Farm News

Mandy said to me this morning, “do you remember this is Thursday?”  No, I’ve been so wrapped up in camp, Farm News didn’t even register.  Have tried to post camp photos but unsuccessful.  Grrrrrr………so now’s my chance.  Fourteen in camp is so much easier than 25 and this format of everybody doing the same quilt each day has worked really well.  Why didn’t we dictate this before now?  Honestly, we thought you wouldn’t like us insisting on a specific project but it has been really fun for all of us.  Neighbors can help each other and everyone starts on the same “page” each morning.  We are heading to Connie’s house tonight for wine and cheese and then tomorrow we’ll tour my house in the morning before everyone goes home.

Camp 1 Camp 2  Camp 3 Camp 4 Camp 5 Camp 6

My fall decorating has taken a fatal hit!  Emma and Susannah have destroyed my corn shocks and last week I caught Emma jumping up on the front door to chew the bottom half of my wreath down to the wire!  Another grrrrrr…..but it’s not the end of the world.  I’ll find another wreath and continue to enjoy Emma and Susannah in the yard every evening until it gets cold which sounds like it’s just around the corner, maybe even tomorrow. 

Emma Wreath

The sale is going fantastically – many people are here for the first time ever and that sounds nearly impossible to us.  Where have they been for the last 30 years if they’re quilters?  We still have lots of fabric, books and patterns, punchneedle and notions to choose from and next week the discount will be 35% – you can’t find it much cheaper than that and every week the discount will increase by 5% until our last week when everything will be half price.  Now would be the time to shop.

Sale 1 Sale 2 Sale 3

My grass has grown beautifully and I even turned off the irrigation system since we’ve been getting regular rainfall.  I will hate to see it all covered up with snow.  The hops vine could be cut down this weekend and used as a garland since I let it grow around a piece of clothesline rope.

Grass Hops

I’m expecting my friend Rose for a visit today.  She is Susannah’s biggest fan and coming to the farm for her last visit.  I’ll take pictures for next week.


Saturdays in the shop are like running a marathon – we need to pace ourselves just to get through the day.  We love having all of you visit us for the last time and next week remember the discount will be 35%!