Farm News February 8 2013

The sad reality of life on the farm is that animals die. I got Jake, the buckskin colored goat, from Jan Patek in the spring of 2001 —– I think. He arrived with a young female goat that I named Jannie and even though Jake was young, he became Susannah and Sally’s father. He never got very tame so last week when I could walk right up to him, I knew something was wrong. We think he had a blockage of some kind and I had him euthanized. The reality is that the ground is frozen solid at this time so we can’t bury him until spring. I just hate it but what can I do?
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16 thoughts on “Farm News February 8 2013

  1. Dee W

    I’m so sorry about Jake. You know, that’s one thing I like about your blog, you tell us when bad things happen as well as the good. So often you only hear the good, makes a person feel inadequate because we can’t always be up. Hugs,

  2. Arla Ballesteros

    So sorry to hear about Jake, animals enrich our lives so much and it hurts when we have to deal with them leaving us. Arla in AZ

  3. Jeanine

    So sorry to hear about Jake. We had goats years ago, and you do get attached to them. They made great pets for our children as they were growing up. I enjoy your farm news so much. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Lynn Willis

    It’s always so difficult to lose one of our beloved animals and sadly that is a fact of life especially on a farm. It must be extra hard to have to postpone laying him to rest, hopefully a temporary place will give you some peace until he can be laid to rest more permanently

  5. Deedee

    Connie, so sorry to hear about Jake. You just adore all your animals so I know how upset you must be. I am sure he had a happy life on your farm.

  6. Ginny Jackson

    Jake was very lucky to have you in his life!
    When I volunteered at ISU Pet Loss Support Hotline (now defunct) I advised a man with a similar problem who didn’t want to toss his pet in the garbage; that he could have it cremated. Personally I think that since “Jake” is in a better place that you could honor him more by spending the money it would cost in a more helpful to animals way. Donations…

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Thanks for all the condolences-the barn feels different without Jake.
      The Goat Gazette will continue as the blog and I will continue to print recipes. Be sure to register your email address.
      You can start the Free Online Sampler at any time. The patterns appear on the first of the month and remain on our website for the entire year. It will be easy to catch up!

  7. jody

    ohh… hard part of sharing our lives with fur babes.. sally girl and the kitties are almost 16 and emma the corgi is 12.. id be awful lonesome without them..
    i love your needle punch! you got me started and its right up there with my favorites!
    enjoy your evening! think about you guys always!!

  8. Dianne

    So sorry to hear about Jake. Anytime we lose an animal it is very sad. Last summer a nuthatch hit our window. I couldn’t help crying as I picked it up and put it where animals couldn’t get to it. If I’d buried it, my golden retriever would have found it and dug it up. During hunting season, he found a dead deer in the woods and it became his treasure.

  9. Jeanie

    I, too, am so sorry about Jake. I am new to your website and love hearing about the farm animals as much as the quilt shop. I always wanted to live on a farm which will never happen, but I feel lucky we have recently moved to a small town. Thanks.

  10. Claudia Voorhees

    So sorry to hear about losing Jake…yes, we love our animals..and the reality is that there are sad times too. So….hug all your furry friends and know that others share in your sadness.

  11. Lael Koster

    so sorry to hear about jake but guess you have to expect that when you have pets. gee, it’s been over 2 years that we lost abby, still miss her, haven’t really thought too much about getting another kitty, we get up to denise’s often, so can see her kitties, (she has 3)

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