Game! 5-25-24

Caitlin and The Fever won their first game last night against the LA Sparks – so much fun to see them win. Another game tonight in Las Vegas where Caitlin’s Iowa teammate, Kate Martin, is on the team. Coach Bluder will be at that game, too! As far as I can tell we will be able to see the game on TNT at 8 pm but check your own local channels because this is very hard to determine.

Reader photos – I don’t want to get behind. Remember – if you don’t see your picture in a reasonable amount of time, let me know.

Isn’t she lovely?🎶

I’m missing Hank – hope I get to see him this weekend.

I’m heading to the cemetery this morning. Becky and I mentioned last night how much Mom would have loved watching Caitlin and the games. She loved sports and when she was a country schoolteacher, she played softball with her students. She was an avid Twins fan and watched lots of sports on tv. Just thinking of you, Mom.

Take care this Memorial Day weekend if you’re traveling.

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  1. Diane in Maryland

    You take care this Memorial Day weekend too! We will be at home. I have flowers to plant and yard work. Has gotten hot and humid here…ugh
    Nice to hear that Caitlin and team won! We don’t pay extra for sports plan or other sites so we don’t see a lot of these games. Love the pictures!

  2. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

    What fun to watch Caitlin and Indiana Fever win! And to think of your mother who also loved sports like you do. Whenever I see golf tournaments or the World Series I think of my mom, too. I still think that sports are still the best “reality tv”. As always lovely quikts. The dancer is beautiful. What fun for that child. She looks so happy. My sister sent me pictures of her granddaughter getting ready for her dance recital. Loved that! So glad for cell phone pictures!

  3. DebMac

    OH my, what lovely peonies! They are so beautiful but are with us such a short while. Why can’t they be more long lived like hydrangeas?
    Your mother and my grandmother would have been a pair! Grandma also loved her sports and hardly ever missed a game the grandkids played in. When my older brother played BB, we would arrive when the players had to be there and Grandma would already be sitting in the stands as she liked to watch the warm ups. Grandma was a player/chaperone for girl’s basketball in Illinois in the late 1920’s. She had to give it up when she married but carried on her love of sports for the rest of her life. I always envied her as Illinois stopped their girl’s sports programs and didn’t have girl’s sports again until the spring of my junior year (1973) and that was only short distance track events. My, how the times have changed.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      DebMac – yes, times have changed dramatically this year especially for the WNBA – because of Caitlin. Oh, I hope Mom is watching! Your grandma, too. Maybe they’re watching and cheering together?

      1. DebMac

        I bet they are not only cheering but critiquing the game and keeping stats. Grandma kept track of points scored in my brother’s games and got highly indignant when the paper didn’t report my brother’s points correctly. There may or may not be a Big Red soda involved. That was her idea of a wild evening; Big Red soda, bowl of popcorn, and a basketball game on TV.

  4. Martha W in WY

    I agree that was a fun game to watch. I was worried at half time. It was fun to watch Caitlin work with her
    teammates. And she even made a couple of 3 pointers! You’re right about the hit and miss to watch. We watched on ION. An advertisement stated ION will broadcast WNBA games on Friday nights. ION is a free station. I don’t know about tonight’s game. We’ll see.

  5. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    Thank you for keeping this blog going and all the pictures!! I love seeing them. I do get exhausted reading about all your work though😂😂. Have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Elaine – but I love to work! I don’t understand what people do all day if they don’t work. I got a full dose of that Midwest work ethic – haha!

  6. Sally in LV

    I’ll be rooting for Caitlin and Kate Martin tonight! I looked at tickets back when they changed the venue. Quite pricey and I can’t imagine navigating The Strip this weekend. It’ll be packed with out-of-towners wanting to see a great WNBA game, Aces vs Caitlin. It would be great to see Coach Bluder! Mary, you mentioned your mom’s love of sports. The first time I watched March Madness was in 2003 while visiting my mom. She was from upstate NY and Carmelo Anthony and Syracuse won. It was very exciting to watch. Mom passed in 2006, her birthday was yesterday. I love all the pictures, beautiful flowers, precious young girl’s dance recital and Hank. Have a great weekend everyone!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sally – I remember Camilo Anthony. I can’t imagine going to that game! The traffic, the people, the congestion! But once you got there, think how much fun! Can’t wait! I’m sure the Aces will just run over The Fever – this time but it won’t always be this way!

  7. Joyce from NY

    I’ll have to check my stations out to see if I can get the game tonight!
    My granddaughter Charli the one that tore her Acl at end of season, her parents are taking her to Indiana next week to see Catlin play on June 1! I’m kind of envious 🥴

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Joyce – how exciting for your granddaughter!!! I’d be envious too.
      I just looked at our tv guide for tonight and NHL hockey was on TNT here and soccer on ION and Pickleball on Fox sports so I think I’m out of luck to watch the game. Hallmark will have to do while I embroider.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joyce. – NO!!!! Oh, lucky CHARLI – I hope her ACL is healing well and watching a game in person should help with her recovery. I hope she knows all your friends are pulling for her healing and getting back to normal. Tell her we are!!

      1. Joyce from NY

        Charli is doing great, going to Physical Therapy twice a week, Dr. just told her she could she could start jogging, she’s been working hard to get in shape to play in the fall! She loves Caitlin Clark. Thanks for your support!

  8. Kathy in western NY

    Mary you do a fantastic job keeping us happy reading your blog with quilt pictures and points of interest and now add to the list how good you are to keep us posted on the games knowing we want to follow Caitlin still. Sports I hope will always keep families together through generations. My mom and aunt loved their Yankees. Our village cemetery has all the flags out on graves and I noticed several side streets off Main Roads filled their light poles with flags too. Our parade is Monday morning but rain is predicted so the high school band will have difficulty with their instruments.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – I’m happy to do it – You’re my people, you know!!

  9. Sandy

    Hi Mary, the little girl in the fabulous, frilly dress is cute! Stella and Luna would love the dress! Beautiful flowers and Hank, what more could we want Went to our quilt meeting yesterday, always good to catch up with friends, see great quilts and be given a big bag of feijoas, shared some and will freeze some after making another feijoa cake! Enjoy your sport everyone, take care, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Sally in LV

      Sandy, I had to look up feijoas. I have never heard of them . . . Feijas, also called pineapple guava, native to the highlands of southern Brazil, eastern Paraguay, Uruguay, and northern Argentina, common in gardens of New Zealand. That’s quite a jump to NZ! They sound delicious. What kind of cake do you make with them? The Feijoa coconut lime cake sounds yummy!

  10. Joy in NW Iow

    Thanks for all the pictures! I miss Hank too! He is so cute!
    Really cool here but did get to 72 for a short bit! Had the furnace on to warm up in the hobby room!
    Have a good Sunday!

  11. Marilyn in Southern Iowa

    In my area, Dish has the game on NBATV channel 156 at 8 p.m. Just another channel to check out!

  12. Marsha from Kansas

    I’m in rehab now learning to walk again. Compression fractures in my back from the falls. They got filled with cement so luckily no pain. My brother and nephew just dropped by for a short visit. Relatives who can will meet to decorate graves and then go eat at a local BBQ place together. We reminesced about our loved ones who are gone now. My Mom loved her sports, too. I think of her enjoying all the different sports. Trying to blow up a storm. Sent hubby home before the weather got bad. Just sprinkles now. Hank is such a beautiful dog, and those eyes. Gotta love him! Enjoying all the pretty yards and flowers. And, of course, quilts. My husband brought me my Lori Holt scarecrow quilt and a few basic rulers and rotary cutter. I got the first set of leaves cut out today. Your blog is a highlight of my day. I love reading the comments and feel like I know so many of your readers from the cards they sent me. Thanks to every one of you. Please do send cards to the people Mary recommends a card shower. You just can’t imagine how much it lifts the spirits. Thank you, Mary!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Marsha, take this time to heal well so you can get back to your routine. Rehab is hard but it’s all helpful to live life to the fullest again. I saw the Lori Holt scarecrow in person as a friend worked on it and gosh it’s a large quilt! Block by block makes it manageable. I see she has a snowman one out now too. I hope our comments continue to brighten your day and know we are wishing you the best. I agree, cards are a small gesture to show someone his care.

    2. Connie R.

      Marsha, I’m glad the cards brightened your day. I agree that it seems like a small gesture but, it’s a way we can connect and let others know we wish you well. Hopefully you are on the mend and will be able to go home soon after your rehab. Hang in there.

  13. Pamela Dempsey in northeast Texas 😻

    So glad your Caitlin and team won! We hit 90 today 😅. I hate hot, humid weather 🥵. Darrell helped me get strings and zipties on fence for the hummingbird vines. They’re supposed to be red but look more orange. That Hank is the handsomest! What a sweetheart 😻.

  14. Susan Lee

    That Hank- what a sweetie! Thank you Mary for this blog and posting all the pictures.
    Happy Memorial Day.

    Susan L in Va

  15. Renae in Iowa

    I only have antenna TV. Just discovered Fever game tonight is on Ch 23-1 KCWI-HD in the Des Moines area at 8pm.

  16. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    Like Kathy in NY, we couldn’t get the game. Spectrum is kind of limited and pitiful. We do get to read about the Fever and Caitlin in our newspaper😀. Glad they won. All the flower photos have been so beautiful and the quilts, little girl, and of course, Hank, too. Marsha, goid luck with rehab. It has helped my husband so many times! Thanks , Mary, for keeping us connected.

  17. Sunflower 🌻 from Michigan

    Wonderful pictures! I loved the yellow peonies. I hope to get a yellow peony for my garden soon. The little ballerina dancer is precious. Hank is gorgeous with those soulful eyes. Happy Memorial Day everyone. 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

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