Funny pet pictures


Dianne is the cat who broke her leg several years ago and every now and then I catch her sitting with the leg that was broken just sticking straight out. I think it’s hilarious! And then there’s Faye who was just tuckered out after a full day of helping Dad plant the garden.
I have really enjoyed hearing from many of you. Today I washed all the tablecloths for the tables in the haymow and yes, the haymow is the upper level of the barn where hay and straw was stored for the livestock on the farm. I’ll be posting more pictures this week.

6 thoughts on “Funny pet pictures

  1. Molly

    This reminds me of my family cat who broke his leg when my mother was helping my brother’s newspaper route and that is when she ran over the cat (Yup, he survived!!!). Then for while when that cat sees my mother’ s wheelchair coming in Hall he will dropped his entirely body to make it difficult to get through the Hall. We realized he was mad at her for the accident..

  2. Ellie

    Have a wonderful time at camp., I’d love to be there but it is a bit far for me. I don’t often comment but I do enjoy reading about your animals and all their antics. Life with our fur babies!

  3. Leslie B

    Enjoy your blog and the farm news. Please don’t stop! I am still in Goat Gazette withdrawal. Getting better, but miss the book suggestions and recipes like Church Bars.

  4. Linda Love

    God is so good to give us such loving pets. I know we laugh at their antics but wonder if they, in their special way, laugh at us!
    Sunshine in Cedar Falls.

  5. Holly

    It’s such fun to see the pictures of your pets–reminds me of the funny thing my own crew get up to. I’m not sure if Faye is one of yours or a visitor, but she sure is cute!

    The transformation you achieve in the hay mow is absolutely amazing. It has to be a Herculean task and I don’t blame you for wanting it to end. Be assured, though, that you do a fantastic job and all your hard work makes it so fun to visit and see it all dolled (or quilted) up. It’s just charming. I’ve never been to quilt camp, but to many other occasions when it’s been open, and it’s always been a pleasure.

  6. Diane

    They are so cute. I’ve never known a cat named Dianne–cute. Please don’t stop writing; I do enjoy and also miss The Goat Connection. Thanks.

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