Fourth of July

This has been a lovely low-key day at the farm. Mareen came for coffee on the porch this morning and brought me this gift. A dog treat canister! I love it and it’s WHITE! White is my favorite!

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I have quite a number of gifts to show you but not tonight. I have spent the whole day on the porch with my new Kindle -a gift from Rick.

Could this get much better? A slice of sponge cake and a good book on my Kindle. My hands have become so arthritic that holding a book, especially a thick one, is downright painful and I think this Kindle is the answer.

Good news from the vet late yesterday afternoon – kitten was negative for rabies! It had occurred to me that I might be seeking medical attention on the 4th of July for rabies shots if the test had been positive. I am relieved and thankful!

Hope all you girls had a great holiday today. I’m off to watch the 4th of July musical shows on TV and probably sew a little! Rick and I are off to Mayo tomorrow for what I hope is his last appointment for awhile. I’ll let you know.

21 thoughts on “Fourth of July

  1. Cheryl

    Be sure and check out all tthe free and reduced price book sites and get the library app

  2. Mareen

    Great morning for a cup of coffee with a dear friend who just happened to also have a birthday! Here’s to many more!

  3. Mary Hehlke

    Want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday Mary. I so enjoy reading and seeing the pictures you post. I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing birthday, and a great July 4th. We stayed in where it was cool, and watched the fireworks from New York on the TV. This Mary will be celebrating her Aug. 1st birthday, and turn 78. You have a few years to catch up with me. ha ha enjoy the weekend. Hugs

  4. Tanya Quilts in CO

    What fabulous birthday gifts! You will really love your Kindle not only will it be easier to hold, but I love how I can make the font big enough to not have to use my reading glasses. You should check with your local library to see if you can borrow books from them on your Kindle–that is how I get most of my books.

  5. Kathy Schwartz

    What a nice day you had. Really nice jar and Kindle. When you go to Mayo you should play that beautiful piano they have in the entrance. Once when I was there, a gal was giving piano lessons on it. Another time a guy was playing hymns from a hymn book. Try it. Best of luck at the Clinic.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy – isn’t that a wonderful event in the atrium? Just pausing to listen to someone playing is such an anxiety – lowering moment when on your way to an appointment.

  6. Jan

    Hi Mary,
    A belated Happy Birthday! Once arthritis is under control, 70 is awesome. I have RA and the pain was really getting to me. Before Mthotrexate, my rheumatologist put me on a very low dose of prednisone (2.5 mg) everyday now and then backing off to every other day. I feel like my old self. Have been gardening like I haven’t been able to do for at least two years! This low dose is not supposed to hurt my bones! Something to think about!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan – I’m told I don’t have RA but just ordinary arthritis but it’s getting worse because my hands do soooo much. Haven’t found a dr. yet who will take me seriously – which has happened all my life – with several issues!

  7. Tracy


    I love the dog treat jar! Ive been looking into getting a Kindle for the same reason as you. The arthritis makes my once enjoyable hobby nearly impossible. So thankful you don’t need the series of rabies shots. I got them about 10 years ago after being bit by a bat in my house that flew out the window before we could capture it for testing. The shots are SO painful…but I suppose the alternative is worse. Blessings to you and Rick.

  8. Brenda archambault

    Sounds like your 4th of July has been a low key holiday. What could be better.
    Regarding your arthritis, a few years ago I couldn’t hold a needle, let alone pick up a book. Finally got to a rheumatologist who prescribed methrotextrate and folic acid. Wonder of wonders, it’s working and I can now do needlepoint and of course, back to quilting. Have a blood test every 2 months and we’re staying on top of it. Worth looking into.
    Hope your trip to Mayo is filled with good news. And looking forward to seeing all your gifts.

  9. Diane

    Ahh, those arthritic hands can hurt and you didn’t even play football but you do all those chores! The Kindle is a great idea. The cake looks delicious and I saw the flowers and tree Reed brought. Such a nice young man. Those acts of kindness will help him with a wife and later in life, too:) Enjoy your presents.

    Nice kitty story–Our grand daughter’s friend fosters two kitties–he is 16. At the 4th party today, some grandparents from a different family heard Emma talking about them and that set of grandparents said they would take both. Everyone is happy:)

  10. Jan VanDeWalle

    Cute dog treat container. Kindles are great and you can get all kinds of free books thru Amazon, any genre that you like.
    Good news about the kitten.
    hoping for good news for Rick.

  11. Cheryl

    Prayers for a good report at Mayo tomorrow. Goodness, I didn’t know you have arthritis, too. On more thing we have in common! What a nice gift from Rick! We, too, are watching musical shows on tv!

  12. Sharon Ernst

    Happy 4th of July, Mary! I got a kindle a couple of years ago for the same reason. And I love it!

  13. Sue

    I agree with the others. Your sponge cake looks delish!!
    Nice gifts of canister and kindle.
    I have a fresh pie cherry pie baking and it smells heavenly. Our little pie cherry tree is producing a nice crop.
    Quiet here today, too. We did not see the sun all day. Kind of dark and dreary, but I don’t think the clouds hold rain. Hay down everywhere, so I hope not.
    SO glad no rabies!!

  14. Carole

    I say you should celebrate for the next year. Cake and presents for a year—nothing wrong with that!!

  15. Vickie Lemonds

    Happy Burthday, Happy 4th!

    That sponge cake looks so wonderful and I love to cook! Any chance you’d share the recipe! I’d love you even more if you did!

    Good news about the kitten! Much relieved!

  16. Connie Blyler

    So glad to hear you actually took a day to relax… LOVE your dog treat canister gift and the sweet gift from Rick to help save your poor hands! Happy 70th one more time Mary!

  17. Jane Dumler

    Would it be possible for you to post the sponge cake recipe. I feed a hay crew and am always looking for new ideas. . I have my grandmothers angel food recipe but need the spong for all the egg yolks. I remember she did a cooked lemon filling and frosting on hers. Thanks so much. Know you had a very special birthday—enjoy your kindle.

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