Farm News

The biggest news from the farm is a remodeling update. Later today Steve promises me we will move the piano into the new music room. Here is a photo of the French doors taken from inside the room – I’ve been waiting to move the piano for months and we’re so close! The woodwork is being cut and installed as I write this.

The living room porch is the center of activity right now – it’s really a mess but the saw is there and that means all the real mess is there, too. Yesterday we got some lights hooked up and the front door installed. Yea!!

I am leaving in the morning for Ironwood Christian Ranch in Stewartville, MN. Rick is home so I can leave and I will go up to Rochester for some shopping before arriving at Miracle Lodge. Connie is coming up on Saturday for a day of sewing. Right after I finish the Farm News, I’m going to pack my van.

Bentley Brooks, a huge yellow lab, went home Tuesday night after a week in my boarding kennel. After he got accustomed to his “home away from home” he did really well. The first few days he was anxious, nervous and couldn’t settle down – who could blame him?

I am cleaning and sorting for the rummage sale next summer which happens at our Big Event. What a lot of work because you can see how much fabric I have upstairs. It all has to be stored in tubs because the cats lay in it and stir it around and make a mess! As I’m sorting, I’m laying those pieces aside that I can part with and YOU can buy them for pennies at the Big Event.

Tomorrow is March 1 and that means a new number to be drawn for Connie’s game. I did finish #6 and am anxious to see which of my projects will be next. If you haven’t joined this UFO game, number your unfinished projects 1- 12 and each month we’ll pull a number for you to finish that month. Then you can send us a picture and we’ll post it on Pinterest. And I thought this was going to be a dud! Ha! Here is Connie with her completed #6 project – fabulous!

Also – tomorrow at midnight the March blocks for the Free Online Sampler will automatically post. If you go to our home page you will find a button for those blocks. There will be a 12” block and a 6” block as well as a picture of the finished sampler quilt. Only 2 blocks per month and you’re going to have a great quilt by the end of the year – please join us!

And here’s a photo of the farmhouse taken on a frosty morning last week. The house tour will take place during the Big Event. Hope to see you here on the farm next July.

Mary E.


4 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Lynn Willis

    Love Connie’s project!!! Is it going to be a new pattern coming up?? I hope?

  2. Dee W

    I so enjoy seeing your progress, I got a new house and remember being excited as things got done. So – I’m coming to visit when you have your open house, so I can visit your animals, and the shop, and – Oh Yeah – You! I’m doing the block a month quilt, I have alot of cat fabrics, so each block will have kitties in it!

  3. Judy

    It’s been a long haul for you with the remodeling but I am sure it will be beautiful when done. Now your piano has it’s own special space and after you waited so long to get it.

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