Finding Those Eggs!

As soon as the chickens are allowed to roam the yard it becomes somewhat of a challenge to gather the eggs. Hens will lay eggs in the tall grass, in a hay bunk, in a corner or even in a goose nest. When I don’t find as many eggs as I think I should, I have to start searching. Even in the barn they get adventuresome and lay eggs in unusual places.

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For instance, see this barn window just leaning against the wall?

I didn’t think there was enough space for a chicken to get behind it but look what I found!

Here’s a pet carrier- look inside – hard to see but there’s one egg.

Upstairs in the haymow is where we store our alfalfa hay bales and we keep a tarp over the stack to keep it clean. The chickens have found the little space at the top of the stairs that I leave open for the cats and they go upstairs to lay eggs!

Every place there’s a little hidey hole they lay an egg! Now in this weather it won’t matter if I don’t find it till the next day but come summer that won’t be the case.

And here’s the pail full of eggs from the far corner of the hay shed where I had to crawl on my hands and knees to reach the nest consisting of both goose eggs and hen eggs. These will have to be trashed because I don’t know how long they had been there. I’ll break them for the chickens and no, I don’t think that will drive them to break their own eggs. I’ve done it for years.

Here’s my beautiful basketful of perfect eggs that came to the kitchen.

Today when I walked to the mailbox something caught my eye on the ground – this gorgeous bird egg – is it robin? I’m not sure and I can’t see the nest. Isn’t it the most beautiful color you’ve ever seen?

It looks like the wrong shape to be a robin egg – does anybody know? I took it to the piano room where I laid it in a small nest saved in my cupboard.

And in an ironstone butter pat.

That was one fun thing that happened today. Since the weather got very nice this afternoon I finished up with the hydrangeas. (It’s dark now and I forgot to take a picture – I will tomorrow.). But this is a huge relief to have it done. We’re supposed to get rain the rest of the week. Now that’s why I have to work so hard when weather permits.

Here’s Margie B’s Harvey.

My pencil tree is sending off lots of new growth.

And here’s what I got done on Saturday – the Kaffe Fassett blocks put together. Now I’m piecing a back and hopefully the next rainy day it will go on the longarm.

And Martingale was kind enough to send these three new releases for a book giveaway. Leave a comment and I’ll have Reed pick 3 names. I’ll post those names and if your name is chosen, you’ll have to email your address to me for shipping.

Technology is a mystery, isn’t it? The ads are appearing again and we want to thank all of you who support this blog in this way. Closing an ad is your way of saying thank you!

Is little improv project is by my machine tonight.

Our aunt, Blanche Friedow, Mom’s younger sister, resides at Westview Care Center In Britt, IA and was recently chosen to be prom queen. Our mom, Hazel, was crowned Valentines Day queen one year at Concord and she was just tickled. I think Blanche is, too!

For those of you who mentioned the Kramers at Jo’s Country Junction, thank you for your prayers and your support. I ordered my t-shirt that says Kramer Strong, In This Family No One Fights Alone. What a wonderful supportive family motto! I caught myself beginning to whine about my knee that hurts and I caught myself in time. I have nothing to complain about. Please Lord, watch over the Kramer Family and give them strength!

248 thoughts on “Finding Those Eggs!

  1. Sandy Allen

    Boy those chickens are creative in finding a place to lay their eggs! Glad you were able to find so many of them. Such pretty colors, too.

    1. Marian Stever

      Love those eggs! All different sizes. The Kaffe top is so colorful. Thank you for your caring thoughts about the Kramers. Nice to see another book giveaway. Fun. Have a good week with more rain on tap.

    2. Mary Ellen

      Hi – Love your Kaffe quilt !! Was it a kit? I bet your improve project is in honor of Gwen Marsten!
      Mary Ellen, a Little Quilts dinosaur!! xox

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Mary Ellen, Dinosaur – no kit, just collected fabric. Yes, in honor of Gwen Marston – I still have several online classes in working with solids by her.

      2. Rita S

        Free range chickens means free range eggs. Love that you put your found egg in a found nest. Such a pretty dish that it’s laying in.
        Love your quilt top, can’t wait to see the back.
        Stay dry.


    Looks like some fun reading! Always great getting new books to read with new ideas!

  3. Linette Stewart

    Mary your Kaffe Fassett blocks quilt is gorgeous!!!! I wish I could complete half as many projects as you do. Something to strive for 😊

  4. Melinda Themm

    A new book would be lovely. I’ve been sidelined by a stroke, in an ALF, and just starting to get the use of my arm back. I carried many of your patterns in my shop, Kit ‘N caboodle in Tamarac Fl. Love the news and photos of the critters and plants.

  5. Sheila Snyder

    Great job! I Love the bright, cheerful colors. It looks like spring is on it’s way!

  6. Nancy A

    I have be interested in Celebrate the Seasons by Pat Sloan ever since she announced it was published.

  7. Debbie Larson

    All three books look wonderful! I love your Kaffe Fassett quilt top in progress!

  8. Terry Johnson

    Thank you for sharing your stories about the eggs, the books, Aunt Blanche and your gardening. I enjoy all the adventures you share with your readers.

  9. Marilyn

    Mary what size are your blocks for the Kaffee Fasset quilt? I bought a Kramer Tshirt. Thank you for the egg adventure ..Easter bunny! Seeing all you plants. I would love to win a book.

  10. Peggy S

    Hi Mary & all. . I always enjoy reading your posts about life on the farm! Sounds so fun, but a lot of work. And then you come inside to tell us about your day! Hope that you have a little refreshment while you take the tome to do this!! 🤗👍🏻

    1. Jean

      Oh those chickens! Kaffe top is pretty! My prayers go to ‘The Kramers” during this time. And to you…. You are a precious part of my day. Thank you for hosting the book giveaway. They look interesting!
      -Jean ❤

  11. Carol

    I’m glad you found some joy on a difficult day! Your eggs are beautiful. Your blue egg does look like a robin’s egg but it seems kind of pointy, so I’m going to have to google that one!
    My project today… I bought a pattern to make a fold and go travel parcheesi board game for my son’s birthday. He’s doing the art for a card game right now (a paying job for an artist is something to be grateful for!), and I thought this would be a cute nod to his career path. It’s very scrappy and I think it’s going to be so cute! I used scraps from a Betsy Chutchian’s Eliza’s Indigo fabric line plus stash scraps.
    Does Reed like hedgehogs? My son’s game art involves hedgehogs dancing and cavorting and who knows what?!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – we are unfamiliar with hedgehogs but one of my email friends in Europe has sent me pictures of them in her yard. She makes little houses for them!

  12. Barbie Z

    Your Kaffe blocks make me want to pull out my fabrics and play with them as it is gorgeous. I was sad to read Jo Kramer’s post today but know the family is getting a lot of support and prayers.

  13. Chris H.

    Loved your basket of eggs. Such pretty colors~ The books look like they would be fun. I love to incorporate embroidery in my quilt blocks. “Stitched So Sweet” looks to be right up my alley. As always, thanks for sharing, Mary.💕

  14. Jennifer Covello

    Farm life and quilting ! Two things I love learning about. Thanks for doing this blog even if it frustrating at times.

  15. Lorri

    Lovely eggs and great egg hunt. Thank you for sharing the books. The Kramer, s have been in my prayers also.
    Sewpiecefully, Lorri

  16. Diane

    I am shocked to see so many eggs. Such creative spots to lay them. Prayers to Jo and Kramer. Your quilts are so great. I wish I had the drive to complete as many quilts as you do. We are so lucky that you share so much with all of your readers.

  17. Kim J LeMere

    Those chickens are creative with their eggs! I love all those stips of stripes that you are working on, hope you show us what you make with them. It just breaks my heart to read some of the updates from the Kramer family, I so love there blog and patterns. A shirt is on my horizon also, what a wonderful idea.

  18. Debra Miller

    I guess I’m lucky, even when my hens are loose they always go back to the hen house to the nest boxes. I love the blue eggs and the bird egg is beautiful-looks so good in the little nest. Thanks to both Martingale and you for a chance in the generous giveaway!

  19. Eleanor from RI

    I already have your Sew Charming book but I would love to win one of the other books.
    Didn’t know that chickens lay their eggs here and there and everywhere.

  20. Nancy Pleimann

    Mary can you tell me the size of the Kaffe blocks are? Love the look of that quilt. I need to get started on my Kaffe fabric. So much I want to do. Love your blog.

  21. Doris

    I love reading your blog and I also follow Jo’s blog. I pray for them to find strength to get thru this rough time. I love your pictures of the animals and chickens. I have been closing the ads also. ❤️

  22. Janie Lang

    Those eggs are a thing of beauty! Must be challenging finding them all! My husband used to blow out goose eggs so my aunt could decorate them! Not as easy as it sounds…lol!

  23. Virginia

    Loved that you took us on the egg hunt! Those chickens are pretty creative! Extra prayers to Jo and Kramer.

  24. Donna

    Books look interesting. I have a ton of charms squares that need some inspiration. Love you blog and stories about your animals.

  25. Karen Gaither

    Mary will be like Easter Hunting daily to find your
    Eggs. I have a mental picture of you looking for eggs.
    Please enter me in the drawing for a book.

  26. Frances Carter

    What beautiful eggs! Most of us only ever see white and brown eggs! Aunt Blanche deserves to be queen she is beautiful and quite royal in her own rights! I don’t know the Kramers but will remember them in my prayers.

  27. Nancy

    Love all the different color of eggs in the basket. Brings up some memories when I was growing up and had to gather the eggs. Prayers to the Kramer family.

  28. Lisa in Washington state

    Your Kaffe top is beautiful! I have done 2 quilts with his fabric, one was a queen sized Twister and the other one was a king sized 9 patch I made for my father-in-law’s 90th birthday a few years ago. He doesn’t see colors very well anymore so he loved the bright fabrics and shows pictures of it on his phone to everyone that will look! He is quite a guy! BTW, I would love to win a book! Our weather is very volatile right now, sun rain, wind, snow and hail! Take your pick, in 10 minutes it’ll change! Happy Spring!

  29. Carol F.

    Thank you for a chance to win a book! I found a similar looking egg today as well, but sadly it was broken.

  30. Pam

    If you don’t gather the eggs, do the chickens sit on them until they hatch? I know you said that some of them you thought might be too old to use. The eggs look lovely, especially the special little turquoise. It looks comforable in your nest! Your aunt looks so elegant in her fancy gold prom clothes. Your blogs are so interesting and I enjoy them so much. Thanks for posting!

  31. Louverna Tomer

    Mary, just think, you have your own Easter egg hunt every day. I gathered the eggs when I was young and spent the summers at my Uncle’s farm, a long time ago. I’m 76 yrs old and still think about my times on the farm. I loved it back then. I would like to enter my name for the books you are giving away.
    Also, I’m praying for the Kramers. They are going thru a tough time. God is in charge.
    Thank you for sharing a part of your daily life with us and all your plants and animals. I enjoy reading your blog.
    Louverna Tomer

  32. Carol

    Starling, house finch, bluebird… birds that lay eggs similar to your “robin egg.” I looked up blue eggs/what birds?, and found some photos. If you don’t have a robin’s egg, then I think it could be a starling.

  33. Sue in PA

    I love the two tails in the picture of your improv quilt in progress. Would love to win your book. Love all the chicken/egg info. Praying for the Kramer family also.

  34. Judi Leventhal

    How nice of Martingale to send the books fora giveaway. I love your Kaffe Fassett quilt. Very bright and cheerful. I love all the colors of your chicken eggs. I would have a hard time eating them, they are so pretty. And, the bird egg you found is stunning.

  35. Beryl BC

    Your pictures are all great. The Kaffe Fassett quilt is so pretty. Blanche looks happy; Westview is a good place. The eggs are all interesting. I always thought all eggs that color were from robins. Continued prayers for the Kramers.

  36. jane Lamborn

    Love seeing your quilts and the animal adventures! Thanks so much for sharing your life!

  37. Jan treml

    Love reading about your days. Only got to visit your shop a few times but enjoyed shopping there. You certainly keep busy in your retirement! Would love to win a book!

  38. Pat Smith

    My heart aches for any family going through the dreaded cancer diagnosis and treatment. I love his family’s attitude about no one in their family fighting alone—they sound like very supportive family. Hospice has helped so many people, and I hope my family seeks their help should one of us need it. I love all the egg pictures you posted, but I just don’t know how you are able to accomplish all you do in a day! Do you not have the need of 8 hrs. sleep at night? I wish I didn’t need those unproductive 8 hrs.!

  39. Joyce C

    It’s like Easter everyday day at your farm.. hunting for eggs!! What beautiful colors that only nature can produce! I agree with you that we have nothing to complain about. Makes me stop and count my blessings ♥️

  40. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    I would say you had a belated Easter Egg Hunt. Silly chickens!! Did you ever think about blowing out the eggs so you can keep them forever? They are Martha Stewart style. Harvey is really cute. Your blocks are beautiful. That will be a treasure. Congrats to the Prom Queen! Very nice picture. It looks like a robin egg to me–right color for your location. Waiting to see what you are doing with the grey strips.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Schwartz – I have saved many assorted eggs but have never blown them out. If you leave eggs in the crisper drawer for several months they dry up inside and sometimes they even rattle with that little dried up yolk as hard as a marble. My chickens came from the same hatchery in Webster City that Martha also orders from. She even has paint colors like the eggs!

  41. Roxanne

    “Where’s Waldo” has nothing on “Where’s Mary’s chicken eggs?”! Lol
    Would love any of the books. Thank you.

  42. Susan Slaton

    House finches lay pointy blue eggs like yours. Too bad mama bird lost it. I wish we could have some chickens here. Fresh eggs are wonderful! I really like the simple blocks in the Kaffe quilt, they show off the fabric well.

  43. Launa

    Mary..Same old thing here…started out sunny 😎, then a brief winter mix. Weather news sent update about a snow coming….looks like winter wonderland again as trees’ branches are totally frosted! Next storm is dropping up to 7” by morning.
    Enjoyed seeing all the egg hiding places you visit and your Fassett top with the cat sitting proudly on the corner.
    Lovely picture of Queen Blanche!
    Continuing prayer support for Jo’s family!

  44. Martha

    Hi Mary, I don’t usually post, but want to thank you for the news about Kramer. I read Jo’s blog, but I get it late in the day. I have been praying and trying to send help as I can. Thanks again. I would love the books, but I know you have so many readers. I just love your egg hunt pictures and all the animals. Thanks for all you do . I close ads all the time, sometime more than once. Martha, Ok

  45. Marie Fibelstad

    Love the stories and pictures of your animals and quilts. Think maybe Hazel needs to be trained to find the eggs in summer time. I bet she could do that!! Thanks for all the sharing you take the time to do for us.
    I always got your newspaper for years, in fact bet I could find some of my copies, would not part with them.
    Marie Fibelstad from Storm Lake, IA

  46. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

    Your chickens must have known it was close to Easter so they hid your eggs.
    Is there anyone cancer doesn’t affect? It is such a rotten disease. Hope and faith do help. A friend the same age as my kids (48 ) is cancer free after having lung cancer that matastisized to her brain.
    Your Kaffe Fassett top is beautiful!! I am not sure if that’s a Robin’s egg, but it is gorgeous. My husband has 12 Amaryllis outside getting ready to bloom. Your blog is always uplifting. Thank you.

  47. Donna O St Paul

    Love that blue egg you placed in your nest. You really had a day of searching for eggs. 😮. Look forward to your blog….adds to my day. 😊

  48. Connie Rademacher

    I’m looking forward to seeing how your improv quilt turns out. I really like the colors and prints you chose. Thanks for the chance to win a book.

  49. Alice

    Love the Kaffee Fasset quilt! So pretty for spring & summer! Being raised on a farm, I remember how creative chickens can be!

  50. Rosalie

    I need to go on a search here! I hear the hens cackling far away from their nesting boxes and need to find those eggs! I haven’t mowed in the garden where they run so will have to search through the high grass and wildflowers. Hopefully success tomorrow since you have inspired me.

  51. Connie R.

    Looking forward to seeing how your improv quilt turns out. I really like the colors and prints you chose. Thanks for the chance to win one of the books.

  52. Robin Boggan

    I love your Kaffe quilt! Such wonderful colors. The robin egg is a beautiful color and so much fun that you took pictures of it in the nest and dish. My heart is hurting for the Kramer family and sending many prayers there way.
    P.S. love your basket of egg!!

  53. Beryl Hoff

    I didn’t know chickens were so creative!! I love the different colors…so soft. The blue egg looks a little large for a robin egg but didn’t realize other birds laid a “robin’s egg blue” egg! Maybe so!
    I like the bright colored quilt, though not my style. I have done a batik quilt that wasn’t “me”, I like it but may sell it.! I have done a couple of table runners in bright colors too, they were gifts and turned out nice.
    Our snow started about 6, very light. My car has a dusting on it. The winter weather advisory is on until noon tomorrow but there are not many clouds on the radar map!! That is OK with me! Only 35 tomorrow but then warmer the rest of the week. Rainy days are great for quilting.
    The book give away sounds fun!! Like I need another book, LOL!

  54. Pam from Waterloo

    I really enjoyed your egg hunt. I’m not a farm girl so I had no idea those chickens could find so may hiding places. They must be “eggstra” smart!
    I’ve been helping a friend put binding on a quilt, she is so fussy and wasn’t happy with how it was going. We’re about done and I’m glad glad glad! Binding is my least favorite part of quilting.
    I’d love one of those new books, maybe find a new project and learn a few things.

  55. Mary

    What a beautiful egg? Reminded me of a robin’s egg but a bit more intense in color. What about a blue jay’s egg?

  56. the other Angie

    It’s funny … you have painted such a wonderful picture of life on your farm – lots and lots of work, but it all looks so rewarding. I even felt (note, past tense!!) a little nudge to think about chickens and enjoying those beautiful fresh eggs every day… until this post!! With everything else you do, I cannot imagine having to hunt for the eggs!! That thought never occurred to me! Doesn’t sound like fun!! Hehe!! My organic eggs from Publix seem a whole lot better now!

    So sad and sorry to hear about your friend. The strength of that family will be such a blessing for each of them as they go through this struggle together. Prayers for all of them.

  57. Carmen M.

    Your chickens are playing hide and seek the eggs with you, what fun!! I don’t know where you get the energy to do all you do in one day, it always amazes me!! I love to read about your daily happenings on your farm!!! For sure you never have a dull day!
    I am praying also for Jo and Kramer, and their lovely kids who are giving and doing all they can to help!!
    How wonderful for Martingale to send you books for a give away, thanks for a chance to win!

  58. Patty T.

    It’s like an adult Easter egg hunt for those chicken eggs! I have enjoyed seeing the different Harvey’s this month. Mine is slowly getting together from a kit I had of yours.

  59. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, we had ducks many years ago and they produced the most beautiful eggs. I boiled them, gently, for a long time…maybe 6 hours. The white disintegrates and the yolk becomes hard. I still have those eggs and the color is still preserved. I read this somewhere…how to make homemade baby rattles.
    That was 30 years ago!

    We are getting snow today..they have forecasted 6-8”. It is still April!!!

  60. Peggy Thompson

    Comfort & blessings for the Kramer family & to you! I look forward to your posts every day. They remind me to enjoy the simple things each day & look for blessings in the most unexpected places!

  61. Terri

    I live in a farm for years and loved the fresh eggs. Something I miss. Reading about you and Reed and quilts and other everyday happenings makes me smile.

  62. Charlotte

    Easter Egg Hunt!!! Loved these photos and all your photos all the time! Lifting the Kramers in prayer and God’s comfort and strength! 💕💕💕💕

  63. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Your chickens are not only creative hiding eggs but love the colored ones. During WWII we blew the egg out of the shell to decorate for Easter. I had a neighbor that decorated blown out eggs with beads, ribbon, etc beautiful. Fun to see the kitty tails in one picture.

  64. Mary Stivers

    The eggs look so pretty in your basket. I’m in a city but always thought it would be nice to have chickens.

  65. Margaret

    The Kaffee quilt is so beautiful! Loved the egg hunt and winning a book would be a real treat. Thank You!!

  66. Rhoda Ebersole

    And I have a Harvey kit also. Will It ever be turned into a hanging Harvey?
    Good fir you to find all those eggs. I would not have the patience to do that.
    Nice if Martingale to send you their latest publications.

  67. Becki

    Mary I admire you for all that you get done. I sure have enjoyed the patterns you have reissued.

  68. Gloria B.

    The colors of your eggs are lovely. Another inspiration for a quilt. Would be fun to hunt for them a few times, but I imagine it’s a chore when it’s required frequently.

    Caught the comment about hedgehogs. It seems they are getting “popular” as pets. I was recently called into service to make a few hedgehog fleece blankets for my friend’s hedgehog named Earl. He’s pretty cute.

  69. Betty Klosterman

    Our snow is supposed to start about midnight. They say it may make everything very slick, but it probably won’t last very long. At least we won’t get the 36″ Montana got. Maybe there won’t be much left when it gets to Iowa.
    That blue egg is beautiful. Perfection in nature. Would it help if you had one of the boxes so each hen could have it’s space? I don’t know what they are called. We had them on the farm.
    When does Reed get out of school? Bet he is ready for the summer. He could draw my name for one of the books. It would be a nice surprise.
    The cancer causes such extreme pain and it is so awful to watch. I had never seen such pain before. My heart goes out to them.
    Spring will sprung one of these days.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty Klosterman – guess I should have taken a picture of all the nesting boxes I have – that sit empty while the chickens roam hither and yon laying eggs. Hope I don’t see any snow in the air!

  70. Casey

    Your days are so busy!! But I suppose it keeps you young, right? You rest, you rust!!

  71. Linda West

    I love your egg gathering story. It reminds me of my youth, growing up on a farm. The Kramers are in my prayers. It was heartbreaking to read Jo’s blog today.
    The books are all lovely and I would love to win one.

  72. Becky from IA

    I can’t believe all the different places that those crazy birds decided to lay eggs. Too bad you can’t train Hazel to hunt for eggs….wouldn’t that be cute? I love all the beautiful colors of all the eggs you found! Thanks for a chance to win a book “Sew Charming “ would be mine if I could have a choice

  73. Carolyn Boutilier

    You have your own Easter Egg Hunt everyday. that is so funny where those hens lay the beautiful eggs. I am sewing on my Kaffee 9 patch in the dark. will send you a picture when i have it all together.
    Carolyn B

  74. Judy S

    Mary, your blog and Jo Kramer’s bog have been my favorites for a long while. You Iowa gals keep it real. But reading Jo’s recent blogs has been difficult and sad. I’m so sad for her. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and everyday life.

  75. Noeleen Taylor

    Mary ,I love reading all your news. I feel as if you are the best neighbour ever. I love your Kaffe Fasset and cat picture.
    I would love the book with the Sew Charming little details. but we live in New Zealand so that won’t happen. It’s lovely, that Martingale shares copies of their books with their authors and other quilters and I hope it gives the receivers great pleasure.
    i have a book of yours from long ago. That’s when I discovered my love of country colours, those lovely comforting browns and turkey reds with just a dash of gold. They’re like hugs and that’s what I love most about quilting. Noel.

  76. Nikki M in Tx

    Mary,do you have any laying boxes? When I had chickens had I had boxes and they would mostly lay in them…usually all in one nest….guiene hens a different story…they would hide their eggs any and everywhere…lol once on tractor seat and once in bed of Polaris

  77. Barb K

    Love your Kaffe quilt!! Did you have a pattern for it? I really enjoy reading about your animals and garden and your collections!

  78. Caryn Goulden

    Loved hearing about the egg hunt. As a kid when I visited my grandparents I was in charge of gathering the eggs. I don’t think those chickens were quite as creative about hiding them as yours are! Thanks for taking the time almost every day to share your life on the blog!

  79. Diane Bauer

    Prayers for the Kramer family. Cancer Sucks. I can’t find a nicer thing to say about it. I just found out last week that a friend of mine is Stage 4 with small cell cancer of the liver and bones. He was fine and working full-time at the beginning of the month and we almost lost him last week. The reality is, cancer sucks.

    Fun project with the Kaffe Fassett fabrics! I haven’t sewn since I got news of Drew’s cancer last week. Time to get back to my machine.

    It’s snowing here and started several hours ahead of schedule. Forecast is 4-14″. I’ll be anxious to see what I wake up to.

    And your eggs are absolutely gorgeous! I love the robin egg blue egg!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – I think cancer has affected everyone somehow. It will do you good to get back to your machine. Did you see my question about the dogs? Where are they? You said you were missing them.

  80. Jackie Robinson

    Hey you all
    Would love to be picked for the book giveaway. The one in the middle is the 1 have my eyeball on. Love the story of your farm fur and feathered family. Hey Reed..pick me pleeeeaaasssse…will be your best friend…well if that won’t work…how about if I add you to my Christmas card list…some girls will do anything to be choosen…yup. thats me…just funning..have fun picking the winners…my name is famous…but i am you know what my name is famous for…

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jackie Robinson – I know a couple famous Jackie Robinson’s but I’ll ask Reed.

  81. patti leal

    a sad day indeed. prayers work wonders. am praying for the kramers. they have been hit hard, will surely test their faith. i believe they will be fine. my sister is dealing wwith cancer and it’s not pretty. she lives in richmond, i’m in florida and the rest of the family is in texas. would love the opportunity for the book with the charm squares. i have sooo many. they are everywhere. i’m using some jan patek charms in my temecula quilt i finally got the last of the half squares cut and sewn. hopefullly blocks will get finished tomorrow and i can look for a background. take care. i love all your ‘goings on’ at the farm. patti in florida

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Patti Leal – please contact me by email about a charm project. Thanks!

  82. Heather Kittelson

    I am laughing imagining you crawling around your barn w a basket collecting eggs! They are so beautiful, the delicate pastels are amazing. I love that they have a prom queen- only thing missing is a tiara- there needs to be more tiara events in a girls life.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Heather Kittleson – when my mom was Valentines Queen there WAS a tiara! My mom loved it! You’re right – there should be more tiara events in a girl’s life – love that thought!

  83. Beth T.

    Well, hi, Mary. Your visit today really ran the gamut! Loved the photo of your Aunt Blanche–she looked peachy and reminded me of my own Great Aunt Blanche. (I’m putting that name on our chicken list–it’ll be lovely to be calling, “Blanche, come on in!” every day and remembering Aunt Blanche.) We, too, have had games of hide-and-seek with our chickens. I’m not always as adept as you are at finding the eggs, and when I come across a cache and am not sure how old they are, I put them in a pitcher of water, one at a time. I’ve been told that if the egg sinks it is still good, but if it floats it is old and can’t be eaten. Had you heard that? The theory is, as the egg gets older, the bloom goes away and allows air in, I think. In any case, I haven’t had any trouble with this method, so I’m offering it as a suggestion, for what it’s worth. I have never seen an egg as blue as the one you found–and intact, too! The photo in the little brown-and-white dish was quite precious. And, yes, I love the Kramer’s family motto. (Whenever I hear a stirring motto such as that, I think we should have one, but I’m simultaneously frozen by how good the one I heard was. This motto had that effect on me.) Bless their darling hearts, as my grandfather would have said.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beth T – naming an animal after a beloved relative gives you that opportunity to say their name daily and remember. That’s why Hazel is named after my mom and Faye was named after Rick’s mom.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Beth T – forgot to say I have heard of that method of testing the eggs. Yes, when the bloom is gone, bacteria enters through the shell. That’s another reason I never wash my eggs until I use them. They remain so much fresher and everyone who gets my eggs knows they are unwashed.

  84. Cindy Karas

    The ads have started again-Yeah, I had no idea that they laid their eggs willy-nilly like that. Do they remember where they laid their eggs, can they lay more than one a day? Thanks so much, Cindy in Wi.

  85. Sue in Oregon

    I’ve been reading down through the comments. What a wonderful bunch of followers you have! So caring and thoughtful. They love your blog and so do I.
    Those chickens! They must giggle when they see you looking for their eggs. “Will she find them all?”
    I have not followed Jo Kramers blog, but my heart goes out to her and her family. Diane is right. Cancer sucks!!
    Good night…..

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue in Oregon – and I love hearing from you followers. It’s hardly fair that you enjoy hearing about my days on the farm and I know so little about all of you! And I would love to know!!!

  86. Candy

    So funny that the ads are multiplying … I closed 13 of them in one post the other day! I think everyone who follows Jo’s blog is hurting along with them. So sad that they can’t seem to catch a break!

  87. Bobbie

    Hi Mary, I just love you blog. You amaze me with all you do. I love your blue egg. I have a question do you put a small hole in it to empty it or will it rot and start to smell? I feel bad it fell out of a nest. Our weather here in Washington is off and on rain and the wind is still real cool. This coming week is going to be better with high 60’s.
    I have the Kramer’s in my prayers every night. They have a wonderful family and those beautiful new babies. I’m praying for good news real soon.
    I would also like to know if you can make quilts out of your book, if you don’t really like civil war fabric.? I like bright and light fabric and have never thought about a civil war book to make a quilt from. I’ve only been quilting 5 yrs.
    I hope your weather mellows out soon, you do so much outside work. Keep your pictures coming we all so enjoy them.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bobbie – yes, of course you can make any of our quilts in a bright palette – I’ve done it many times!

  88. jan VanDeWalle

    Love the bright Kaffe-Fasset quilt , I am going to have to look for some of that fabric.
    I don’t follow the Kramer blog but sending prayers to the family, cancer is a nasty disease that has touched most of us in one way or another.
    Love the egg hunt, I had nest boxes hanging on the chicken house wall and they mostly used them for laying. I had a ladder type roost on the other wall they liked the higher rails best and sometimes left an egg under there in the in the manure. I also used the float test to check for eggs that I was unsure of. if they float they are bad for sure. Like the book give away.

  89. Gramapama

    I usually read all the comments after I read your blog, but at 1:10 am there were 110 comments! I’ll have to save them for tomorrow. Your chickens are good at hiding their eggs, and you’re pretty good at finding them heeheehee!

  90. Karen

    Mary — Can’t imagine how long it must take you to hunt and locate all the eggs! You must get worn out by the time you’ve checked everywhere out! Are they laying again by that time / I have no exerience with chickens and so don’t know how often they lay.

    Sorry to hear about Jo’s family’s misfortune. Keeping him in my prayers. I had parts of 1 ling removed 2 years ago but all’s well at this time. Sounds and was scarey.

    Question: In the picture of today’s Harvey wallhanging, there is a woven basket hanging near him — can you take a better picture of it? I am a basketweaver and this pattern isn’t one I’ve seen before. /First I thought it might be a berry=picking basket but then again, maybe an onion basket?


  91. Heather

    We just found a duck nesting up against our house…after finding 2 of her eggs in the garden!

  92. Karen

    Mary — Can’t imagine how long it must take you to hunt and locate all the eggs! You must get worn out by the time you’ve checked everywhere out! Are they laying again by that time ? / I have no ex;perience with chickens and so don’t know how often they lay.

    Sorry to hear about Jo’s family’s misfortune. Keeping him in my prayers. I had parts of 1 lung removed 2 years ago but all’s well at this time. Sounds and was scarey.

    Question: In the picture of today’s Harvey wallhanging, there is a woven basket hanging near him — can you take a better picture of it? I am a basketweaver and this pattern isn’t one I’ve seen before. First I thought it might be a berry-picking basket but then again, maybe an onion basket?


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Karen – Margie sent me the Harvey picture. If she sees your comment maybe she will take that picture for you. Hens lay an egg about every 30 hours.

  93. Deb

    Even though I’m in Ohio, I’d love to buy a Kramer shirt…follow Jo religiously. I’m just not sure where to buy one, can’t seem to find them!

  94. Kathy G

    I have chickens, too – Six hens and an ornery rooster. I don’t think that’s a robin egg. They are smaller and lighter blue, I believe. I hope someone else will know for sure. It is a beautiful blue color. I have also been following Jo’s family difficulties and have such great compassion and love for them, even though I’m far away. Love your blog!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy G – that’s what I think about the turquoise egg, too. It’s too dark and it’s too pointy. Looks too pretty to be a starling egg but I certainly have them at my feeders!

  95. Rita S

    Free range chickens means free range eggs. Love that you put your found egg in a found nest. Such a pretty dish that it’s laying in.
    Love your quilt top, can’t wait to see the back.
    Stay dry.

  96. Sandy schmeling

    Thank you for keeping us informed about the Kramers. I follow Jo’s blog and she feels like family.
    Love the chicken story! Someday I would love to have chickens. Have a great day!

  97. Sharon Rhudy

    I love the Kaffe quilt! I hope to use his fabric in a quilt soon and I also have the Harvey’s to make!

  98. Julie Burkhardt

    Hi, Mary…love your chickens…free range chicks are so fun to watch. The eggs are very colorful!

  99. Carolyn Rector

    Love the Kaffe Fassett quilt, so colorful. Never thought that chicken would lay anywhere, always thought they had their own place to roost. Glad your snow is gone.

  100. Susan Boyd

    I do have chickens who will break their own eggs. It’s a race to see who can get the egg first, me or the hens! Haven’t been able to stop it, but they do only lay in their nesting boxes in the coop. Love reading your blog. It helps inspire me to get out and get my work done. You’re right, it feels so good when it’s done!

  101. Betty K

    I so enjoy reading about your day and adventures. I thought I didn’t like Kaffe but the quilt you made is beautiful. Books of patterns would be wonderful to win.

  102. Beth Laverty

    Your “egg” hunt is fascinating. Those chickens are clever as they search new locations to lay their eggs.

  103. Judy

    Enjoy your comments on quilting and daily farm life. Interesting reading about the hens habits. Dad got rid of chickens on our farm before I started school. That was about the time he improved the dairy system to pipeline and bulk tank.

  104. Angie Rowland

    When you talk about laying eggs everywhere I remember your last brood on the rafters. Now that was balance. Your basket of eggs were beautiful
    I am starting to collect plaid shirts to make a braid quilt. Yours are an inspiration. Love your blog.

  105. Sharon Lowy

    Prayers for the Kramer family.

    It is rainy weather here and I am enjoying my first cup of coffee and Peach and I are watching the birds have breakfast at the bird feeders just outside the window. We are waiting for the woodpecker that comes every morning.

    My fingers are crossed I will win your book!😊 wishing you a fun day of sewing. That is on my agenda today.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sharon Lowry – tell me who Peach is – love the name for either dog or cat.

  106. Paula Philpot

    Yes, it is like Easter Eggs every day. I remember as a kid my granddad had chickens and it was fun to go to barn to find them. Those eggs of your are beautiful. I closed 12 ads yesterday if you go out and back in you can close again and 5 this morning so glad it helps. Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula Philpot – thank you for your support of this blog! It’s a time consumer but I enjoy “writing”.

  107. Donna C. In Kentucky

    Thank you for the trip down memory lane. My favorite thing to do as a child was to hunt for eggs at my grandmother’s farm in the country. Blessings to you, I so enjoy your blog!

  108. Virginia Mayo

    Love the Kaffe quilt. I have “tons” of his fabric. Thank you for sharing your life on the farm. Very interesting.

  109. Barbk

    I have so many quilt books already, but you can never have too many, right? Love looking through them planning my next project!

  110. Sue H

    How wonderful of Martingale to provide these fabulous books! I laughed at all your eggs scattered about — it’s like an Easter Egg Hunt every day for you! Lol!!

  111. Kristie Michalowski

    I love your egg collecting basket and all the pretty eggs inside! I read your blog every day and just love it…so much going on. Also love to see Reed growing up and his love of animals and quilts.

  112. Karen

    Your stories always brighten my day.
    Prom queen Blanche, how wonderful. Enjoy your prom.

  113. Sue

    I love it that your aunt is prom queen! I taught Lifeskills kids for years (special needs) and the high school Lifeskills teacher threw those kids their own prom for years. They loved it! It’s great when people do things for the people who get left out?

  114. Jan from TN

    So many eggs! Love that blue egg!
    Your aunt looks happy to be queen.
    So sorry about Jo’s husband. Prayers for the family.
    I LOVE books, especially Martingale quilt books! Pat Sloan’s newest book has been on my list since it came out!
    I just love reading your blog. You have the energy of a person have your age!

  115. Barbara

    Have loved the Kaffe Fasset fabrics for years but have managed to stop myself buying them as I didn’t want to start yet another stash collection…but how simple and effective it is just to sew squares! Also have to say that I love the improv quilt colour selection. Very restful.

  116. Sue

    Good Mornin…I’m quite certain that beautiful blue egg is a robin’s. I will occasionally see one at this time of the year and assume that it’s an unfertilized “miscarriage”…

  117. Synthia

    You must eat eggs 3 x day to use all those in a timely manner!! I’m dreaming of all the angel food cakes they would make! hehehehe. Your Kaffe Quilt is gorgeous. Absolutely LOVE it!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Synthia – I supply my friends with fresh eggs – also my dogs enjoy eggs but I don’t cook them for me – wonder why.

  118. Linda North Carolina

    So many reply’s. Everyone loves you and your blog. Do you have any idea how many followers you have?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda North Carolina – no, I have no idea how many followers. I suppose if I knew how to look at the stats I could find it but never have time to that.

  119. Kathy Zuehl

    Your quilt is beautiful!!!! Love those colors!!! What a treasure hunt you have going on with those eggs. You definitely get your share of exercise with everything at the farm. 🙂
    I don’t have any of those books in my collection.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Zuehl – yes, I don’t need a gym membership to get my exercise and strength training – ha!

  120. Deb - SW Minnesota

    Growing up on a farm, I well remember Mom sending us kids out to hunt for eggs. We had a grove near the chicken house that always produced a lot of eggs. It became a game for us kids as to who would find the most eggs.

  121. Joyce

    Love reading your blog, I look forward to it everyday. I also read Jo’s blog, my heart goes out to her & her family. Waiting for spring to bring some sunshine here in NY. My lawn is going to be like a hay field if rain doesn’t stop soon. Even though I love the sewing days. Would love to win one of the books, they all look like they are full of fun projects, thank you!

  122. MartyCae

    Thanks for sharing the blue bird egg. I had a Siamese as a child that used to climb trees and raid nests all the time. I could not stop her from doing it. Bad Kitty! So I got to see lots of nests and one even had a kelly green ribbon in it.

    Tired of the rain. Hope it ends soon! In the meantime I will read your blog (inspires me to garden) and dream of quilts hanging on a clothesline!

  123. Joyce

    Love to read your blog! I grew up on a farm so the farm tales bring back memories! So sad to hear about the Kramers, glad they have so much support, from family and blogland. The books all look great. They will be enjoyed by whomever receives them. I can relate to the yard work, in fact I better go check on the newly planted grassseed!

  124. Carol Collier

    You have Easter every day, with an Easter egg hunt! Our neighbor’s free range chickens were “ranging ” in the middle of the asphalt road the other day, pecking away, with wonderful green grass everywhere you looked. It was so funny — not sure what was so delicious on the road! Someone posted a nest of bluebird eggs the other day — were such a pretty bright blue. Do you have bluebirds there? Your quilt is so fun and beautiful!! That woud be a great one to quilt on a gray, rainy day! I love your blog — love reading about the farm, animals, and quilts!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol Collier – no, sadly we don’t have bluebirds here – too far north, I think

  125. Dorothy Weibel

    Mary, your Kaffe quilt top is beautiful. Tempted to try it. I LOVE your flogs. Everyday I look forward to what you have to share. Keep on flogging and thank you. I live in Massachusetts on Cape Cod and we often talk (my husband and I) about what it would have been like living in the country. The way we feel, we should have made the move quite a while ago, getting too old to do it now. We like where we live now, near the ocean, but acres between farms sounds wonderful.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dorothy Weibel – and I often think about what my life would have been like had I stayed in a city!

  126. Carole S

    I hope you never change the format of your posts. You’re so entertaining! I love seeing all the things you get up to in a day. I don’t think I ever thought about your having to search everywhere for eggs before, but I do see why! Your Kaffe quilt is beautiful!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carole S – the format of our blog has always been simple – lots of pictures, not many words!

  127. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Oh, how I love this post– your hens, hiding their eggs, have nothing on the Easter Bunny!! I am fascinated by a Pencil Tree; I need to look this up, is it a house plant? Your Aunt is the Belle of the Ball; so pretty. Prayers being raised for the Kramer family indeed.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – I’ll make a note to talk about the pencil tree plants sometime soon. The huge one will move outside on Mother’s Day – it’s over 6’ tall!

  128. Donna W.

    I found your blog through Jo Kramer’s blog. I do not need a t-shirt but plan to send money to help the family. Also have been saying lots of prayers for them. Loved that you took us along on your egg hunt. Thanks for the book giveaway, Mary.

  129. Jeanine

    I have one chicken that likes to lay her eggs someplace other than in the nesting boxes. I have had to hunt for her eggs, too, but now I keep them inside their fenced in area until about noon, and usually they are done laying their eggs by then. But, I only have 7 chickens, too. Love reading your blog. It took a long time to read all the comments this morning. We are getting rain in Oskaloosa, Iowa, this morning, and we can use it here. I, too, follow Jo’s blog and am so sad for all they are going through. I have been praying for them daily. Thanks for your blog.

  130. Kate Schloemer

    Isn’t it funny that the chicken find the oddest places to lay eggs… lol. Always enjoy the search though.
    I’m keeping the Kramer’s in my prayers. Cancer is so evil.

  131. Marilyn Magelitz

    I am a newcomer to your Blog from Jo’s Country Blog and enjoying it very much! They are in my prayers. Have never heard of a pencil tree before. I have about 25 Hydrangeas and look forward to seeing yours.
    Any Blog with a cat in it has my vote!

  132. Wendy

    Obviously having the chickens “free roaming” is wonderful for them but a lot harder for you to find their eggs! Oh my. Times like this it would be great to have some kids to help out!

  133. Jane Busby

    Love the eggs!!! Would love to win the middle book, already have and love the other two!!!

  134. Kathy Decker

    I really enjoy reading your blog! I liked seeing and hearing your chickens the summer I was there for camp. There’s something so soothing about hearing chickens clucking and scratching for bugs. Maybe it’s a farm girl thing!

  135. Linda Taylor

    I really like your Kaffe quilt! I’ve often wished that we had chickens, but I don’t think that I would appreciate having to hunt around for the eggs. Especially if I had to crawl. I have bad knees and it really hurts to kneel on them. It’s also difficult for me to get up from the ground anymore.

  136. Judith Ann Jaques

    I just looked at weather and see it is going to rain for mot of the next 10 days. Lots to do inside. I would enjoy winning a book. Never happens but I will throw in my name.

  137. Debbie Lindeman

    Mary, those eggs are so beautiful! Love your stores so much. Thank you for the time you put into this blog.

  138. Starrla Opferman

    You have an egg hunt everyday not just at Easter , it must make gathering your eggs tough. Love your blue egg …what a find. The color is so vibrant. Your Kaffe quilt is gorgeous I love his fabrics. I am getting ready to take a class to make an Auntie Poppins bag and think I will use a Kaffe fabric. I especially enjoyed your post today.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Starrla – glad you enjoyed that post – you must like chickens!

  139. BarBQue

    “Sew Charming” looks like a stash buster for all my 5″ square packets. Don’t know why I am collecting them. Must be for this book. Is the cat tail part of you improv project?

  140. Diana

    Oh, Mary! Just think of the egg hunt everyday as Easter! This kids get all the fun hunting for eggs, now you can, too!
    Yes, that little egg is from a Robin’s nest. We had several blow out of our trees last week with the wind. I would love my bedroom that color, but my hubby thinks its too dark.

  141. Pat O.

    Mary, Your egg collecting looks to be quite a challenge such as kids find during Easter Egg Hunts!! Love the quilt as I do all that you do!
    Thanks for a chance to win a book!
    Today is rainy & dreary so hope you are finding time to sew!!

  142. Mary

    Love your stories of egg collecting. My girls 11 of them love to meander to the vacant property next door and I know they are leaving some beautiful eggs there.. 3 acres are a lot to search the tall grasses.. The giveaway books look like fun ones for new projects. I would love to win one.

  143. Andi

    Hi Mary!
    Feel so bad for Jo and Kramer. Glad they have so many people, myself included, sending them support however they can, and lots of prayers. Been down that road with my husband and its a scary time. Love that blue egg! The 3 books look great, Good luck to all who throw their hat in the ring. Sew Charming would be my first choice. Love mini quilts.
    We just got snow again yesterday here in northern Wisconsin – yuk! That pencil tree sure is interesting!
    Love reading your blog. I’m going to play on my longarm today, its wet and yukky outside, so time to sew!

  144. Jan keilman

    Love the look created, when old shirts are used with traditional quilt patterns.

  145. Jean Holt

    We had geese and ducks as 4-H products. Boy could they lay eggs! I couldn’t keep up with them. Brings back a lot of memories!
    Love reading your posts!

  146. Pam Milbrandt

    I am new to your blog and love it! I am a farm girl and know how full and unpredictable your days can be. I love your quilt sharing and encourages me to get to my sewing. Aunt Blanche is cute queen. Britt is not far from where we farmed. Prayers are with many who are strickened with cancer. Thanks for sharing!!

  147. Tanya in Houston

    Love that blue egg! We need a paint color like that!! Not Martha Stewart blue, just Mary E. blue…

    So many of us have said we would love to win your Sew Charming book! Maybe Martingale should let you have a special on all of the back editions! So many new quilters and so many of us must have missed some of your books along our quilting journey. All of them are great!

  148. Patti in W Barnstable

    Hi Mary, The chickens are playing hide and seek with you! That blue egg is gorgeous. I’ve never seen a whole one. Love Margie B’s Harvey. The Kaffe quilt is done? How do you do it all? And you worked on the hydrangeas, too? Your Aunt Blanche is lovely. What a smile!

  149. Ida Tendam

    I love your posts about life on the farm. I grew up on a farm in Indiana. We had a rooster that chased me everywhere. Never bothered anyone else, just me. I hated that bird

  150. Elizabeth Rodgers

    I always enjoy you, quilting, farm and Reed. The snow pics make me cold but the fun you have is great. Thank you

  151. Brenda in Iowa

    Your pencil plant is really unique. I’ve never seen a plant like that. I love it.
    When I saw your old window, I thought of how cool it would be to put blocks (using reproduction fabrics) behind each pane and hang it in my breezeway.

  152. Earlene Springs

    Mary, the bright side is that you can have an egg hunt long after Easter has passed. Hahaha.
    Love seeing the farm and all the eggstoo

  153. Vickie

    Silly chickens! They probably keep trying to outsmart you only to have their hopes dashed. Love the blue egg. What a treasure. I have been pulling weeds and and am sore in strange places too. Who knew it except use muscles rarely used.

    1. Vickie

      Who knew it used muscles rarely used. I promise I read before I hit post. Sorry to send in something that doesn’t make sense.

  154. Jan davis

    Mary, your Kaffe quilt is a wonder! I so admire your ability to work in so many styles, and do a great job on all of them.

  155. Jessica

    This has to be one of my favorite posts of yours. The chickens send you on an egg hunt every day. LOL Congratulations to Aunt Blanche….she has a beautiful smile.

    The quilt top is gorgeous, Mary! I just love the ‘Kaffe colors’ — it’s impossible to be anything but happy surrounded by those bright colors! I may need to get a colorful lap quilt for when I begin my chemo infusions…anything to help me feel upbeat and positive!

    Continuing to send prayers to the Kramer family. ❤️

  156. Lisa Boles

    I love all the different eggs shapes and sizes. Thank you so much for sharing.

  157. Bobbie

    Mary, I love to follow what is happening on the farm as there never is a dull moment. Thank you for sharing so much of what is happening!

  158. Dee

    My husband started working at a greenhouse which use to be an old turkey farm. It is owned by a close-knit farming family. He enjoys the work ethics they have. I also have the Kramers on my mind

  159. Karen Juergens

    Your blog is so inspiring and calming! Simple pleasures like your daily egg hunt make me realize that your animals give so much back to you, some of it edible!

  160. Linda H (SE MN)

    What a beautiful basket of eggs! It’s like a treasure hunt every day…😊 Thanks for sharing your days with us – the pics and stories are wonderful!

  161. Pat

    I love to hear stories about your chickens. Such personalities! I would be grateful for any book, such a good selection. Thank you for the opportunity.

  162. Pat

    We have 5 chickens about 1 year old. Over the weekend found 18 eggs buried in play house under a child’s chair.
    Love your information and quilting. Thank you for tips and patterns. Much appreciated.

  163. Vickie Lemonds

    Thank you, Mary, for educating this city girl about chickens and egg laying. I had no idea, but what a beautiful grouping of eggs. I think you have more hours in your day than I have in mine, you exhaust me w your energy, but I know Reed is so very blessed to have you in his life. Thank you for all the good things you impart to all the precious animals too. They are all lucky to have you and your good, good heart!

  164. Sue F

    I look forward to your posts every day. You are always uplifting, crazy busy, yet always have time to offer compassion and help to your friends and others.

  165. Diane in Wi

    Such creative chickens! As others have mentioned, that was certainly an egg hunt. The blue egg resembles the partial robin’s egg I found. I don’t know what other birds lay blue eggs. It has been raining here most of the day. The farmers, including my husband, are having trouble getting in the fields. More rain Wednesday and Thursday. My daughter did find some very early stalks of asparagus on Sunday. I’ll keep the Kramer family in my prayers. My husband has been fighting prostate cancer for six years. Prayer really does help.

  166. Lyn

    Lovely eggs! Although we’ve got 3 acres, the rules say no chickens. But we can have bees, so we’ve got 2 very busy hives. 🙂

  167. Emily

    When I hunt for my chickens eggs, I feel like I am having an old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt!

    Mary, your quilt is stunning!

    Out thoughts and prayers for the Kramer Family!

    Take care.

  168. Minnie Homans

    Love reading your blog. It’s the highlight of my day. The bird’s eye blue egg is beautiful. Your basket full of eggs is amazing, Love seeing pictures of your chickens. They are so colorful and beautiful.

  169. Judy

    I have followed Jo’s blog for several years and think they are such an amazing family. It is sad to see this happening to them and it just shows how unfair things can be in life. They are strong and will get through it together. They have many people praying for them.

  170. Debbie B

    So the chickens like to play hide and seek. Crafty chickens. Yes, the Kramers are a strong family and I pray they keep up their strength through this. I would love to have one of your books. Great reads, I’m sure.

  171. Susan McC

    Thank you for the opportunity for the books – am keeping good thoughts and vibes for the Kramer family

  172. Sunflowers

    I love your Kaffe quilt…so beautiful! I also laugh at the idea of you on hands and knees trying to get into tight spaces to find the eggs. Chickens are so entertaining!
    Would love to win a book, thanks for the opportunity.

  173. Cindy S.

    I don’t usually post comments,, but I look forward to reading your post every day. I hope my check and order for the Harvey pattern arrived in time. I also love seeing the eggs. I really wish I could have chickens. I miss them. I’m hoping I will be up to sewing tomorrow.

  174. Rosemary W - Garner

    Love the basket of eggs and all your life stories! Pretty blue egg in the bowl .The kramers are on my mind too! Can only imagine how much they are hurting.

  175. Donna J

    The blue green egg could be Starling. We have a nest of four eggs inside our has grill. They’re absolutely beautiful! But they also have a few speckles on them.bed
    Good luck hunting eggs!
    Donna J

  176. Sally C.

    I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for the chance to win a new quilting book.

  177. Marilyn L.

    Always enjoy your posts!! Thanks for giving us a chance to win one of the quilting books!!

  178. Lynn

    I enjoy reading your blog and the farm adventures. The Kramer’s are also in my prayers. Thanks for the opportunity to win a new book.

  179. Polly Perkins

    Love the hide and seek game the chickens are playing with you. I must be an adventure every day. You need a camera in the barn to track them!

    Kaffe is so colorful. Perfect for this dreary rainy April. Yahoo, it is May.

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