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Our retirement sale started yesterday and we were simply too busy to write the Farm News.  We had lots of customers who bought lots of stuff and by the end of the day, all 5 of us were exhausted but happy.  I wonder how many times I explained my need to retire and live on this farm without the public every day.  It has been a wonderful 32 years but now I’m ready to retire.  When you are faced with that “retirement” decision and can’t make up your mind, you’ll know when it’s the right time because it won’t be a hard decision and you just know in your heart you’ve done the right thing.  The 20% sale goes through Saturday the 20th and then we increase the discount by 5% each week until we close on October 31.

It’s almost like a reunion these days in the shop as people come for their last visit and we talk about previous visits with friends and families.  I know I have escorted many kids into the barn to gather the eggs and then I usually let them take the eggs home.  I discovered that lots of kids only know Chicken McNuggets – not real chickens.

Connie and Mary Baker are in Columbus at the Country Living Fair.  They set up their tent today and headed to the Columbus Fish Market for dinner.  Yum!  I will really miss that great food!  On Tuesday we bundled up 83 bouquets of Sweet Annie for them to sell at the fair.  It is a top seller for us along with punchneedle kits.  If you’re attending the fair, be sure to stop at our tent and say “hi” to Connie, Mary Harwood and Mary Baker.

Carting the Sweet Annie Sweet Annie Sweet Annie 2

Our weather changed dramatically and we are under a frost warning tonight so I have been moving my plants into the house before they get shocked by such cool temps.  With the sale I have not had a chance to clean them or put them in their proper place – they are all just sitting in the middle of the floor until I can find time to take care of them.  Maybe Sunday????  The lawn will need mowing by then, too.

Plants 2 Plants

Moses,Toby and Dakota went home last Monday night and I told Chuck and Tonya that I feel like a grandparent must feel.  I could hardly wait for them to arrive and I really love them but I also was glad when they went home.  Sound familiar?

Remember Bailey, the golden retriever I kept for about 2 months last winter?  She went to live with a customer friend out of state and she visited us today.  Oh my goodness, does she look good!  She is spoiled and loved by her new owners and I couldn’t be happier!  What a lovely ending!  Bailey is living like a queen – as she so deserves.


Colton came home from the vet on Tuesday and was running around within the hour.  You’d never know he had just been neutered.  He really is a sweet cat and I guess he must have been destined to live here.

Colton 1 Colton 2 Colton 3

Remember when Rick moved the carport to the grove?  Well, now he’s preparing to set it in place and pour a cement floor.  Here’s his new toy – an auger for the tractor.  Anybody need some post holes dug?

Ricks new toy

That’s all for this week, folks!  Come to the sale – 20% off until September 22 when we start increasing the discount by 5% each week.  Remember, when it’s gone, it’s gone.



6 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Rose Mikulski

    I love reading Happy Farm News; especially about Bailey. Did Deano, the once little kitty, remember her? Looks like you’re going to be busy till the end, hang in there. I never knew how many Marys were at Country Threads, it reminds me of the time when I came home from my first day at my new job and told my husband that everyone’s name is Mary. Ha Ha !

  2. Dianne H.

    Hi Mary, I really enjoy your farm news emails. I understand why you’re retiring and wish you the best in this next chapter of your life. Please consider sending farm news emails to your “quilt shop friends” every so often. I love seeing the pictures of the farm animals and your dog boarders. Years ago I lived just outside of Sioux City, IA in a little town called Sergeant’s Bluff. My husband was in the Air Force at the time. When I see the pictures of your farm, it reminds me of that time in my life. The best of luck to you. I feel like a “friend ” having shared part of your life through pictures and stories. Keep in touch. Dianne

  3. Ann Barlament

    You will continue to have great fun when you retire.

    I was forced into retirement due to health problems and there is one thing I have never missed….the commute!!! lol

    But now I have time for quilting and genealogy research!! Working always got in the way of my addictions!! hahaha

  4. alice

    Enjoy your retirement and be brave. It gets harder to say no the closer it gets. Do not say yes to anything new for six months. Retirement is wonderful.

  5. kay kopacek

    you must be totally exhausted—with the sale and bringing in the plants for fear of frost–I still want more –summer- probably see you some day next week.

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