It really WAS a great day for the Northwest! I should have said ” it was a painful day for Broncos fans”. I was mostly hoping for a close, exciting game between two well-matched teams which didn’t happen. I actually went to the sewing machine after the halftime show.
Congratulations to the Seahawks! The headlines in our paper today read “Orange Crushed!” Here was a question I posed to Rick: “why didn’t Minnesota keep ahold of Percy Harvin?

5 thoughts on “Game

  1. Kathie Chapman

    Thanks – too bad for the Broncos – don’t know what happened to their game plan – out the window for sure. Glad that Percy came our way. He didn’t play much this year due to injuries, but he certainly came through for us when it really matters.

  2. Karen Cottom

    I asked my husband the same thing….maybe they should try to find a woman coach for the Vikings….!!!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      They certainly need something! PH played a fabulous game. I hate to think FB is over for another season.

  3. Launa

    I was so pleased to read that Ray Guy (Raider punter of many seasons) is FINALLY going into the Hall of Fame.
    Am ready for NASCAR to start as I do a lot of piecing and quilting during the races.
    You looked great for your first “new woman” outing today!
    Tulare is gearing up for the World AG EXPO next week. Busy times for this area.

  4. sue lewis

    Minnesota didnt keep Harvin because he was unhappy with the coaches and they were not headed for the super bowl for awhile or maybe never. I am a diehard Viking fan and bleed purple.

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