Fall Table Quilt and Arlo

I’ll bet you’re wondering how these two subjects go together – ha!  Connie made this fun orange and black quilt with fabrics we shopped for last summer in Lincoln.

I gave her the metal basket which I found at Antiques in the Park in Clear Lake Labor Day Weekend.  She loves metal baskets and the color just screamed “Connie” to me – ha!  It does look really nice.

Remember Arlo, the English lab pup that I  made a quilt for?  He’s spending the week here while his mom recuperates from surgery.  He has really grown and is a good boy – fun, cute and entertaining.  He and Hazel play endlessly – then they rest.  Arlo even lays down to drink water.

He found a cucumber as well as a small pumpkin.  Everything represents “play” to Arlo.

He’s pretty photogenic.
Trying to clean up my sewing room before I start another big project,

16 thoughts on “Fall Table Quilt and Arlo

  1. Paula

    Thanks Mary and Connie for the quilt pattern. I will ponder on it for awhile and might make it.
    So glad to see Hazel. Do you still have her? I wondered if i had missed a post. If so, is Hazel doing better.
    Paula in KY

  2. Janice

    Love the quilt pattern and fabrics! Very Halloween-ee! And your pup pictures, so cute. It’s been hot here in New England this week. I can’t wait for the fall weather! We have some kind of fungus here that’s doing a number on a lot of the maple trees. Not sure how colorful it will be this year. So sad!

    Jan in Topsfield, MA

  3. Marie Fibelstad

    So glad to see the dogs, such fun for them.
    The quilt has wonderful colors for fall.
    Thanks for keeping up the blog!

  4. Diane

    What a day brightener! Pups, quilts, baskets, oh my! I am guessing the stars are from the pattern you shared before. Every now and then, I enjoy working on some of them. I love the black/orange/gray/white combination so think I’ll try those next. Thanks for many fun pictures and great ideas:)

  5. Linda in TX

    I look forward to your posts every day. I always love the dog action – my husband often asks me what I’m laughing at. Today I told him “Arlo and Hazel” – he doesn’t know who they are and I’m not telling! Thank you for your daily cheer – I’ve been a reader since you closed the quilt shop and love seeing what’s happening in your life.

  6. Sharon Cervenka

    I really like the quilt/basket combo! Would be perfect in my house. Just curious as to the quilt pattern, any specific name? If not, what size do the stars finish to? Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. Kathy

    Well now I wonder as I look at the picture further. Is it a viney thing or battery operated lights in the basket?

  8. Kathy

    Omg these darling dogs show just how we feel in the northeast with this heat wave! Made me smile for sure. Love Connie’s quilt and what a sweet friend you are to find a basket for her. The lights inside the basket are a great idea. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us as I know we all love seeing how fun your days are.

  9. Martha Engstler

    Love Connie’s quilt. The photo of the quilt and basket would make a great commercial picture on a book or card. Always good to see the dogs at play. Thanks so much for your effort to make this great blog.

  10. Gail

    My sewing room goes in cycles like that too! I like it clean to start a project, but it gets pretty messy while I’m working away.

  11. Ann Barlament

    I can almost hear Hazel’s sigh as she is soaking in her pool. It looks refreshing after a romp with Arlo. Good that they play so well together!!

    That metal basket is just perfect with Connie’s quilt!!

  12. Carol T

    Oh Mary I was so happy to receive this post and to see sweet Hazel again! Arlo has GROWN and IS photogenic! The metal basket is perfect and goes so well on Connie’s quilt……you have a great”eye” for so many things. Thank you for this happy post🎃‼️

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