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It’s probably safe to say that most of you reading this are also experiencing cold weather. It’s noon and our wind chill is still minus 20. Brrrrr………I’ll just keep sewing! I didn’t even let the goats out of the barn today because there is such a pecking order going on that several of those goats at the bottom of the order would have been forced outside.

I get this poem every winter and every winter I love re-reading it. It’s a beautiful poem and very well written.
A poem by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre

It’s cold.
The end.

If you have not done so already, please register your email on our blog so that you will be notified when we post something new. There’s a spot on the right hand side of the blog page for your email address. We have gotten several photos from Connie’s game, project #5.

Tomorrow is the day she draws the number for February so register your email. This has proved to be very popular and I have to be honest, I thought it was a stupid idea that Connie had. How wrong I was! People love to be challenged and finishing a project is always rewarding. Share a photo of your finished project by sending it to us at and Mandy will post it on our Pinterest account. To find these photos on Pinterest, search for cthreadsqs and then search under people. It should pop up and you can see what others have been working on.

Bentley, my first boarder, went home Tuesday night after being here for a whole week. He was such a good boy and at 7 months old, he was just a happy play boy who loved rough housing with Telly.

More plants blooming in the basement! This is a Moses in a Basket plant that I started last fall – just look at all those baskets! And here is another Hoya bloom ready to open. Can’t wait till they move upstairs again!

Remember how the concrete windowsills looked after the texture was troweled in? Well, here is an update after acid staining. Next comes a finish coat.

Today Lori made lunch for Joan’s birthday – chicken taco chili with cheese, sour cream, green onions, jalapenos and tortilla strips and a Kondike bar to top it off. It was a perfect lunch for such a cold day. After marking sale bolts all morning, we were thrilled to have lunch provided.

And this is how we felt after lunch! Now that’s a muffin top – ha!!!
Will we see you at the Bolt Sale that starts tomorrow morning?

6 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Lael Koster

    hi. i like the poem, also the “muffin top”. yes, way too cold today, hoping for warmer days. feb. already, getting alittle closer to spring. i like your window sills. i “googled” the acid stain, also the pickling like your doing to your floor, guess they’ve been around for awhile, where have been???? under a rock??? who knew????!!! keep warm.

  2. Ginny Jackson

    Right now the only thing appealing north of Ames where I live is your place!! If you are ever in the area; stop in where I work.
    Ginny the “wheeler”. It has been 10 1/2 years since I became Spinal Cord Injured T-4/5 (totally paralyzed below my chest) and I finally got a job last summer. I work in the ISU/Ames information building a little southwest of the Hilton Coliseum every Saturday and from noon-4:00 Tuesday-Friday.
    I was looking at the letters you printed in the Goat Gazette about my Shelties I used to take to nursing homes. The one I have now was bark softened by her breeder before she was 4 years old and I got her. Bark softening is illegal in some states and should be in all of them. Because she cannot bark (hers is raspy) she is afraid of her own shadow. Since she was a kennel dog she isn’t housebroken and won’t ever be. Luckily she does her business in my bathroom and Bruce cleans up without too much complaining.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Hi, Ginny! I remember your shelties and I’m so happy to hear you have an interesting job. Yes, if I am in Ames, I will look you up. So glad to hear from you.

  3. Jacque

    There are actually some parts of the country where it’s not cold.. South Texas for one. 86 a couple of days ago. In the 70s today. We’d like to have some cold winter weather. Just not like y’all have!

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