Finally, A Finish! 3-21-2020

I washed the baby boy quilt made completely from men’s dress shirts, front, back and binding and because the shirts had been washed over and over the quilt is just downright squishy! I love it! Found the perfect striped shirt of blue, white and orange for bias binding.

Here it is from start to finish.

I won’t be gifting it for awhile so if the weather gets nice I’ll take another picture outside.

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Here’s another finish that I forgot yesterday, one of our older patterns from the 90’s.

I ran out of steam on my Death Cleaning – with this serious virus, I sort of wondered what the point was. It’s all very worrisome, isn’t it?

I’m going to help our pastor with the online service tomorrow morning, same time, same place as every Sunday morning. He has the bulletin ready for watchers to follow or print out and he has the words to the songs all posted so our church family can sing along at home! Isn’t that just awesome? I’m going to play the piano as if they were sitting in the pews, Pastor Lund is going to sing and they’re going to sing along at home. I love it!!! Remember Sing Along With Mitch? Well, this is Sing Along With Zion!

Believe it or not, I have another finish to show you tomorrow! Whenever I work out in the shop and start looking around, I find one UFO after another! Sad.

Hang in there, Everybody! And stay in touch!

56 thoughts on “Finally, A Finish! 3-21-2020

  1. Kathy Hanson

    I just love the baby quilt!! I
    Am making a work shirt memory quilt for a woman whose husband died a year ago. Young! I plan to use fabric from the shirts for the binding too! But flannel on the back.
    Enjoy your church experience tomorrow it sounds wonderful!!

  2. Vickie Lemonds

    Love the quilt! It’s adorable, Mary, and the binding IS perfect. You gave Jerry and me a good hardy laugh. We were in bed and I read your blog out loud, as I do most nights. We got the biggest kick out of your comments regarding death cleaning and “what’s the point”.
    Do take good care of yourself. You’ve had a big year with surgeries and we want you to take extra, extra care! You entertain us so much!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Vickie Lemonds – I got your Easter card today, Vickie, and was touched beyond words by your compliment! Thank you so very much! Maybe I’ll get a second wind on the Death Cleaning – I sure don’t want my poor niece to see all the stuff that I still enjoy! Haha!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Vickie Lemonds – a year ago I was still walking without a cane but with pain. It has been a terrible year – I can’t wait to get back to our normal!

  3. Robin Boggan

    Mary I love your baby quilt! What a great way to use shirts!
    I enjoy your blog so much! Thanks for your patterns that you give the opportunity to get! 😃

  4. Dorothy

    Love the baby quilt. Old shirts are just so soft, perfect for a baby quilt. One of the churches in our area had everyone park in the parking lot with their phones and had service that way. Lots of them are doing by video, etc. Be safe

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Great use of men’s shirts to make an adorable baby quilt.
        Funny to see Jan comment cause I was doing a search for her fabric line last night……Front Porch. I am working on my stay at home quilt using that stunning line. I refuse to call it my corona virus quilt. It has so much meaning to me that once I finish it, I will tell you about.
        I love that you all get to sing together this morning virtually, Mary!

      2. CountryThreads Post author

        Jan Patek – yes, I do know how much you love plaids! It turned out cute but oh my, give me some new fabric that’s not so soft and thin! Haha!

  5. Karla T.

    Oh MAN! I LOVE the blue shirt baby quilt! Everything about it is awesome– the colors, the binding, the backing, the quilting– and the fact that it is squishy! and I also love the ’90’s quilt– I have that pattern too and still want to make it someday— Our church is going to be online also tomorrow…. aren’t we lucky we have the technology to keep in touch like this in these times?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Karla T – yes, we are extremely lucky but here’s the thing – we have lots of elderly members who don’t even have computers and they’re the ones who would appreciate the service. And would watch!

      1. Beryl BC

        You are right. My prayers are for those older people that live alone and don’t use internet. They will miss their church service and also congregate meals that many participate in. Phone calls to them will help. I’ve got one lady I’ve been trying to stay in touch with. Some of them do have phone networks with others in similar situations.

        Our service was both livestream from website and FB live. The livestream worked better likely because of so many churches using FB live at the same time.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Beryl BC – our service was the same and I’m just now going to post about it.

  6. Charlotte Shira

    I love the blue shirt baby quilt. You have the best ideas!
    Our church is having service online too. I’ll be so glad when this “shelter in place” is over. Everyone stay safe.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Charlotte Shira – I thought of you last week and wondered how you were doing. All this upheaval at the same time you lost a Dick – must be so unsettling for you!

  7. Patty Turner

    Love the baby quilt! I made a quilt for each of my kids out of housecoat material when my mom passed. So treasured! If anyone is interested, there is a critical need for sewers to make face masks for the medical staff at my son’s hospital in WV. Please email me and I’ll send the info. I’m at

  8. Beryl in Owatonna

    The baby quilt is so cute!! What kind of batting do you use to make it squishy or is it the fabrics that make it that way? It does look squishy!
    We will be having church in the family room tomorrow. The church is live streaming music and the sermon. They have been practicing all week, I guess! Guess it is better than none at all. This panic must stop. So glad you can play again, even if the church is empty!!
    I will head to Iowa tomorrow for, I’m not sure how long. Minnesota Governor is talking about having everyone stay home, so 2 people here need to work from here. One office would set up in the sewing room so I wouldn’t have a place to sew. I am trying to decide if I will bring my machine with. A couple of quilt shops are open, I think. Will see. I may make face masks too. The weather is supposed to warm up so we may work outside too.
    There is a prayer request going around for everyone to stop and pray for the President, healing from the virus, and a cure for the virus. Pray for one minute! That is pretty easy and will make a difference!!

  9. Gloria B.

    Fabulous baby quilt. I love the look of shirts in quilts. I fight temptation to start collecting them!

  10. Dee Winter

    I have a tshirt quilt pieces ready to make of my husband’s shirts. He usually wore a black pocket tshirt, so I wound up using shirts that were mine we had bought together. He liked going to the quilt shops with me, loved the printed panels. I am making this quilt with connector strips from a whole bolt of Paula Nadelstern he bought, and the back will be several of his printed panels pieced together. I said I wasn’t making one, but I am looking forward to getting it done.

  11. Janet

    Love the baby quilt from shirts. It looks so comfy and soft. Good job getting it done.

    I’ve been vegging in front of the TV. I’ve cut fabric and marked pieces in preparation for sewing but haven’t gotten in front of the machine. Hopefully tomorrow.

    Church service sounds perfect. The Lord will see you all celebrating Him together, no matter where your bodies are. Stay safe!

  12. Sharon Ray

    Love the baby quilt. It has given me ideas to use my deceased husband’s old shirts I’ve been saving for my grandson’s quilt. The church idea is great! This too, shall pass and I hope we learn something positive from it. Thank you for doing this blog, I love reading your words.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sharon Ray – this blog is my own personal contact with the world out there!

  13. Gretchen Weaver

    The baby quilt is awesome, it will be well loved! Friday my church attached a video of the Sunday sermon and also special music in the daily email they send. I’ve saved it to watch this Sunday morning. The first case of the virus has tested positive in our county, that person is in the hospital.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gretchen Weaver – there is one case 20 miles from us – just reported yesterday!

  14. Gloria from CC

    Love the baby quilt from men’s shirts. Yesterday I got my stash of shirts out and started a new quilt using my accuquilt Go! Cutter. I bought the “Canoe” die cutter and am using sixteen different shirts. After the pieces are stamped out, I’ll mix them up so it looks scrappy. Sure goes fast using a cutter.
    Our church sermon broadcasts on a local radio station every Sunday morning so today won’t be any different. Church members with computers can also watch it online but most of our members are elderly.
    Angel is still continuing to improve and loves to watch me sew. We’re waiting for the results of the bladder stone composition so we know what kind of prescription dog food to feed her. That was Angel sitting in front of the Country Threads’ Candy Cane quilt. I had purchased that pattern and kit in 2004 but never finished it. Everyone stay safe and healthy.

  15. Rita in Iowa

    Mary love your baby quilt, hope in time we will see the baby who will receive it.

    I’m working on a quilt for my sister. It will be 100×100”. Half of the blocks are done. Every Block has 53 pieces and I need 42 blocks.

    As we postponed our trip to Texas to see our daughter we have spent more time talking over the phone. She said she is journaling about this experience. My other daughter who lives North of Chicago has been spending time with home schooling their son. For their PE class they take their dog for walks. She said they have met neighbors they hadn’t met before and talk from afar.
    Everyone stay safe and well.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rita in Iowa – I never thought of journaling about this experience but I don’t have anybody to leave it to who might be interested in reading it. I LOVE that PE class is walking the dog- a great idea!!!

      1. Linda in SE MN

        Mary – your blog IS your journal and we all love reading it every single day!! Actually, this blog is better than a plain journal with so many pictures, etc. More like a scrapbook maybe…🙂.

  16. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Just think, Mary, it would be a long wait for this to be over if you didn’t have a hobby/former work and all those UFO’s! I, too, love the blue shirt quilt. I am happy to have so many things to keep me occupied. As my hubby says, I am not a good “sitter”. Near here, two young kids dressed in their good clothes and played their cellos on their elderly neighbor’s porch—safe distance away. She was sooo touched and it was beautiful. I will think of you, Mary, joyfully playing to a audience of one, but so many of us will “ hear” you.🎹🎼. More stitching to do:)

  17. Paula Philpot

    Love everything about the baby quilt. I think it is perfect. I love the quilts made from shirts. Paula in KY

  18. Kathy Roloff

    Love the baby quilt! I see a fabric line with those soft stripes and plaids. I look forward to your posts everyday. It’s like touching base with a friend. Thank you for taking the time and effort, especially in these uncertain times.

  19. Carol in Memphis

    LOVE LOVE your baby quilt! The added color blocks add such a punch! Going to keep the photo as an idea- I’m a blue girl. Can never have enough blue quilts.

    Have been working diligently on old photos- so much more to do but amazing how much can get done in 1 hr a day. Cannot deal with it for longer than that.

    Have been finishing up smaller wool projects and even made myself a shirt. This week plan to get back to my red snowball quilt.

  20. Diane Bauer

    I just love your baby quilt!! Makes me consider a trip to Goodwill and ARC to shop the racks for old men’s shirts!! Oh. But we can’t do that with the virus, can we? We really are living in strange times.

    My friend, Sharon, and I have been sewing masks the last couple of days, and as I write this, she is cutting more as I catch up on the news. We heard yesterday that 1/4” elastic is now in short supply. Who would have thought. We may go to bias tape ties. Reports are conflicting as to how effective these masks will be, but my daughter-in-law’s Mom, an RN, is home making very similar masks at the request of her hospital. Ours have an opening in the back for an N95 filter.

    My quilts are not getting finished, but I’m fine with that. I kind of think I will have time for that next week.

    Stay healthy, all of you!

  21. Jan in NW WI

    I too love the blue baby quilt. Just prefect. I noticed that Patty Turner sent out a request for sewers to make face masks. Last evening my physician called me at home. She knew I was a sewer, and asked if I would be willing to make face masks for the clinic. There is a crying need for face masks everywhere. These will not approved for coronovirus protection, but will provide some protection from germs. There are many tutorials out on the web.Make sure you wash the fabric and that it is a tight weave. Your local clinics, daycare facilities , food pantries, neighbors, and workers will gladly accept these hand made masks. Perhaps with continued vigilant hand washing, social distancing, staying at home and wearing a mask we can slow this thing down. All of us have lots of scraps, and now we have lots more time to sew. If we all join in, we can make a difference! Stay safe!

  22. Joyce from NY

    Love your blue baby quilt!! Did you design the pattern? Have never made a quilt of men’s shirts, sounds fun. I’ve been quilting a couple ufo’s. Would like to start something new, but determined to finish my ufo’s. Stay safe & healthy everyone.
    It’s nice Mary you keep all of us connected in these crazy times!

  23. Beth

    Love that baby quilt. I am working on one right now as a leader and ender in pink and blues from shirts!

    Thank you for posting everyday – I look forward to it.

  24. Susy Boyer

    Good morning. Beautiful Baby quilt. It just looks so soft and inviting.
    Thank you for your wonderful words… I’m starting the day singing and remembering Mitch!

  25. Betty Klosterman

    Guess I’m one of the “elderly” fans you talk about? As for your death cleaning, forget about it. If you enjoy all that stuff, go for it. Your pleasure is all that matters. I think I’m kind of there, too, but if I can just keep the space around all my stuff–mainly fabric, etc–dusted who cares? I’m sitting in the middle of all my fabric, patterns and so many ideas for the stash. And I’m about as happy as I can get using the fabric, feeling it and just looking at all the pretty colors and imagining everything I can make. And I am using up pieces but it doesn’t seem to make a dent.
    My mother was a saver from growing up in the depression. She didn’t throw much away. When she died, my aunt asked where we would start. My answer was “on top.” I knew it would be a job, but that was alright. It was actually like a scavenger hunt. The junk and then something really neat.
    The shirts you use for the quilts are 100% cotton? I think that is what you said before. I’m going to have to look into the mask patterns.
    I like what this quarantine if doing for families. As for schooling, some parents don’t have any education….., but there are other things to teach the kids, too. The young generation has never known true hardship and survival so they are beginning to get a course in that, too.
    In the meantime, Mary, enjoy all your stuff, the critters and everybody will come out for the better.

  26. Bonnie

    Love the shirt quilt and your straight line quilting.
    My church did the same thing and I watched on Facebook but cried through the whole thing because I missed my church friends so much.
    Stay safe and keep posting.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janet Snyder – the baby boy quilt? No pattern – just me making blocks and putting them together but you can do the same on a 2” grid.

  27. Sue in Oregon

    What a darling little baby boy quilt!! It just looks so cuddly and cute. I would love to make a shirt quilt but that is a ways down the road.
    Right now I just want to get well. I have bee very sick and am currently trying to keep the pneumonia away that is threatening me. They found a spot in one lung that they think is the beginning of pneumonia, so I am on an extra-strong antibiotic to make it go away. I ran a temp. for over 10 days. I didn’t know what to do with all that is happening, so I just rested and hoped the temp would leave. It didn’t. Finally, on Friday, I went to our Immediate Care Center. They did 6 different tests, I was there for over 3 hours, and this pneumonia thing was the outcome. The temp. is gone and has been a few days. I am so weak, but getting stronger. Oh yes, they said if these were different times, they would have put me in the hospital.
    My oxygen count was pretty bad but I bought a tester and it is getting better. I’ve learned a lot from this. Never let a temperature go that long. I was admonished for that. And, if your illness seems strange, it probably is, so get help. I have so much more to say but I won’t bore you. One last thing….I do not and never have had a cough. That’s another thing they can”t quite get over.
    Last…it isn’t all about Covid 19. The press seems to forget there are other viruses floating around out there.
    Keep safe and keep well. I need to make some hand sanitizer.

    1. Roxanne

      That baby quilt is perfectly lovely! I’m not sure I have enough blue shirts. Ha!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue in Oregon – oh, Sue, I am so sorry to hear you’ve been sick all this time! And they’re sure it wasn’t the Covid-19? I’ll bet you’re as weak as a sick kitten – is someone there to help you? When you get well, you can make a shirt quilt but right now you should just concentrate on getting well – 100% well!

  28. Debbie B

    What a lovely blue baby quilt. I love the recycled shirts. They always look so warm and soft. I know they aren’t the easiest to work with , but worth it none the less. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Luci

    What a pretty quilt you made. I love it, and I think the recipient will be very happy to have it.

    I agree with one of the earlier comments about praying for the President, and would certainly add all health workers, who are there for all of us.

  30. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I hope is OK to put this in your blog if not you can tell me later. A friend sent me this request and I want to pass it along for three reasons: I think we are all believers and we all know the prayer that Jesus taught us. If we have ever been in need of prayers this Is the time. Thanks, Mary.

    A chain of one million Our Fathers for those who are suffering from the corona virus and to stop the spread of the virus.
    Say one our Father and past it to 10 people. Don’t break the chain.

    The baby quilt is beautiful, you have such a sense of color and everything you put together ends looking nice. We did Mass on TV and it was comforting. Stay healthy everyone.

  31. Pat Anderson

    That baby quilt is wonderful! What a great use for old shirts! I guess I’m going to have to start haunting the Goodwill! I have 40+ years of quilting “stuff” myself so have been sorting and “gifting.” Not sure I like the death cleaning name, but that’s what I’ve been doing for years. Our two sons have no interest in my quilting stash and the two granddaughters have no interest in any of my sewing machines. I have designated who gets what in my will of the machines though. It is such a relief to get these things done! With what is going on in our country right now, it’s a great time to be proactive and work at this kind of thing with still plenty of time to quilt/embroider/knit or whatever. I agree with you that we all need to lean on our faith and we’ll get through!

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