Filling Book Orders, 7-9-23

If I received your book order last week, I’m caught up and they’re all going in the mail tomorrow. To those of you who ordered multiple copies, I am in awe of your trust in me. Really! You have not even seen the book in person and you ordered more than one copy – some to be sent to kids at other addresses and you were even so thoughtful as to include their address label! Thank you!

I have ordered the second printing and if you like your book, tell your friends with grandchildren who love animals. I will include ordering info at the end of this post.

What a fun weekend we’ve had with Mia here – she and Keeper had a blast and tonight everybody is tired.

I’m trying to wade thru piles of triangle squares tonight and this is my work area!


A reader who attended the Minnesota Quilt Show was kind enough to send some pics – the challenge was images from the book The Quiltmakers Gift. Amazing!

They are amazing and unbelievable but the following reader quilts are my favorites – because I know I could do them and enjoy it.

Look at this dollhouse quilt!
What a good idea to put the pattern in the photo!
I love this simple design.
I’m in love with this one!
A Jen Kingwell design
And can you believe this robust guy is 18 years old????

Oh, Susannah! Ordering info:

$20 cash or check only

Mary Etherington

2345 Palm Ave

Garner, IA. 50438

Please include an address label if you can.

So many wonderful quilts to look at in this post! Thank you to the senders. Next week a friend who is a reader is getting a new collie puppy and I can’t wait to introduce you to Griffin!

40 thoughts on “Filling Book Orders, 7-9-23

  1. Jeanne from Co.

    What a wonderful quilt show today. The quilts were all great. I especially loved the doll house quilt on the gorgeous brass bed and the quilt pictured just before your 18 year old kitty’s picture. The beds of cone flowers behind Pattie of Pa. and the dinosaur quilt are beautiful. Ours are just starting to bloom here in Co. Mary, I was so anxious to order your book that I mailed my check to you before you requested us to also send a label. Sorry!! I wish I lived near Garner, I’d volunteer to help you get the books mailed out. I bet you were swamped with orders, just as we all expected. I’m putting the binding on the 5th child’s quilt that I cut out at Christmastime from leftovers from previous baby quilts. I’m lucky I live with my daughter who does the long arm quilting on them. Will send pictures when I get this one done. Have a great week everyone. Jeanne from Co.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanne from CO – I think I was so excited about the book that I simply forgot to ask for an address label – ha! No problem really. I remember your order and I enjoy filling these book orders – just another piece of the dream!

  2. Vicki Ibarra

    Wonderful quilts. The ones from the quilt show are awe inspiring, but I agree with you that the reader quilts are ones I could make. The chicken quilt reminded me of a friend who had chicken and rooster decor in her kitchen. Nice memory.

  3. Janet S

    Great quilt show today everyone. The show quilts are all stunning and admirable works of art but our readers quilts are what I love. Mary, Heidi is just getting a closeup of your quarter inch seam allowance. We sure are waiting for rain in Minnesota.

  4. Carla

    My weekend got away from me. I wanted to spend time sewing, but I ended up cleaning up after my naughty cat and doing other mundane things. Then, when I did have some time, I got one of the ocular migraines that have decided they are in my life now (cue the eye roll so large I almost fall over backwards). I sure enjoyed your post from today, though. What a lovely batch of quilts. I’m thinking I need a quilting master as my neighbor!

  5. Barbara Yarnell

    Great quilt show! I love the teal blue and red star! Simple but so effective ♥️

  6. Holly Christian

    Wonderful quilt show. I love the Jen Kingwell design o e. I tried searching for it but no luck. Can someone tell me the name of it? I have to get my check sent to you for the Susannah book, so happy you did this and shared it with all of us. You are much like a teacher, you never really know how far your impact is reaching.

    1. Becky in WA

      Hi, the Jen Kingwell pattern is from her book Quilt Recipes. I hand-pieced it and a warning that there would be a ton of Y-seams if you wanted to machine piece. It was a lot of fun choosing the fabrics for each star!

        1. Becky in WA

          If you’re on Instagram, search #winkistarsquilt for other pretty examples. Only my second attempt at hand-piecing so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it went faster than I thought and felt really rewarding.

  7. Sandra Goddard

    Thank you to the person who sent the quilt show pictures in. They are stunning. Readers your quilt pictures make my heart sing. Your quilts speak to me. Mary I love your work area nothing like a furry friend helping with the sewing task at hand.

  8. Erin

    Aren’t all the quilts amazing? Thanks for sharing so many reader quilts! There is a lot of talent out there!

    For what age group would your book be best? I didn’t see that in previous posts, so if it’s there, I apologize.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Erin – I’m guessing age 6-10 maybe? Kids can “read” it themselves by just looking at the pictures so maybe younger than 6

  9. Pattie Weber

    Beautiful quilts made from The Quiltmakers Gift. I appreciate them but am very much a traditional quilter.
    I am now down in South Carolina volunteering for a couple weeks at the Carolina Poodle Rescue. My own poodles are having a ball being able to rum free over many acres. The rescue took in 30 dogs this past Friday alone. The count became 33 about a day later. A standard poodle gave birth to 3 puppies and the father was likely an Aussie. I’ll send a picture later today.
    These dogs came from 19 different places which would have been difficult to get to in one trip. The director found a puppy transport company to help. They met the RV that was loaded with 30 crates, loaded them into their vans, then retrieved these dogs from multiple locations. They met again with the RV and loaded these dogs and returned home. All in all about a 12 hour trip for our volunteers.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pattie – that is nothing short of a miracle! I’ll post the puppy pictures – tiny little squirmy things! I can’t believe how many dogs you saved today – why, oh why, are there so many to save?????

  10. Pamela Dempsey

    I enjoyed your post and in awe of the quilt makers gift quilts! Love the readers quilts too and the pets pictures 🥰

  11. Sherrill

    SO MANY GORGEOUS quilts but that owl with the barns! WOW!! Definitely my favorite. And I think little Heidi was craving some attention. Too cute.

  12. Nancy Poole

    Fabulous quilt show today. The Minnesota show quilts were awesome. But the Chicken quilt by a reader was my favorite.

  13. Rhoda Ebersole

    I have that book and have always enjoyed it. What a good challenge idea. I used to belong to that MN Quilt Guild sigh!

    I sold one of my Suring History books to a friend in Canada and the shipping was almost as much as the book cost. $23.10

  14. Sharon Geiger

    This post is an absolute VISUAL FEAST!!!!!! Wow!! Can’t wait to meet the new puppy, too.

  15. Sherri Huff

    Great quilt show today! What is the name of the yellow/orange pattern from buttonbug? I’d like to make this.

    1. Beckyin WA

      Hi, I made that top a while back and it sat in the “to-be-quilted” pile for a long time, lol. I honestly don’t remember the pattern and didn’t find it on my shelves today. Just a guess, it might be from Simplify or, Simply Retro by Camille Roskelly (Thimble Blossoms). I didn’t keep those books when I downsized my collection recently, so can’t be sure. Glad you like it!

  16. Janet

    Beautiful quilts from your viewers and from the quilt show. I love the challenge quilts!

  17. Li

    The Minnesota Quilt Show is an exceptional one. Those Quiltmaker’s Gift quilts should be on a national tour. What amazing work.

  18. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    What a wonderful post, a feast for the eyes for sure!
    We are heading home Thursday, after being out in our camper for a month. I hope my coneflowers greet me with as much beauty as Patti’s from Pennsylvania.
    I loved all the quilts, especially the 9-patch hanging on the fence near Mia.
    Mary, I am looking forward to reading Oh, Susannah to my sister’s little grandchildren; they will love it. 🥰

  19. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

    I love The Quiltmaker’s Gift and seeing the book made into quilts is awesome. Thank you to whomever took the photos. The reader quilts are so colorful and fun. And, there are so many different kinds of quilts represented. Is that Heidi “helping” you sew? Buddy does that, too. He thinks all 18.5 lbs of him should fit right under the foot!! I sent for OH, SUSANNAH today:) I forgot to ask if you would sign it? My grand kids are 21,20, 19, and 19. This book is for me:)

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – not to worry – I signed every book and wrote many notes along the way to those of you I know. Yes, that’s Heidi – and she’s too close for comfort!!

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

        I got a chuckle out of Heidi. She loves to be close to you:)
        Thank you for OH, Susannah! I can’t wait:)

  20. Jan Frank-de Ois

    Winnie from Illinois, I salute you! I made the same one, and it journeyed with me to Connecticut to family tragic deaths. I needed its stories. My church accepted it as a gift, and it hangs in the sanctuary.

  21. Rita in Iowa

    Thanks for the great quilt show today and sharing of the quilt show quilts. The quilts are all stunning.

    Mary sending out my check for the book tomorrow.

    Hopefully we get some of the rain forecasted, Cedar Rapids is down more than 8 inches for the year.

    Hair cut tomorrow and Wednesday a consultation for cataract surgery.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – the rain missed us again tonight. I’ll have to water in the morning.

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