Farm News February 14, 2013

If it’s not one thing, it’s another! Yesterday was such a nice sunny day that I let the chickens out of the barn. Remember those guineas I got late last fall as babies? Well, they hit the ground running and then flying! Of course some went over the fence, some went into the house yard and some landed on the road. I headed that way with my landing net and got most of them corralled towards the barn. One stubborn bird flew to the top of a maple tree and his buddy joined the flock of geese. Today I’m still tracking those 2 down and hoping to get them back in the barn. Like I said, if it’s not one thing…..
While I was down by the barn tracking the guinea, the goats looked at me like they thought I was nuts!
Remember Little Betsy? She’s a big girl now and she’s got on her winter coat making her look very round and “fluffy”.
And then there’s Rosie on top of the brush pile – she likes to be a boss of everybody else.
And of course how can I forget to update you on Telly, the escape artist? I have come to the conclusion that she can actually climb the 6’ chain link fence because I have walked the perimeter of the grove dozens of times looking for places she could crawl under. The fence is frozen into the dirt, we have blocked the gates, and have added cement blocks all the way around…..and still she appears on the outside of the fence! Maybe she is destined to die on the highway but if she does, it won’t be because I haven’t tried everything I could think of the keep her safe.
Here’s that Hoya plant in the basement in full bloom. My plants can’t wait to move up to the east porch!
I have made several kids’ quilts in the past few weeks and as soon as they are quilted, we’ll show them to you. I’m working on my Number 6 and also preparing several activities for the retreat at Ironwood Springs on March 1 and 2. My house is under siege so until I can start cleaning it, I’ll keep sewing.

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Connie finished a great book called “The Postmistress” and I’m just starting it.
That’s the news from the farm!
P.S. This quilt is a Chicken Scratch pattern coming soon and is made with a Marble Ombre Dots Dessert Roll from Moda Fabrics.

4 thoughts on “Farm News February 14, 2013

  1. Nancy

    Love your animal pictures! With a tribe like that, you must never be bored! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Sherry

    Oh yes, I have seen a dog climb a chain link fence….very quickly. I am looking forward to Ironwood Springs retreat as well!!

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