Friday – Already! 4-16-21

Where did the week go? Honestly the time just disappears and I only accomplish a fraction of what I had planned. I have spent hours searching for the Uncle Sam on a Bike quilt – and I still haven’t found it soooooo I’m going to make a new one. You realize that the minute I get the new one done, I’ll find the old one.

I love working in the quilt shop building! I can dig and dig, lay out fabrics for possible quilts and then I can walk away – it can be left a mess!

I ordered and already received this new book – started reading last night. It would be a great Bible Study group discussion. What threw me for a loop is that the author is the Fox News legal consultant – really? Hmmm – can’t wait to read it.

Sam, Owen and Ivy were here on Wednesday afternoon and it was just too cold to be outside for too long so I bought a tube of chocolate chip cookie dough and let Owen make the balls by hand and put them on the cookie sheet. Here’s the whole story in one picture!

Here are a couple Dirty Dozen projects:

It took me two hours to clean just this one large clump of hydrangeas – yikes!

I have wanted to hang a quilt above my fireplace for such a long time. Here it is Before.


I’ve since added some white baskets and pitchers. I can now change out the quilt which is hanging on a curtain rod with clip on round hangers. The size can still vary because of the clips and honestly in the summer I could hang a larger quilt that would cover the fireplace doors.

Siri say “Hi, Everybody! I’m so happy in the chair looking out or in the dog bed or inside the roll of foam. I help Mary in the evenings when she works in the shop!”

That’s Friday, Gals! Have a nice weekend!

30 thoughts on “Friday – Already! 4-16-21

  1. Karla

    I REALLY enjoy your emails. Please keep them up…all topics are wonderful. Thank you

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    “Owen and the Girls”…..your right….nuff said!!! Great post
    Yesterday, I heard this question. What is the best thing that happened to you this week?
    I love it.
    Yes, everyone, have a great weekend

  3. Nancy TD

    Who got the first cookie? Looks like Hazel is ready.
    Working outside and enjoying the nice and some not so nice days. Just great to be out and doing something. A rainy day will bring me back to my sewing room. Have a great weekend!

  4. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    🤣😂 I love the picture of Owen and the dogs; nothing better than warm chocolate chip cookies! Your quilt above the fireplace looks great, Mary.

  5. Billie J Munn

    The little boy, the cookies and the dogs – what a great picture!!! Love it.

  6. Kathy Hanson

    Hi, Siri ! I love the quilt you hung over the fireplace! Looks beautiful there and nice that you can switch others when you want to! Enjoyed the beautiful day today. Still spending so much time with Penny that I am not sewing…I miss it!!

  7. Susan from Michigan

    I love Uncle Sam on the bike, so cute! I love patriotic patterns and fabrics.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Heather K – what pattern are you referring to? Uncle Sam? I have the pattern! I’m looking for the quilt

      1. Heather K

        Ha! I misread- well, it’s a great pattern and in a few months you will find the other and have two in time for the 4th!

    2. Nancy S.

      Pattern #123 right at top of Uncle Sam pattern photo. Hope you find it to save Mary many hours of work.

  8. Brenda in Iowa

    I purchased Sharon Bream’s book too! I haven’t read it yet but am excited to do so. I like your idea of having a book club (Bible study). I’m going to see if some of the women are interested at my church. Thanks for the idea.

  9. Meta O’Connell

    Shannon Bream is a great newscaster on FOX News. Watch her all the time.

  10. Kate

    Several of the ladies on FOX have a Bible study every week. Shannon Bream also does the news at eleven o’clock at night. I sure hope you get the Uncle Sam on a Bike quilt ready to sell.

  11. Jean

    Mary, I LOVE Uncle Sam on the bicycle. It will be mine soon as it shows up in the store!

  12. Sandy

    (Hi Mary, great to see Telly and Hazel looking longingly at the plate of cookies, Telly must be well! A nip in the air this morning , so winter must be coming to new Zealand .enjoy your day, best wishes from sandy

  13. Jill c

    Hi Mary, working on the Charm quilt from Scrap School. Wondering the measurements for the setting squares in your Neutral 4 square quilt. I prefer the the block you added rather than adding a border after the setting triangle. Appreciate your response. Thanks. jill c., Iowa.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jill – the pattern uses only the setting triangle given – no border which is what I did

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jill c – I made mine a different size than given – start cutting squares and quarter them until you’re happy with how much it hangs over. I honestly don’t know what size I used – I always experiment with paper first. Do not cut these as half square triangles – you’ll end up with bias edges all around your quilt.

      1. Jill C.

        Thank you Mary. Your comments help me move forward. I will play w paper to get the right size before cutting the fabric. I agree they won’t be cut as half square triangles. Jill C.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carol j Brooks – carol! You’re here on the blog! Yay – it must be working !

  14. Linda in So Cal

    Maybe one of your viewers has the Uncle Sam pattern? A boy, his dogs & chocolate chip cookies…. Wow what a great picture. Great weather here to work outside. Finally spring has sprung!

  15. Kathy in western NY

    I just read a piece on a quilt designer was moving to a new place so she can have a door to shut on her work area. She had been using her dining room and I suppose she is right that you never get to look away at what you should be working on. It’s got to be hard for many of these men and women working from home who are sharing space or using tables in normal living areas. I am blessed that if my sewing room is too messy I can close the door and deal with it the next day. Owens face says it all for the plate of cookies!!

  16. Launa

    Wow! Those cookies sure look appetizing to Owen and his two canine helpers!

    Can you share where the pattern for your FEATHERED TEES originated? Love the polka dot blues, too!

    Wish I could attend the big sale at Connie’s! Know it will be a fun success!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – the feathered tee was in our old book “Cracker Crumbs”. – it’s also going into the new book with this layout so I’m sorry, I can’t give it out. Do you have Cracker Crumbs?

      1. Launa

        Thanks Mary!
        Yes, I have Cracker Crumbs somewhere in my sewing room. Watching basketball 🏀 games now.
        Was nice to sit out in the sun without chilly winds a couple times today; without wearing a coat! Snow is really melting and showing more bare ground. No sign of the Lupine yet.
        Will be watching of news about your new book!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Launa – oh, I’m so glad you have the book because I’m sort of obligated to Martingale at this point. Who is still playing basketball?

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