Four Days and Counting, 8-14-22

I closed my window last night so if the guineas did get attacked I wouldn’t be able to hear it but the first thing I saw this morning was the video you’re watching. I can’t count them so maybe several are gone – I just have no way of knowing at this time. Yes, I could lock them up but I hate to deny Mama the pleasure of being the mama.

Mollie has been here all weekend. We’re all a little frazzled after 3 full days of two wild puppies, a diva dog who is not impressed with the two wild puppies, an overweight visiting dog who is very food aggressive, and a patient Telly who puts up with the puppies licking her mouth any chance they get.

Reader quilts – thanks for sending these

Don’t you love the overseer?

Don’t forget Good News – paper pattern only – $5.00. Send check or cash to Country Threads and a SASE.

Weeds out of control!
One of my helpers

That’s it for me – off to Netflix. I’m watching The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem and I love it! I don’t want it to end.

19 thoughts on “Four Days and Counting, 8-14-22

  1. Karen Chaudoin

    Can you lock the babies up just for the night? I know you have a lot to take care of. They are so cute!

  2. jane

    If all of the babies are killed, aren’t you denying the mama her ability to BE a mama? If they are in danger, maybe it’s a good idea to corral them at night for their safety? Just a thought…they are very cute, but it’s a lot to ask the mama to protect all of them day and night.
    Love you

    1. Patricia Campbell in AZ

      Jane – Mary isn’t the chicks’ mother. Guilting Mary this way isn’t very nice!!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jane – she won’t like being shut up and most people take all the babies away from a Guinea mama immediately because they’re such poor mothers. If I can find some help I could try to get them inside – IF there are any rats left however they will most certainly kill and eat the babies. I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

  3. Marcia Petree

    Cute little babies!
    Question on your rug book that I purchased several years ago. Finally have the frame made! I remember you said t-shirt fabrics could be used. Is this for the warp also? Any special techniques for using t-shirts?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marcia – do not use tshirt knit for warp – too stretchy. Use regular cotton for warp – you’ll end up with a better rug. Good luck!

  4. Launa

    Another sunny 53o Monday here, Mary! Thanks to readers who send pictures. Loved the Overseer in two pictures. Great IOWA quilt! Hope the chicks were safe during night!
    Got our creek to pond tall grasses weed-whacked yesterday. Nice to see many hatched wee toads swimming in pond, too. Always wondered how many were sucked up by Forest Service last year n put in fire fighting orange pumpkins near homes?
    Good news on Moose Fire 27% contained! Some smaller lightning fires extinguished, too! Firefighters work such long hours. Big thanks to them all!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – I cannot imagine the stress of a forest fire heading your way! What a helpless feeling! Stay safe!

  5. Patricia Campbell in AZ

    LOVE the quilts- especially the Iowa one! So unique! At 1st I thought the Overseer was actually holding the edge of the quilt!! Ha! I have one that looks just like him that is also an Overseer. We call him a king looking over his kingdom! Those little chick’s are WAY too much for you to mess around with gathering every night! Remember: the Lord’s eye is on the sparrow, so I’m sure it’s on the chicken too!! Circle of life. Just shut that window and sleep – you need it!! [Easy for me to say!!]

  6. Patty McDonald in Southern California

    So very cute!! The mama and babies put a BIG smile on my face.
    We got the results of Mazie’s biopsy and it’s just fat cells. Yay, no cancer, no tough decision to make on surgery and radiation. Have a blessed week.

    1. Lynn In Scottsdale, AZ


      Thanks so much for letting us know. What a relief that it is just fatty tissue.

  7. Carlene R Buck

    I was watching updates on the 2022 Iowa State Fair last evening on PBS. They were introducing all 99 of the Iowa county candidates for this year’s Fair Queen. Your county’s lovely candidate was from Garner. You were well presented. Lucky you!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carlene – Emma Goll dates my nephew’s son – I agree she is very cute!

  8. Jo in Michigan

    Hi Mary, I think the Guineas in general are a odd bird lol My mom had a few when I was young. They definitely are alarm clocks! The chicks are cute. And I say let nature take its course. You have provided the basics and the rest is up to nature.
    The overseer is beautiful and so is the quilt! I love those colors! Do you know if there is a pattern for this? Maybe the reader will share the name of it.
    Love those scrappy quilts!
    Beautiful sunny morning here in Michigan! Love these fall like days♥️ Bring ‘em on!🍁🌞🍂
    Have a great day Mary!

  9. Vicki

    We’ve had a series of beautiful days, with sun, light breeze, and low humidity. I love summer days like these.

    I love the Iowa quilt, the dog helping with the displays, and the colors and patterns I see in the reader quilts. Not all colors are for me, but it is always interesting to me to see how quilters pull together fabric for creative creations. That is the joy of the Dirty Dozen project.

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