Flag Day

Just a short post today – it’s Flag Day and our anniversary.  This is the quilt I made to celebrate the occasion.

Rick went outside and drove the golf cart to the garden – a first!  I’ve had time to spend in the shop planning my next project.

its been a good day!

39 thoughts on “Flag Day

  1. Diane

    Good to hear of Rick’s progress. Slow and steady:) What a great way to celebrate your anniversary and Flag day with a neat quilt:)

  2. Kelley

    I just love the quilt. You are very talented. Wishing you both a wonderful anniversary and many more!

  3. Wendy

    Glad to hear mobility progress has been made!! Happy Anniversary – love the little bride and groom quilt.

  4. Anita Fetzer

    Darling quilt. Congratulations . So glad Rick is out and about. Bet he is too. Have a good weekend. HOT HOT HOT here. Will need a project for sure. ☺ anita

  5. Sue

    I love the quilt and your good news about your hubs. You’ve been through a tough time but you are making it.

  6. Sue H

    Happy anniversary! Rick going for a “drive” and you in your quilting space. Great day indeed!!!

  7. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Happy Anniversary Mary and Rick! ❤️👰🏻🤵🏼💍💜

  8. Marsha V.

    Happy Anniversary! June is a good month. Our 47th anniversary was last week.

    I have another option for your quilt books. I have been reading where Bonnie Hunter is going to open a retreat house and she is collecting books for a library to inspire the quilters who are staying there. You know your books would be appreciated at a quilt retreat house during breaks from working on projects and she always seems excited and posts pictures of books she is getting from her followers.

    I’m working on Eleanor Burns’ 40th Anniversary log cabin blocks with my KS Troubles fabrics, scrappy blocks. Her Block Party You Tube was Tuesday so now I have two more blocks to get sewn up. I’ll hopefully be finishing these up this weekend.

    Then I am planning to do the Blockheads 2 blocks using Lynne’s red, white, and blue colorway. I printed the patterns from Blockheads 1 and hope to get a block made each week. Lynne (KS Troubles) was guest speaker at our guild meeting last Tuesday so I’m all about digging into my KS Troubles stash! And adding a few new fabrics along the way!

  9. Joyce

    Happy Anniversary to the two of you! So nice that Rick could whisk you away on the golf cart for a romantical drive out to the garden for a date 🥕🍞🍅🍊🥔🥒🍆

  10. Cathy

    Happy anniversary! I have been using the same recipe for rhubarb muffins for quite a few years. We love them. I freeze rhubarb in just the right amount and we enjoy them all year round.

  11. Mary Hehlke

    Happy Anniversary to this lovely young couple. Sounds like you have enjoyed your special day. May you be blessed with many more happy and healthy years together. Hugs.

  12. Bobbie Woodruff

    Happy Anniversary 🎊🎊🎊 Hope you have many more. I really LOVE 💕💕💕 your Quilt, such a cute idea.

  13. Pam Wakeman

    Congratulations on your anniversary!!! Hope you can go dancing next year!

  14. Helen Jane

    Congratulations, Mary and Rick. Happy each of you enjoyed the day. I like the wedding quilt too. Best Wishes from Texas.

  15. Brenda archambault

    Best wishes for a happy anniversary. Sounds like the big gift was handing Rick the keys. A happy man has keys in his hand and a happy wife has a few minutes alone!
    We’re still waiting for rain in the west Phoeni area but I think the weather people are just teasing us, so I’ll go back to a difficult paper pieced wall hanging.

  16. Janice

    Happy Anniversary! So happy to hear that Rick was able to get around on the golf cart – progress for sure! And that you had time to yourself, so special. Love the quilt, really cute.


  17. Joanne

    Happy Anniversary! Love the quilt. Love all your daily stories of down on the farm.

  18. Dixie

    Happy anniversary! It’s our wedding anniversary today too! We married on June 14, 1980. Glad Rick is making progress!

  19. Jane in Nevada

    Sending our anniversary congratulations to you & your Rick, Mary.

    Great day to celebrate!!! The quilt is such a treasure.

    Good news Rick could get outside to the golf cart & you could plan your next quilt project. 🙂

    Any germination yet in your garden?

    All our best,
    Jane & her Rick in Nevada.

  20. Carmen

    Happy Anniversary!!! What a wonderful way to commemorate your special date, just love the quilt!

  21. Marilyn

    Progress is always good. Have you had a lot of rain? Really like the quilt. How large is it. Nice to have some time for yourself. I received ed my pattern yesterday thank you.

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