Frigid Weather, 2-8-21

We’re all hoping this frigid weather pattern breaks soon. Our heater in the barn quit Sunday and our little backup heater was pushed to running nonstop making it very worrisome to say the least. The Co-op guy came this morning and fixed it – whew!

Sunday also brought me 3 laying hens belonging to a member of my church who doesn’t have a good place to keep them when it’s this cold. Two hens froze to death leaving one hen with a blackened frozen comb and two others that look to be unfazed. They think they’ve moved to paradise!

Here’s what Connie is working on – her Tula project.

Don’t you love it? YES, I do just love it!!!

I got my second Covid shot on Saturday afternoon and had no reaction at all …..until 24 hours later. Suddenly I felt sick – my neck hurt the worst and then everything hurt. I took ibuprofen which helped a lot and that’s the end. Done. So glad I don’t have to think about that any more. Rick is on a list to get his shots.

Here’s the quilt show.

Mahomes needs to eat more of this!

I made Becky and Jenny a single rose block for Valentine’s Day – their last name is Rose!

Here’s the pincushion display case that I’ll start on soon.

And here’s a quarter yard pack from around 1991 called Color Parade by Benartex. And I’ve SAVED it all these years! It’s time I cut it up and made a new quilt, don’t you think?

Stay warm, Everybody!

32 thoughts on “Frigid Weather, 2-8-21

  1. Karen G.

    Well, there’s a blast from the past – Color Parade fabric! I made a Bow tie quilt using all those fabrics with a white on white patterned fabric for the background. It was for a young niece. I machine quilted it myself, just on the diagonal. It will be fun whatever you decide to do!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Karen G – I wasn’t sure about the name Color Parade – thanks for confirming it. The fabric is so stiff, I’m not real happy with the quality but I’ll do something!

  2. Beryl In Owatonna

    I am so done wit this cold too. Looks like it goes until next Tuesday. Glad I don’t really have to go any where. I can stay here, enjoy y new place and get settled. I bought a twin bed so I have a little more room to sew! I am making sheets and blankets fit the new size. I have fixed the top sheets and today made my down comforter a twin size instead of F/Q. I have to figure out how to make my purchased quilt spread smaller too. It is so expensive to buy new and I just don’t have it. I probably have a quilt or two still in storage but can’t get to them for about 12 weeks. My helper, brother had rotator cuff surgery so won’t be ready to lift for a while. I have been told to stay away b/c the unit is so full my family is afraid I won’t get out alive if I go alone!!
    I love the X and O quilt it is so fun to see all of the colors people choose to make each quilt so special.
    So glad you could get heaters working so your animals are safe and warm. Sorry you had to lose the ones you did.
    Stay healthy, wear your mask and wash your hands!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beryl in Owatonna – just to be clear – the hens that froze to death were not here – they were at their owner’s and that’s why I have taken in the remaining three. Nobody will freeze here!

      1. Pam Forsling

        I absolutely LOVE the paper pierced rose! My girls (dog) name is Rosie. She is 15. Love the Tula Pink for a refreshing change.

      2. Beryl in Owatonna

        Ok I thought maybe they had gotten out. I know you are so careful. No animal would ever want to leave! Your place is so peaceful too ☺️

  3. Betty Klosterman

    Love those Color Parade fabrics. And the Tula Pink pieces. Do you iron the fabric to freezer paper and then cut out adding the seam allowance? Looks like a fun pattern. I really like the New York beauty.
    I’ve been thinking about you on the farm, how deep the snow is and how cold it is. All this and taking care of the animals is so hard on the people. Having them inside helps with plenty of food. As for cats, they are very self sufficient and can easily find shelter and food and survive the winter. They are better at it than a dog.
    Is the rose a pot holder? And the little tree is cute. Can you imagine it using greens?
    Since it didn’t look like the weather is going to improve very soon, I went and got groceries this afternoon. The sun was shining so it seemed nicer. Some of the ranchers have started calving already. They probably have the cows and heifers near barns to get them inside out of the weather. There is snow, but don’t know how deep. It is about 4″ here in town.
    Glad you got your shots. At least that is over. Take care.
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty K – I paid very close attention to the three planes flying over the Super Bowl – thanks to you! Yes, you iron the freezer paper piece to the fabric, cut out adding seam allowance. After piecing, the paper is removed. No cats on my property are left outside to struggle and no other cats should be left outside either. Most farmers treat their cats like squirrels! Poor things.
      The rose is not a potholder – just a little block – there is not enough padding which absolutely needs to be cotton to use it as a potholder. Ouch!
      Our snow isn’t really too deep – it’s just very cold. Wind chill right now is 30 below zero.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        Yes, the B1-B Lancer was on the left side of the screen, the longest plane. It is a BIG plane and very sleek and LOUD. Very impressive. It really gives you goose bumps.

        1. Betty Klosterman

          Sombody wrote into our newspaper’s “Two Cents” comments that the announcer never even announced the flyover, where they were from AND the pictures weren’t lousy! We are very vocal out here!

  4. Kathy in western NY

    I wish there were more caring people like you who took responsibility seriously for owning pets. It’s so sad animals have to struggle to survive outside in this cold blanket over a lot of the country right now. Glad your heater is fixed now to keep all safe. Connie’s project is so stunning. Tula Pink has designed some nice fabric! The quilt show is so fun as always. Love your polka dots in the older fabrics. It shall be one striking quilt with those colors and patterns. Your gifts with the pieced roses look like a lot of work with all those small pieces. Nice that you do something for them. I got a nice card today from a friend and it sure made me smile thinking of valentines cards in the past. I still have a lot of them as I like the designs.

  5. Jo in Wyoming

    So many statements today made me smile. How nice it is to enjoy so much.
    I had my first shot Wednesday, Sunday about 4:30am I had a delayed reaction. Today, only a very sore neck. I’m getting better too.
    So glad the heater got fixed and the new chicken are in paradise. We are forecasted for bitter cold all week too. Around -15! I have made some really good soup concoctions. Simple, but good.
    My little quilting group had a stripe and dots challenge many years ago. We still love stripes and dots.
    Stay warm under a great quilt.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – the “planning” is the best part – have to use all the dots and stripes! Maybe with white.

      1. patti leal

        besides white, think navy blue, deep brown or even black to make those dots and stripes pop. (i’m different, ha!) patti in florida

  6. Dorothy

    So your Color Parade (?) fabrics are close to 30 years old ? They look fabulous–both color wise and “pattern” design wise so they should blend in with fabrics of today

  7. Bea knight

    Hi Mary
    Thankyou for all your inspiring posts!! Love the rose block! It is so beautiful!
    Thankyou for taking in those hens! They are blessed!
    Ave a wonderful week💕
    Bea knight

  8. Frances E

    Poor chickens. so glad you are there with your good heater. I love your old Benartex fabric. Yes, you should make a quilt with them. It would be lovely. Stay warm!

  9. Nikki M in Tx

    Woke to 20 degrees this morning ( two days in 70’s last week)! Support to be 12 on Thursday…yikes! At least know this artic blast won’t last long…. it is Texas after all. Knew cold front was coming so loaded up wood bin both outside & in. Supposed to have a 20 ft & 35 ft containers delivered Wednesday but since ice forecasted plan to call later in morning & reschedule. Second vaccination scheduled for 25th, your reaction sounds similar to everyone have talked to some even run low grade fever. Think will work on my Bullseye blocks & possibly Delectable Mountains blocks… goal was get panty cleaned out.. & organized but don’t see that happening, rather do something fun! Stay warm, Stay Safe.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nikki M – I didn’t take my temp so I don’t know. My neck was the worst pain. Hang in there during your cold spell!

  10. Diane in Maryland

    It is so nice to see what everyone has created! I really look forward to the quilt/craft shows! I loved the little Rose block! What a wonderful idea for a Valentine’s gift. That’s a lot of pincushions; you have the neatest things!

    One would think you are talking about the Artic with 30 below zero! Makes our 30 above sound almost balmy. So happy for those 3 chickens you took in. I’m sure they do think they are in paradise. Our daughter has heat lamps on in the houses for her chickens and two Toulouse Geese. I’m glad it doesn’t get as cold here as Iowa.

    So glad you have gotten both vaccination shots and did not have too bad a reaction. We are still trying to get an appt. All we hear is ‘get vaccinated’ and people would if they could! Apparently the health departments do not have a large supply. Heard on the news last night that Md. is ranked 44 out of the states for their efficiency in vaccinating. Truthfully, I thought it was worse than that.

    For those in cold climates – stay warm and safe.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane in Maryland – Iowa ranks 47th! The group giving the shots at the care center where I got mine could have been so much more organized! I would have lined them up and had more help moving the people into place. It took me an hour! No wonder people aren’t getting vaccinated – it takes them forever! Rick still hasn’t gotten the call but he’s on the list.

      1. Diane in Maryland

        I think it’s very scary as to how unprepared this country is for a large emergency.

  11. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary, we are having some chilly days and nights too! Maximum today of 5 Fahrenheit and we have had a good foot of snow in the last two days. Lots of wind Sunday, so some deep drifts too. The sun came out today and everything was glinting: dawn was beautiful, all pink and blue. We are working from home at the moment anyway (there is a lockdown and a curfew) so we just bought a bit if extra milk before the weekend so we wouldn’t have to venture out for a week.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fiona at Ice Bear – your name certainly tells the story, doesn’t it? ICE BEAR!

  12. Margaret in North Texas

    We are due to get 20 degree weather tonight and that is cold for our area. I remember 1957 it was 24 degrees below in Cedar Rapids IA. Enjoyed the colorful quilts today and of course the pin cushion collection. Thanks Mary–keep safe and warm.

  13. Janice Hebert

    Hi Mary, so happy for your new hens, but so sad for the ones that died. Our temperatures have stayed above 14 degrees so far. Today we’re to get about 7 inches of snow and the high is 28 degrees. My rooster has a bit of frostbite on his huge comb. I try to put Vaseline on it but he hates being caught. I’m hoping that it doesn’t get any worse. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain but how do you know? My coop is too small to put heat lamps in, I’m too afraid of fire to use electricity in there. I love your pin cushion collection! Wow! That’s a lot you’ve got stuffed in there. And the quilts are just beautiful – and love the tree with bullseye’s! Your rose block is so pretty, is there somewhere we can find directions for that? Hint hint! Glad your reaction to the shots wasn’t horrible. We just learned that my age group (I’m 67) will have to wait a while for shots. I’m ok with that, we really don’t go anywhere except to the grocery store. My biggest regret is that I’ve been forced to use Amazon more than we used to and I really hate making that company bigger (and richer) than it already is. Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janice Hebert – I found the rose block online – I think the cost was $1.63 or something like that. JITKA Designs, I think? Just search for paper pieced rose – I’ll bet it will pop up. I actually hate paper piecing so the “gift” was huge from my viewpoint – ha! Hope your rooster’s comb doesn’t get worse. One of these hens will likely lose her whole comb, it is so black!!! Better get to the barn to check on them.

  14. Gloria B.

    I know that Benartex fabric! I’m sure it was (maybe still is) in my stash. With all the bright colors you and Connie now use in your projects do you ever wonder what Country Threads would look like today? You both have such great color sense I’m sure it would be amazing. Loved the original shop. Would love it today. 💕 ❤️

  15. Susan K in Texas

    We’re supposed to be super cold (for us) the rest of the week in the Dallas area. They have been way off on the weather this week. Monday was supposed to be sunny and fairly warm. It was overcast and cold for us. This morning it was freezing and was supposed to be 10 degrees warmer. My saucer magnolia (also called tulip tree) has blooms opening. I hope they make it. It happens every February. 10 years ago we had snow (5” maybe) that lasted a week. 6 years ago it stayed below freezing for 5 days. February is always a mess. We get most of our winter weather in February.
    I’m working on a couple of projects started in the 1990’s. It’s hard to believe it was 25-30 years ago I started them!
    I like the rose, and Connie’s Tula project, and your colorful, happy fabric. I’m glad the chickens are safe and warm.

  16. Nancy J Finch

    I love that collection. The muted soft colors make up so many neat patterns. Lucky you.

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