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The bridal wreath is in full bloom and just beautiful!

I started moving the houseplants outside because it was going to rain and they definitely needed a wash.

And last night when I checked the barn Emma wasn’t there.  Now really, where could she be?  It had rained in the afternoon and I had seen her in the yard in the early evening but it was 10 o’clock by now.  No, really – she wouldn’t be upstairs—- would she???  Sure enough, she was sleeping in the room over the garage.  I had closed the overhead garage door and left the house door open to my sewing room which meant she could have walked all the way to our upstairs bedroom!  Imagine waking up to a big brown goat standing next to your bed.  Now I know what you’re thinking- there’s already an old goat IN the bed, right?  Ha!

28 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Cathy Davis

    I miss County Threads!!!! 😢 Thank you for sharing pictures with us though.

  2. Holly

    Ha! What a funny Emma story! That sure would have been a shocker to see her beside your bed. And your yard looks beautiful!

  3. Mary McCarron

    Love your objects of art in your gardens My son just brought home a 1940’s cream seperator to use as a planter The neighbors will be shaking their heads at our yard again lol but I really like the old rusty objects for interest Everything looks good with vines and geraniums

  4. Peggy

    The plants look lovely out in the yard. Good job finding places for so many if them!!
    I’d have to say that Emma’s not so dumb sensing a storm coming. . . She made sure she would be “high & dry!!” Smart girl!!

  5. Rose Mikulski

    Did you see the pin I sent you. Apparently a goat (the four-legged ones) in the house is popular now which I thought you may have started with Suzanne many moons ago. I would love a goat and Emma is a sweetie.

  6. Paula S.

    Beautiful plants and funny Emma story! I look forward to your posts and pictures.

  7. helen freese

    I planted a bridal wreath several years ago under a tree canopy and all I got was leaves. This spring we had a lot of rain and I was tempted to dig it up and move it in more sun. But I got a wonderful surprise this year–it was in full bloom, just beautiful. Good thing I waited–I hate to keep disturbing plants. It gets lots of sun until the trees fill in.

  8. Marilyn

    Wow the blooms are very lovely. Funny about Emma thank you for sharing

  9. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, that is way too funny! Your Bridal Wreath looks lovely and so many succulents. How is little Faye doing? Felicia

  10. Diane

    Emma is one smart goat:) That’s a great story. Your plants are soooo beautiful. I am the black thumb of the group so I didn’t know what Bridal Wreath was. It is gorgeous, so full and lush.

  11. Marian

    Ohhh, beautiful Bridal Wreaths–someone should get married by them! Emma is a hoot; I love her! Lots of really neat plants in your yard and all the implements around them. So interesting. Let us know how Faye is doing and all the kitties, too!

  12. Jeanie

    Emma certainly keeps life interesting; what a funny story! I love seeing the houseplants in their outside places.

  13. Launa

    Hello Mary, Seeing your blooming Bridal Wreath reminded me of a large section of it up the hill a few homes away from my grandma’s. I got permission to fill some paper May baskets with it and hung those on neighbors’ doors. I guess that tradition is a thing of the past?

    Here we planted Jasmine all along our dog run picket fence and I looked out at the prolific blooms yesterday morning; the scent was wonderful, but DH got out there later and pruned off a lot of the blooms.

    Neighbors around here have planted so many different palms…this morning’s news had a warning report about SAGO PALMS being highly toxic to pets and children…the seeds being the worst.

    I agree with Peggy & Diane that Emma is one very wise goat. It looks as tho you have one dog’s approval of all your potted plants out sunning before the rain. We’re to possibly get some sprinkles this afternoon so I cut nine 3″ Churns for a wee topper. Yes, a red& white bkgrnd with 9 different red Churns. My “go to favorite” color.

  14. Cindie New Berlin, WI

    What a beatific yard you have. What is growing along the roof line in the first picture?
    What a funny Emma sorry. 😀

  15. Paula

    Love all the art objects. I always loved seeing the pics. I took a couple Goat Gazettes to a quilter friend today to let her read…I told her she had to give them back!! Love the goats too. Paula in KY

  16. Becky from IA

    The Bridal Wreath is just beautiful! I just love all your yard art. Don’t you get tired from carrying all those plants outside. I know I do and I don’t have near as many as you do…..HAHAHAHA!

  17. Carol

    Love your gardens and your goats! Always something amazing going on, down on the farm! You brighten all our days!

  18. ANITA Fetzer

    Thank you for making me laugh. Your goats are so wonderful. Emma in particular. The bridal wreath is gorgeous, I remember a huge busher in our yard when I was young I love your yard and all the unique ways you plant etc. And your furry friends. Thanks again for making me laugh tonite.

  19. Dee W

    I did not make that goat remark! But oh what an opportunity! Love the animals. And the plants. My bridal wreath is at the old house in town. I went to the cemeteries today, saw very little blooming bridal wreath and the peonies are just starting. My friend got a barn quilt, her husband had one of those wagon wheels, mounted her barn quilt in the center of it. Looks very cool.

  20. Cathy

    So funny! Emma certainly looked right at home. And the bridal wreath is simply gorgeous!

  21. Ann Barlament

    Emma has great taste when she gets ready for bed and I can picture her baaa-aaa-ing to go outside in the morning. Bet there would be hang-time in that bed. LOL

    Gorgeous Bridal Veil…

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