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Kyle tells me the blog is ready to go so yes, we’re back! He is still working on the subscription problem but try again now that the old blog is no longer operable.
It’s been an unforgettable month. I now understand all those comments about how much I got done, how nobody thought they could keep up with me and the mention of how fast I did everything. That all has come to a screeching halt. I can sit down with a cup of coffee at 11 am if I want to, read a book at 2 pm, and nap at 6 pm without having to answer to anybody or justify my actions. And if the floor doesn’t get vacuumed today, there’s always tomorrow. I have gotten lots done though. My closet is completely organized, I have curtains up in the sewing room, my plants have never looked better and I bet I have started at least 75 new plants in the basement under the grow lights. The litter boxes are cleaned every day, the house is presentable and I’ve even played the piano for fun.
Last week on a very nice day I went to Mason City to shop for cat food, laundry soap, beer and other essentials now that the weather is unpredictable. I came out of the house to get another load and there was Emma in my van! She is a character! Now please don’t anyone write and tell me that their husband wouldn’t dream of letting a goat in their car! It’s not as if I invited her to jump in. On nice days she continues to wander around the yard and the open van door was just too tempting.
Last Saturday I had some help moving furniture into the quilt shop/studio/sewing room – I took their picture and will post that next time – right now I don’t know how to post a picture in the middle of my text. Ugh! The space is coming together nicely and I am enjoying sorting all my fabric and arranging it on the shelves that used to hold bolts. As I am arranging the fabric, I am trying to put stacks of contemporary fabric next to traditional and Civil War stacks so that I will be able to see the possibility of using them together. Pictures coming.
I am also catching up on my binding, made a baby quilt for a gift, salvaged an old baby quilt, put together a king size log cabin quilt, and framed a miniature quilt for a wedding gift. All of these pictures are coming.
The animals are all fine – chickens are locked up for the winter, only Emma and the 4 little girls ever go outside along with the 5 older ones. That leaves Susannah and Baby Moo as the couch potatoes that never leave the barn. Heat lamps can be very comfortable. I have 2 dogs here this weekend and they have the run of the entire quilt shop and outside yard. Finn and Charlie belong to my friends, Bob and Marline, who went to Colorado for Thanksgiving.
Connie and Roy are in Chicago at Andy and AdreAnne’s for Thanksgiving. She is busy making Christmas gifts for everyone in her sorority! We had a staff sewing day scheduled a couple weeks ago but it snowed and was bitterly cold so we’re going to try it again this week. I’ll take pictures of everybody if we do sew.
This is a long post but I had to get you caught up – and this is just the beginning. Kyle and I will keep working at making the blog better and easier to navigate. Time to vacuum those floors.
Miss you guys!

9 thoughts on “Farm News And More!

  1. Rose Mikulski

    She’s baAAACCCKKKKKK!!!!!!! Yay! I missed reading your blog. Love the Emma pictures!!!

  2. Joan

    That is one curious goat! So cute. Glad your blog is back. I enjoy hearing about the animals and seeing your sewing projects.

  3. Judy Bickler

    Just found your blog again. I still haven’t been able to subscribe but hopefully can soon. I’ve missed your updates! Happy Holidays!

  4. Kathrin

    Nice to read your news! Enjoying reading about your busy-ness in “retirement”. Quick question…can’t locate the 2014 Block of the Month instructions past September block. I “lost” the information of where to find the rest. Please help!!!

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