirt. No rain and no snow. My friend Jan made the horse blocks. I feel quite good tonight actually – I don’t plan on overdoing my activities but I do need to change out some quilts at Concord tomorrow – the Christmas quilts are still up!

      1. Diane in Colorado

        The market is not good right now for real estate. Interest rates are high , though slowly coming down again. I’m OK, just very unsettled. I should know in the next day or two if this offer will hold and close on the 18th. I am scheduled with movers for Saturday, the 13th.

        I’m so glad to hear you are feeling better!! I still have Christmas quilts up, too. I have enjoyed the color on the walls! I do have a Valentine’s heart quilt to put up soon.

      2. Debra Oscarson

        Hi, Mary, rest, rest, rest. Then stitch, stitch, stitch. I would love some of your scrapy 1.5″ squares. Just to have fabrics from you would make a special quilt. Scrappy quilts are my jam. That postage stamp quilt is wonderful. Love this blog. Get better. Be still…

  30. Kay Schleusner

    Hope you feel better each day.
    Five of us had covid in December.
    Took awhile for tiredness to go away. Justified was my favorite series. There is a second series following that , it was on Fox I think it was called Primeval. I am not sure where you can see it now.

  31. Linda

    I have loved All Creatures forever it seems….I watched the old series of long ago so many times over and over….so fun to have it back tonight….love Tricky!!!

    I hope you are totally over Covid……People seem to be really tired from that for a while…..

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I miss Tristan so much but I’ve read he’s not coming back. I felt so bad for that dog tonight but James didn’t give up. Do you have the Creatures books?

      1. Linda

        Hi—I have all the books….I find comfort in the Dog Stories book when I have had a “little one” pass and I am full of grief….

        Oh no—Tristan is not coming back????? He is such a part of the whole clinic…

        ..I am so glad that there is a show of this quality on TV…..They show the victories when they can help an animal, but they also show how cruel life can be for an animal when nothing can be done…It takes me back to growing up on the farm…I miss it still….

  32. Deb in Idaho

    I’m so sorry you have Covid. I haven’t had it but know lots of people who have had it. I don’t go anywhere. I have a Dr’s appointment tomorrow and I got a note to wear a mask. I had that terrible cough last spring. Didn’t think I would ever get over it.
    I love the postage stamp quilt. I may have to start one. I will think on it.
    Rest,rest and rest, take it easy we need you and this blog about nothing!

  33. Debbie G in SE WI

    A quilting buddy had covid and thought she was better. Ran out to the grocery store and felt drained when she got back home. Rest rest rest! Love the horse blocks. So cute! Heavy snow coming here! I sure hope I don’t miss my 6 month check up with my oncologist! Lots of new projects in the works and also a cross stitch round Robin with my closest stitching/quilting friends! Hope you are better soon.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Debbie G – I hope you don’t have to miss your appt, too! How do you feel? I don’t think we’ll be getting much snow – looks to be south of us. Any little thing I do drains me, too, but I’m better!

  34. Betty Klosterman

    I like the idea you your just sewing the blocks together and use as a table cloth?
    You didn’t mention if you went to play at church this morning………
    I heard on the radio that some people are having BOTH Covid and the flu at the same time. Now that sure does add insult to injury.
    One more hint to people wanting to paper piece. DO NOT skimp of the size of the fabric you are adding to the paper. Especially at first. Be generous. It is much easier to trim the extra than to rip out the piece that didn’t make it.
    Mary, take care of yourself, please.
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – oh , no, I couldn’t go to church this morning – I hope I make it to choir practice Wednesday night. I’m very tired and my headache comes and goes. But I am better!

      1. Janet S

        Mary and anyone with any illness, don’t forget to get plenty of water. It’s easy to go without as you don’t feel thirsty but put a quart bottle out and drink it throughout the day. Your body needs that along with the rest.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Janet – I’m a big water drinker always – I take a small container of water with me to bed because my mouth gets so dry and that water is gone by morning. I have water by me all day.

    2. Fran

      Betty, the best advice in my opinion! When I have taught paper piecing I have stressed this greatly!


  35. Mary Johnston

    That 1 1/2” quilt is beautiful. I have probably a thousand 1 1/2” sq 2” and 2 1/2” squares….in those big plastic pretzel barrels I have 1” strips, 1 1/4” and 1 1/2” strips. I bet I could make two or three pineapple/courthouse steps or log cabin quilts. I’m old and starting to use them more! I guess we’re all in the same boat! I must admit looking at the scarps reminded me of all the quilts I have made.
    Feel better soon and naps are good!
    Mary Johnston…Ca.

  36. Sharon F

    Mary, so sorry you’re still feeling effects from COVID. I know it goes against your nature, but please, please, please try to slow down and get enough rest. Your body needs rest and plenty of fluids to heal and throw off that virus.

    Great reader pictures as always.

  37. Lynda

    I had Covid before Christmas, thought I was better but now I think I have influenza. Running a fever the last few days, achy and dry cough. All I do is sleep and cough. Hope you feel better soon. Take time to heal.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lynda – that’s how I’ve felt with Covid – maybe you’re having a relapse?

  38. Sandi

    We have been sick at my daughters house. My son in law came down with the flu, Type A. He has been so sick. I started a sinus infection so needless to say we’re under the weather. I hope you start getting your strength back soon. Hugs,

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandi – oh, I’m sorry for you, too! I hope my flu shot will protect me!

  39. Linda in N. CA

    A 2 1/2 hour nap. ‘Atta, girl. Way to go. The bod knows its needs, and that doesn’t always agree with the brain’s thoughts on the subject. Always go with the bod. 🙂
    That inch and a half squares quilt has caught my eye and I can see myself trying to use up some of my excess stash with it. I seem to find new ideas with each of your posts — soon I will not be able to decide which to work on next. 🙂
    I’m learning that quilting/sewing requires more energy and is more tiring than I had noticed in earlier years. How could that be!?
    Please take care and be well very soon.

  40. Martha W in WY

    So sorry that your still in the grips of COVID. I had respitory crud that started just before Thanksgiving. I didn’t kick it until New Years. Then my husband started coughing and having drainage. He’s better now. We’re headed to Hawaii soon. I told hubby that we’re wearing masks in the airports and on the planes. I’m seeing a few people wearing a mask at the grocery stores. Mary, get the rest your body needs. That’s the best thing you can do to kick it.

  41. Karen Cyr

    I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with Covid again. Rest, rest, rest so you can get to the point of finally being over it. I like Timothy Olyphant in most anything, but haven’t gotten to see much of Justified yet. Never at a time I can stay awake to watch. Your postage stamp blocks are so charming. You have such a great eye for using color.
    Take care of yourself first and foremost.

    Karen In MD

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Karen – I’m watching Justified on Hulu so I can watch whenever. Is it on tv?

  42. Joy in NW Iowa

    Seems like Covid is a bugger to get over, my cousin had it before Christmas. She is still coughing.
    There is snow coming after midnight. The schools have all cancelled classes tomorrow….even Sioux Falls! Wow! Good thing Jay put the bucket on the loader tractor!
    I love those little postage stamp quilts but I’m not sure I’d want to tackle one. I think the table cloth idea in your porch in The summer is perfect.
    How are your kitties. I loved those two kitties snuggled together by the fireplace! I love to watch our younger kittens when Jay opens the garage door to go feed them, they stick their heads up about a foot and run in the shed, out of the shed to see if he is still coming and back in and then check again. They are so silly.
    My grandson used to say when he was little, ‘if you’re tired, shut your eyes and go to sleep’! I’d take him to visit my mom in the nursing home, he would sit on her bed, lean back and be asleep in no time. So that is my advise, if you are tired, take a nap. Your body needs it.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – just checked the barn and walked the dogs and realized I had energy to put my boots on and go without dreading the distance between the house and barn. So that’s an improvement –

  43. Dana Flanders

    I am happy to pay postage for the shipping of the 1 1/2 squares. My sister and I are working on postage stamp quilts. Mine will go in my grandchildren’s bunk room.
    Thank you

  44. patti

    mary, please take care of yourself. do only what absolutely must be done. is there someone else who can take down the christmas quilts? will a couple more days make that much difference? i vote that you take the 9 blocks you made, set them on point with edge and corner triangles and put on your patio – use the extra block on back. it will be fantastic on your patio. i, personally, don’t need your 1.5″ squares. i have projects going now with 2″ squares and another with 2.5″ squares. the 1.5″ squares are being plotted about now. i figure they will take quite a bit of time. thanks lynn for sharing your method with us. i love the new quilts posted. my grandson would love the horse one. is there pattern info? everyone take care. i’m off to the heart failure clinic tomorrow – regular check-up, no emergency. hugs to all, patti in florida

  45. Sandy

    Hi Mary, after reading 63 comments l had to go back and read the blog again, squirrel brain! The horses are cute, postage quilt amazing! I would suggest either make the table cloth, blocks on point,3 x3 and other fabrics in between, 2nd idea, they could be made into quilt to raffle for the pet rescue group.
    I have been doing some spring cleaning everyday, bit by bit,finding all the random blocks and odd improvised blocks, so more quilts on the to do list.Take it easy Mary, l try to keep some of thoe soup cans in the pantry for days l don’t feel like cooking. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  46. Deb E

    You are doing exactly what I plan on doing! LOVE the bed size version. It’s a project to spend bits of time on, which probably fits in your schedule….in between everything else you need to do, but FUN. Suggestion – how about you figure out when you want to raffle your bits and pieces of scraps (assign a date) and then let everybody know on the blog THAT day to leave an entry beginning with “RAFFLE – winner to pay postage”? You stop the entries at a certain time that day. Then just scroll down with eyes closed as you roll the mouse & then stop and that person wins. We leave our name & email with each blog comment anyway, so it’s easy. Just an idea….

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb E – it’s a good idea – except that I don’t see your email on my end. I’d have to announce in the blog.

  47. Kris in WI

    Mary, Deb E.’s raffle idea for your little squares sounds simple enough to manage since you’re not quite up to speed with the fatigue and cough. I’m glad you were doing a bit better today and hope you feel stronger as time goes on.
    As much as I like Lynn’s Postage Stamp quilt, I don’t see me making one in the future. I’ll just enjoy the pictures and admire the patience it took to create. Connie’s Brrr Quilt is appropriate this week with the first snowstorm of the season coming our way. I can’t wait to pay the snow removal bill…honestly!
    I showed Robert the cozy cats and “nosey” dogs in your previous post. It took a moment for him to sort out the curled-up cats, but he enjoyed them and loved the dog with his nose in the knot hole. Thanks everyone for sending in your pet and quilt pix.

    1. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas

      My curled up calico kitties are Penny and Lucy. They will be 1 year on Feb 21st. They have FIV like our HIV , passed along by their momma. I think it helped getting sisters at 9 weeks being used to each other so they do love each other, until they play fight. 😵‍💫😻

  48. Sharon G.

    Mary – So sorry you’re tired. I hope you get better soon! My friend called me on Friday. She was exposed to Covid. I’ll touch base with her tomorrow to find out test results. She took a rapid test at home. It was negative. But she was feeling poorly Saturday so she went to a clinic to get tested.
    My sister sent me and my husband (before he passed away) an order of Spoonful of Love for Christmas one year. It was a wonderful gift and delicious soup!
    Love the horses. Thanks for sharing.
    Take care, Mary.
    Be safe everyone.

  49. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    Hope the napping is helping! My husband had covid at the end of oktober/beginning of november. So he has been ‘better’ for nearly two months, but he still needs more sleep than usual. That is improving too, but it takes time!
    I love the block with the little horses! And the suggestion to use your postage stamp blocks for a tablecloth for your porch is also a good one in my opinion!
    We have had a couple of weeks of flood conditions in parts of the country, as lots and lots of rain (wettest year on record), so very high groundwater levels and also very high water levels in the big rivers that flow through the Netherlands, because of rain instead of snow in the Alps and the Ardenne. We kept mostly dry: but there was water leaking into the cellar, which we caught in horse buckets which we emptied a couple of time a day, but nothing in the living areas of the house, thankfully! Now we have had a couple of dry days, so the water levels are dropping, thank goodness. Yesterday it started to freeze and today it has started to snow. It is supposed to stay below freezing for the next couple of weeks, so we are hoping we will be able to go skating on natural ice soon. It has been very weird to get to January and not have had any snow or really cold weather.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fiona – so weather is weird in the Netherlands, too – if you can ever ice skate will you show us a picture? You have more rain than you want or need and we have none! We are expecting snow tonight so the farmers will be happy – corn needs moisture to grow!

  50. Ruth

    And what I loved about that “comfort” gift was that all of the boxes can be turned inside out to make beautiful containers. I have them stacked in my sewing room!

  51. Linda in MI

    I know Covid is rampant in my part of the world and family in Kentucky has it too so it feels like it’s back with a vengeance. I had my fifth bout in November and it was followed by RSV that is also going crazy. All the daycares and preschools I visit have children out with it so I’m not surprised I caught it, the cough was worse than my covid coughs, I sounded like a huge man coughing and the persistent cough lasted a long three weeks and finally dwindled over another two weeks.

    I know you aren’t one to rest and nap, but honestly I think that’s the best thing to do, your body needs to heal so please give in and rest when ever you get the chance.

    We have snow coming the next couple of days. We’ve only had a few dusting snows which is strange. The skiers and snowmobilers are complaining but the poor ski resorts are really suffering because it hasn’t been cold enough to make good snow.

    Snuggle up with Miss Hazel and rest!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in MI – 5 times???? Oh, my gosh! I hope this is my last bout of it and yes, I intend to rest today – again. I’d like to know what your job is that takes you to daycares and preschools. Just interested is all. And if you’ve told me before, I have forgotten.🙁

  52. Joanne

    I was given the spoonful of comfort box as a gift! I agree all was delish! Please take care and rest we all look forward to your life on the farm blog Joanne

  53. Sheila in MA

    Mary, I am sorry that you are still under the weather. Please rest as much as you can, I have been reading that this strain of COVID is nasty. Rest and soup are your best friends right now.
    As for the postage squares the quilt is beautiful, not something I could ever undertake that’s for sure. Are there any groups in your area that make quilts for charity’?
    Well listen to all your readers and REST!!

    Sheila in MA

  54. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    So surely the nasty Covid is lingering. Rest truly is best😀. It seems Civid is back a lot this time, but I read that very few people have had the new vaccine that covers Covid and a variant. We are now masking at groceries or meetings. One woman yelled at me at Guild in 2020 because I wore a mask, but after she had Covid, she hasn’t yelled again!
    I love all of the quilts! IF I start a postage stamp quilt, I will pay for postage for some of yours, but that is down the road a ways!
    Sewing—ah, not for at least a month🥲. I am cleaning and getting ready for hubby’s surgery on Wed.
    Take care, Mary! PS—All Creatures is on here,too. I have all the books. We also love Call the Midwife, Miss Scarlet, and Poirot. (sp)

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – don’t forget to let us know how his surgery went!! Caregiving again for you – I’m a terrible nurse!

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        I will, Mary. Thanks for your concern. This one might be easier! Ha! We’ll see. I flunked Candy Striping, but am ok one on one. I forgot to say I stayed up very late last night cheering on the Bills. They won—of course with my help 😂😂. Feel better soon😷

        1. Kathy in NY

          It was a late game for us on the east coast but for Jo in WY it might have been easier to stay awake. Now tonight’s news said their game next Sunday here will be very cold and windy so you couldn’t pay me enough to be in that stadium. The warm living room is just fine!
          As Mary said, please remember to let us know how your husband is doing after his upcoming surgery. Best of luck to him and hope this provides some relief for him.

  55. Diana in Des Moines

    I’m afraid covid will be around forever in some form or another. I tested negative at home, went to the Dr Friday – I have pneumonia. Cough, tired, just yuck. Started antibiotics Friday, but don’t feel any better today. May have to call the doc this morning.
    Snow heading this way so good excuse to stay home. I filled the bird feeders, squirrel food bowl, and suet feeders. We are ready for snowmageddon!!❄️❄️
    Maybe put names in a box for a raffle of your squares? Share the wealth!

  56. Angie from Baltimore

    I was so happy to see the new series was on last night. I sometimes get teary about some plots but always worthwhile.
    As for the blocks we could have a lottery with me being the winner. I won’t tell anyone when my name is selected. Otherwise there will be be others who will want them. A great project for hand sewing will watching tv. Let me know because I’m definitely interested.
    Take it a little easy as we take longer to tell our bodies to get better but soup is always a great addition.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Angie – please send me your mailing address – I’m always glad to see your comment!

  57. Julie Green

    Hope you start to feel better soon ! Sharing the squares is a perfect idea and paying for the postage is brilliant ! When you figure it out please keep me in mind, I would love to do this.

  58. Fran

    I don’t have Covid!

    We are expecting shortly a snow storm. It has been a while since we have had a good one.

    I have no suggestions for scrap distribution. I disperse my small ones at least once a month to a couple to quilters that prefer scraps. Strips go to a gal who does weaving on a loom to make rugs. Selvedges go to someone who collects them. I previously used to keep a large tote each of small and strips until it drove me crazy.

    Oh local library asked for fabric scraps once for the children’s programs. I gladly donated!

    Happy winter week. Don’t let the weather get you down. Sew this weather away!

    Fran in Carson, IA

  59. Sunflower from Michigan

    Hope you start and then continue to feel better.
    I think you should do a raffle for the quilt squares. Its very generous of you. I myself don’t have a need for them but you’ll inspire someone to use them!
    To Lynn in Iowa, the quilt hanging near the postage stamp quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Very beautiful.
    The horse blocks are adorable and it looks like the Brrr quilt is going to get some use with the weather changing colder in many areas.
    Have a great day everyone.

  60. Celene

    I’m so sorry you are still feeling under the weather and pray that the Lord will restore you to full health soon. I am a firm believer that chicken soup can cure just about anything!!!! Please take care of yourself and don’t try to push yourself. Just rest, quilt, pray and heal – and enjoy watching what has become my favorite TV show of all, All Creatures Great and Small. Sending you love and hugs from Virginia!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Celine – I was so happy to see my friends last night! All Creatures is the best thing on tv – I only wish it were a longer season than 8 episodes!

  61. Donna A

    I was wondering if Covid was getting the best of you. My sister said she was just sooooo tired when she had it around Thanksgiving. It took her quite a while to get over it. My granddaughter had it just before Christmas and she also said she was exhausted!
    That is a very nice gift! I must remember it for when/if my grandkids in Wisconsin get under the weather. Actually, it could be any of them. If I sent something like that, I wouldn’t have to be exposed to whatever they had.
    We are to have lots of snow here in the southwest quarter of Iowa so I’m gonna hunker down and sew and watch tv. This should give you some time to rest. I think you should do a nap – sew – eat – sleep routine!

  62. Pattie from PA now AZ

    Just curious how you put those small blocks together? In rows or 4 patches, then join ?

  63. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

    Good morning Miss Mary! I was going to comment last night but sooo late and didn’t want to wake you just in case sleeping 🛌. The soup gift was amazing. I would love ❤️ to have some of your scraps just to have some of yours would make them exxxtra special for me. I’m aiming for a postage stamp too. The raffle suggestion would be nice and I would be glad to pay postage 🤗🥰😻! I get laughed at by collecting others “trash” at our sewing meeting, just hate to see scraps thrown away. Prayers for healing and rest for everyone and kitty hugs from Penny and Lucy 😻

  64. Beryl BC

    The pony blocks really caught my eye. I really like them.
    Sorry to hear you’re still not feeling well. It does seem to take a while to get over it. Hope you’re feeling better soon. I worked 4 day weeks for the past 3 weeks, and feel quite lucky I didn’t pick up any bug.
    It’s too cold for bicycling, but great weather for sewing so I’m hoping to complete a few things on my list.
    Your offer of 1 1/2 inch scraps is a kind one; some deserving person will get them. We have a local quilter that always checks the trash at retreats; she has made some lovely quilts with tiny pieces.

  65. Frances E

    I’m sorry you are so sick. I’ve been thinking about the same issue as you, what to do with all of this material. I only have a small percentage of what you have, but still the material was expensive, beautiful on its own, and I want to give it to someone who will appreciate it. I’ve given up in the idea of an executor who handle this job. They would not have the knowledge of the quilting world that we have. I’ve been looking at Jo’s Country Junction website because she has a long list of quilters who take donations, and who are the recipients of their quilts. While I may find other worthy causes in the future, I have more past than future, so I have to start giving soon. Good luck with your effort. By the way, I love the postage stamp quilt too that you posted. It is beautiful.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Our Guild has a group called Project Warmth. We make charity quilts. When old ladies die, we get their stash. And do we make it sing!!! I don’t really know how many of us make quilts, but we really enjoy it. I wish the donors could see how we use all the fabric as it doesn’t go to waste. And when there is a fabric that isn’t right for a quilt, we make covers for dog beds at the local shelter. ALL of our fabric scraps, batting, whatever goes for stuffing the beds. As none of my family is interested in sewing, my will says Project Warmth gets all my sewing stuff, patterns and other interesting stuff!!! We donate over 300 quilts, all kinds, in a year. And we smile all the way.
      Betty in Rapid City

  66. Tanya T. in Houston

    LOVE those little squares! Of course, glad to reimburse postage on anything you send! I’ll even send you a label! Ha!

    I am making little churn dashes with scraps of mostly civil war reproduction fabrics and loving how they turn out. I have a growing collection of 2 1/2 inch squares of just everything that are waiting to go into the quilt that uses five like pieces that was on the cover of American Patchwork and Quilting, December, 2012. I seem to be more accurate with 1/4 inch hand piecing than sewing machine ones. I am working on that!!

    Glad that you have something good to watch and are feeling better. I agree with the other comments that you should be good to yourself! We are watching the eight part FOOL ME ONCE series on Netflix and enjoying it. Happy that the Texans have seemingly turned themselves around this season at last! And, thankful NOT to have to be in downtown Houston tonight with all the Michigan and Washington fans. Forecast is for some rain and winds unfortunately.

  67. Patty T.

    Hello from SW Ohio. Our entire family and extended family had COVID over Christmas. I still can’t taste or smell. I hope you are improving each day. The chicken soup pkg was a lovely and thoughtful gift. I’m heading to our church quilt group today. Someone’s relative is donating all the fabric and thread from their deceased aunt for us to go through! We hear she was an avid quilter so hoping for some higher quality fabrics. It is overwhelming though! My goal this year is to search through my own stockpile before shopping for new fabric. (And then onto the yarn and cross stitch supplies!). I liked how your one reader commented that her past is greater than her future. Sad, but true!

  68. Jo in Wyoming

    Wow, I should have checked my email last night. 100 comments this morning! Last night I watched Josh Allen, with the Buffalo Bills, win. Go Pokes.

    I don’t need another piece of fabric..I’d love to have a tiny piece from you, but I have fat quarters from Country Threads. Back in the day when you designed fabric.

    It’s snowing and the wind is blowing. Winter is coming your way too.
    Mary, stay still, nap and enjoy your soup. You need to heal so you can totally enjoy the outside when spring gets here.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – I just love my soup package and I read that someone said you can turn the boxes inside out – what???? I never did that before but I did save them. I turned one already – that’s a bonus!!! It’s so pretty now and I will store pieces in them. I am definitely almost good now although I will treat myself to a short nap. More than that and it affects my sleep at night. Your snowstorm is supposed to arrive here late tonight and tomorrow.

  69. Linda from Georgia

    Mary, I would love some of your squares but I have been cleaning my sewing room and purging fabric that is still sitting unused by passing on to my groups that make charity quilts. I make some charity quilts but my stash is way out of control! Glad to hear that you are getting better. I recorded All Creatures and will watch sometime this week You watching the national championship game tonight? I am cheering for Michigan since my niece and nephew graduated from there.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – oh, yes! I’m watching the game! I can’t wait and then it’s on to basketball which is my very favorite. I look ahead in my calendar so I don’t make any appointments for those 2-3 weeks of March Madness – ha! And then I’m so sad because it’s all over for another year. I’m also looking forward to the new tv season that starts after the Super Bowl – shows that started filming after the writers strike was over.

      1. Linda from Georgia

        We will be watching March Madness together! Well sort of. You will know that I will be watching a game or two or three! I have been working on some charity quilts. My go to pattern for lap quilts or children is A Tricky Path by Sweet Janes. Nice and fast and a jelly roll yields 2 tops.


  70. Barbara

    Find a younger than you person or two who knows the value of your “stash” and give their info to your estate executor. They will be a great help in making sure everything doesn’t go in a dumpster. As far as dispersing it now, make up some boxes or mailer bags, calculate the postage and sell them for the cost of postage the same way you do your patterns. You could offer them privately to your loyal readers first. Most of the quilts I make are scrappy so I have always collected scraps from others to add diversity to my collection. I have more than I can probably ever sew, but I am like a magpie always collecting more pretty things! Hope you feel better every day. I enjoy reading your blog about nothing!

  71. NancyTD

    Hope you are feeling better with each day!
    Thanks for offering stash! I think I am drowning in fabric and need to get creative and use some before I buy more! Guess that is worth a laugh! My projects since New Year have been from leftovers from recent projects. It is rewarding to say—that is the end of that!
    Our first snowstorm of the season is coming tonight and tomorrow. Ready to sew! SE MN had 26 inches on the ground a year ago and this year none.

  72. Vicki Ibarra

    I love your idea of giving away squares. I am trying to work through my fabric stash. I fear it will take me forever, so don’t need more fabric. Ever since the start of Covid, I have limited my fabric buying to what I needed to buy to finish a quilt – accent piece, borders, backing. I still have so much fabric to go through. I bought fabric for years so that I could quilt. Now that I am retired, I realize my buying fabric was more for the “dream of quilting” while I worked. Now I have more time to quilt, but as I get older it takes me longer to do things as I move slower. So, not as much free quilting time as I had thought. But I make progress and the DD project is a wonderful source of impetus to me. So, thanks for that.

    I hope you get more energy, but be kind to yourself and give yourself time with naps.

    1. Frances E

      Vicki, I’m with you. Now that I have time to quilt, I just don’t have the energy to work like I did before I retired. I’m doing good if I get one quilt top done per year. I send them out to a long arm quilter. I’ve always lived fabric. I am also trying to limit my fabric buying to what is needed to complete a project. Good luck

  73. Cheryl from Niagara Falls

    Glad you are feeling better Mary. Covid sure does whip your butt! So much going around again. I am seeing more and more people wearing masks again. It will never go away, I fear. So much sickness out there. My daughter and I both had a severe respiratory illness that lasted so long. My chest was so sore from all the coughing. I don’t think I was ever so sick. No covid though, thank goodness. I had it once but it was very mild. My daughter is one of the few people I know who has yet to get it.
    I love your care package! What a thoughtful gift!
    I have been sewing 1 1/2 squares together for a long time. It is mindless sewing and one day I will have enough for a quilt. Someday.

  74. Mary Reinhardt

    Hope you are over the Covid and feeling better daily! I have never had Covid, but I have COPD and BOOP and have been sick for over two weeks with coughing and congestion. I get this yearly and have a hard time getting over it.

    I am your age and my daughter tells me to get rid of all my fabric. She doesn’t sew, so I am going to teach my granddaughter to sew and give it all to her. She is excited!

    I wouldn’t mind paying postage for your squares so I don’t have to cut them up!

    Take care of yourself!

  75. KathyG in Oak Creek, WI

    How about asking your readers to pay $10, then you fill a USPS small priority mail box with scraps until it is full? The post office charges around $9 for the postage on the small boxes no matter what they weigh. So you can stuff them full if you’d like. First come, first served until you get rid of them all!

  76. San

    How very thoughtful that someone sent you such a lovely gift. Nothing is more appreciated than a good bowl of soup when you’re under the weather.

    After my one and only Covid virus shot, I was exceedingly ill for several days. Even my ability to spell was affected. Dear friends of mine had Covid over Christmas, and my boss had it just a few days ago. I understand cases are on the rise. Please take care of yourself Mary.

    Any fabric you’d like to share, I’ll be happy to pay postage. My personal fabric collection goes back 45 years, but it’s always nice to see a different print.

  77. Helen Jane (TX)

    Hi Mary…Hope you are much better today and on your way to a full recovery from “mean Covid”…so far we have avoided. About the scrap squares I can see a table cover (like suggested) for your Summer Porch. It would add “cheer” when you have guests over, especially the kids could look at the various snippets of fabrics. I do have a “load” of quilt related stuff and never turn down more. It is raining ☔️ here so that means “snowing somewhere”…until next time HR

  78. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Oh how I love Postage Stamp blocks/quilts; yours are no exception! I have bins with all assorted sizes that I should be using (Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap USER’s System); you inspire me. I may take them with me on an upcoming retreat. I am going to make the Villa Rosa pattern: Cathedral but after seeing your Charismatic I’m adding that pattern to my “quick sew” retreat ideas for the future. I’m very sorry that you’re so worn out from this illness. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things. Rest, rest, rest when you can. Sending hugs.

  79. Jeanine from Iowa

    I love the postage stamp quilt. I have made a small ones using a lot of the 1.5″ strips from one of Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilts. I did as Lynn did for a lot of it……I sewed the strips together and then cut them…..makes it go together a lot faster. I have a lot of other squares cut, and they need to be used, but there is always something else to sew, so I really don’t need anymore squares, but I know your squares would be so fun to have. I don’t cut 1.5″ squares anymore. But I love the look of those quilts. We are starting to get snow here in Oskaloosa now. It started around 4:00 this afternoon, but was melting at first. As it gets colder, it won’t do that. It’s hard to tell how much we will get. We’ve heard from 8-13″, so who knows…..only God knows.

    I hope you are feeling better by this evening. We have a lot of Covid in our area as well. Thanks again for your blog. It is my favorite of all I read.

  80. Jeanie S, Central IL

    I hope today (Monday) is a better day for you. I read your post last night, but it was too late to respond. According to the weather report, it sounds like those of us in the Midwest will be staying close to home for a few days. I hope this a healing week for you.
    Your 8” blocks made with 1 1/2” squares are beautiful!
    I finished up two doll quilts yesterday. We have several great nieces, so I wanted to make sure they all received a doll ‘blankie.’ Thanks and Take Care, 🥰

  81. Meredith in Cincinnati

    So sorry you’re feeling poorly. Your head says, “You have things to do! Let’s go!” Your body hits the wall. Sounds like sleep is what you need.

  82. Erin

    How sweet you are to consider giving away any fabrics!
    The pictured quilt is amazing! So many seams to match up, but I’d love to make one because the finished product is worth the work.
    Feel better quickly.

  83. Suzanne

    Oh, those little horse blocks are beyond adorable! Thanks for all the great pix today.
    The Bonnie Hunter pattern is called Bitcoin, I believe.
    No Covid here, but we were exposed last weekend…. in waiting mode to see what happens!

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