Going to the Fair ….Again

Yesterday Becky and I went to the Clay County Fair about 90 miles west of here.  I have heard about this fair, the Spencer fair, all my life and have never been there even once.  People say it’s as good or better than the state fair and I would have to agree.  The first thing we did when we arrived was eat a funnel cake – ha!  (Why don’t I take more pictures when we go on these outings???)

This “hobo” jeep made the rounds.

We toured the commercial buildings.  Becky had me take her picture beside The Donald.

This is the manure spreader of the future.  Don’t ask me how it works.

There was live entertainment at several different venues and since we once again managed to get to the fair on Senior Citizen Day, we noticed there were plenty of scooters parked outside the tent.  Here is a scooter with an additional wide plank laid across the seat for double occupancy.  Isn’t this sweet?

And here is another double scooter – this one has a desk chair secured on a platform which is welded to the back of a scooter so the Missus can ride, too.

We toured all the travel trailers, watched part of the horse show, shopped for antiques, walked through the cattle barns – there were no cattle there.  We examined the poultry and saw the baby ducks going down the waterfall and searched for the goats who sadly weren’t arriving until tomorrow.  Argh!  The quilts were displayed so nicely and once again I picked out one gal’s quilts that I loved.  I believe they were antique quilt tops that were newly machine quilted.  I have never seen such lovely machine quilting and I’ve seen lots of machine quilting in my day.  My pictures didn’t turn out.

On our way home we stopped at a greenhouse where we saw this huge beautiful fern.  I wish I could grow ferns this big!

Such a fun day!

14 thoughts on “Going to the Fair ….Again

  1. Mary Adams

    Too funny that the manure spreader followed Trumps pic! Had to laugh! Glad you had a good timen

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Now if they could just get the manure deposited right into the machine, life would be easier?

  2. Angie Rowland

    I grew up in Ohio and our county fair was so much more than the MD State fair I see since i moved here. I think you need to be in an agricultural area to get a GREAT county fair. There weren’t that many rides so everyone saw the tractor pulls, barrel racing and of course the animals. It was the BEST.

    1. Mary, formerly from Maryland

      Angie, You might want to check out the Carroll County Fair or the western Maryland county fairs instead of the state fair. Some of the Southern Maryland counties still have a good bit of agriculture, but I don’t know which ones have good county fairs now. Check out their websites for an idea of what the exhibits include to get an idea how big and how rural they are.

  3. Ann Barlament

    For the “double occupancy” scooter, the board is also used for transferring from one surface to another. But very ingeniously used with your sweetie by your side!!

  4. Cynthia Arneson

    I see by the previous comments that I’m not the only who caught the irony of the “manure” spreader under the Donald picture! Made me LOL, loudly!! Your timing is perfection! Love it! I live in AZ and miss the county fairs in Iowa, especially the State fair! Love your blog…Cynthia

  5. Launa Peters

    Oh my gosh…I thought the manure spreader caption referred to Trump!! Read your post quickly this morning here. Yesterday morning was our down town county fair parade; my hubby rode in the AM Vet’s float (Korean War veteran). Wish I had a scooter….those unique ideas are good to view. A friend had huge ferns and swore the secret was the egg shells she kept in their watering can water.
    Good you are getting out and about. Any news on when your book is coming?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – thanks for the newspaper article – so very interesting! Book should be out by November 1, I think.

  6. Linda Huyser

    I have always wanted to go to that fair too. And every year it comes and goes and I miss it and say, maybe next year!

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