Good Morning!

Hold your breath – I’m going to give this a whirl and see if can post text with photos. It’s a beautiful morning in the porch with a cup of coffee and a bunch of cats and 2 dogs.

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I showed you the picture of the outdoor wedding we attended last Friday at 4:30 but some may not have gotten it. This place is called Diamond Oaks – a wedding venue north of Clear Lake with lovely grassy areas and many oak trees.

Look at the chandelier!

The downside of an outdoor wedding is of course the weather. It was very, very windy but at least it wasn’t raining. The ceremony lasted 7 minutes! Good grief – hardly worth all the falldoral – is that a word? No mention of a prayer or a Bible verse which disappointed me. The cutest thing I saw was this little girl in front of me who

didn’t want to smile for me. Instead I got this darling little scowl.

Finally she gave in when grandma intervened.

After the wedding we walked across the yard to a barn for dinner and dancing, dancing by the young kids only – haha!

Aren’t they cute? The wedding party danced for hours! They knew all the words to all the songs and we loved watching them having such a good time.

Saturday morning I mowed at the church – it was my turn but Bible School was being held each afternoon and I hated to have the kids bring the cut grass into the church on their shoes so I waited till Saturday. The back area is huge and another guy helped mow that part with his huge mower. My mower deck is only 42″ wide and good for doing all the tight spots.

Connie’s been very busy gathering her Dirty Dozen. She, like most of us, easily located 12 UFO’s.

Are you getting anxious to start our game? Connie came up with this idea about 7 years ago and I remember gathering around the cutting table while somebody drew the number for the month. It’s a very good idea to finish what we started!

Dorothy S. finished her Little Uncle Sam.

A couple weeks ago baling hay happened. Here it is going up into the haymow where we used to have so much fun at Quilt Camp.

And then there’s the garden.

It’s been hard to stay ahead of the weeds when it rains nearly every other day.

Could Hazel been any more spoiled?

She has a new favorite toy – a Chuckit Flying Squirrel.

At church last Sunday was the most beautiful funeral arrangement I’ve ever seen. It was round so the urn could sit in the middle with a tall spray of flowers on the left side. The flowers were simply beautiful and were fresh! Not artificial!

I’m working on the red and white quilt and when I finish I will give away my extra book to one lucky reader.

Jessica – hope you’re reading this! I’m thinking about you this morning.

When readers send orders, they sometimes include their blog name and I love it! I know readers by the name they comment with and l like to know more. That’s the problem with this blog – you know MY life but I don’t know what’s going on with the readers.

On the subject of pattern orders — when someone sees a Country Threads quilt on other media posts, you simply cannot just order it. Special order patterns will now require $3.00 postage with each order. We are getting more of these requests all the time and it’s very difficult to fill these orders. We try to make patterns available to our readers a few at a time because it’s sometimes hard to locate all of the hundreds of patterns we have designed. Some patterns that feature appliqué have several pages that make it heavier to mail – thus the $3.00 postage.

I still have a few feed bags – no more of the white bird seed bag but I have two other designs. No chicken feed bags left. I have goat feed, bird seed and cat bags – $4.00 each.

One reader noted that after she ordered a bag from me she realized she was filling her bird feeders with a reuseable bag and realized she’d been throwing them away for years.

Uncle Sam is still available for $10.00. We’ve got just a handful of Sew Charming left for $14.00 each. And a selection of new patterns coming soon.

I think I made it through this blog post without incident – whew! Keep in touch!

68 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. Jean

    Good morning Mary!! Here in the TN mountains, it is raining. But everything is surely growing beautifully!! (Including the weeds!) Have a wonderful day!
    -Jean ❤

  2. Jane dumler

    My dirty dozen are stacked and ready to go. Let’s hope the first number isn’t one if the bigger projects I pulled.
    Your garden is wonderful but I agree the weeds are impossible this year. It is a cool wet spring in Colorado and we need a little heat or we won’t have a big hay crop. It will be short but good content. L
    Love the picture of your porch. Looks so comfortable.

  3. Rita Scott

    Received all your pictures and lovely comments. Thanks Mary. Decided since it’s a partly rainy day to work on a backing for a Mystery Quilt top that is finished. I will be piecing it with leftover fabric as my goal is to use up scraps. Will send you a picture when finished of the top and back. Have a great day.

  4. Marilyn

    Great post , wonderful pictures and thank you for the reminder for the dirty dozen. Really enjoy your posts. Marilyn

  5. Robin R

    I wish I could sit out there with you and enjoy the morning with a good cup of coffee and conversation 🙂 Yes I think Hazel is just as spoiled or more than libby

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Robin – yes, it’s possible Hazel is more spoiled than Libby but they can both run really fast! Remember how Libby would run around the farm at top speed?

  6. Deb - SW Minnesota

    Good to see you’re back. Always miss reading your posts. A few years back I made my New Year’s resolution that it was going to be a “finishing” year. I promised myself I would finish all my UFO’s during that year. I actually stuck to it and finished a large # of projects. It felt so good to have them all cleaned out. Now I need to do it again.

  7. Bonnie McKee

    Good morning All!
    I’m collecting my dirty dozen and looking forward (?) to being encouraged to finish some projects that have been haunting me for years!
    We are enjoying mild and dry weather in western Oregon. Our veggie garden and our berries are growing nicely. I even put up 2 quarts of dill pickles a couple days ago. It’s usually late July before my cukes are ready. But because of a hot dry spell in early spring I was able to plant my cucumbers weeks earlier than past years.
    Mary, I really enjoyed the pictures you shared of the wedding. That little girl’s expression was priceless!
    Have a good day, everyone!
    Bonnie in Oregon

    1. Sue in Oregon

      Hey, Bonnie. Where in Western Or are you? I live in Coos Bay. We have a garden, too. I was afraid to plant the cucs early so did not get them in until late May when warm weather came again. They look good though. So far, our tomatoes are the best ever and we will eat a small ripe tomato before the 4th. That is always my goal.

  8. Ellie

    Great to see your post and all the pictures. It’s going to rain today as it does most days! No this isn’t Florida but Indiana! I’m beginning to feel as if I’m covered in mildew! And this doesn’t say anything about weeds!

  9. Hedy

    Our weeds and bushes are out of control now, yuck. I’ve started working on my ufo’s too, but I’m not getting into your game as I’m afraid I’ll just be too slow. Looking at the picture of the bride and groom, I wonder why the bride looked exquisite but the groom looked like he came in from the fields. I’m always amazed at pictures like this.

  10. Diane in TN

    Hi Mary. So glad to hear from you. Don’t you just love technology? And the frustration that seems to come with it. What a beautiful wedding venue. The bride/groom look very happy. I am sure it was a day they will cherish for a lifetime. Hazel looks very spoiled. Is she part “goat”. Haha. Enjoy your blog and all of your adventures.

  11. Brenda archambault

    Post came through loud and clear. Have been getting a “head start” on some projects that could easily be moved out of the UFO category and into the finally finished pile. Not to worry, there are plenty more.
    It looks like you’re having some beautiful weather, at least today. We’re hovering at the 100 degree mark with 5% humidity. Remember Arthur Godfrey’s remark, ” it ain’t the heat, it’s the humidity.” Partly true!
    Brenda in SW Phoenix

  12. Rhoda Ebersole

    I just returned from Seattle and think Northern Wisconsin is a far more restful place to be.
    Love your posts and pics Mary.

    1. Karen

      I enjoy reading your blog. It is so down homey and comfy feeling. I laughed at the picture of Hazel chillin’ on the table and in the pool. What a life! The wedding venue was beautiful and the barn was decorated nicely. A friend of my son’s used to host weddings & receptions in their barn as well.
      I hope I have enough UFO’s. I spent the last two years completing many quilt projects that had been languishing in the cupboard for years. One dated back into the 1990’s. Was so nice to get them done. There are still some on the list for completion so I will have to hunt them down.

  13. Sue in Oregon

    Hazel looks so cute in the tub with her squirrel. All the photos are great. You really know how to make a nice story with your pictures. Love that flower arrangement. So vibrant!
    I have my dirty dozen chosen and numbered. I hope I have time to do this. I just finished my Challange quilt for our 4th of July show. It took ages to finish. We buy a bag of 5 fat quarters that have been pre-chosen and they are all the same. Then, we can add three more of our own choice. We make small quilts no larger than 40 inches on a side. I like mine this year. Sometimes I don’t. The prizes are good. $100 in merchandise at the quilt store goes to 1st. $50 to second and $25 to third.
    Your porch looks so pretty in the early morning sun.

  14. Mary M Rhodes

    Good Morning Mary from Bethel Ohio! Oh porch looks so inviting! The flower arrangement is just lovely! Hazel is so cute. You said she is spoiled so is my 3 cats! Just cant help but just spoil them! Your garden looks nice. My husband loved his garden and flowers! He had 2 green thumbs! Me not so much! Here southwest Ohio we had 12 plus inches of rain so far and more to come! The weeds over come my gravel driveway! Spraying it got half done, circle drive. Working on BOM from The Quilt Box! Also real nine patch within ninepatch from moda size matters , Edyta Satyrr. Excuse spelling. Doing hexies as well, continous hexie going through the colors! I have several going same time along making baskets too! Got all the pictures that was posted! Have great day!

    1. Margie Braaksma

      Have you considered raised bed gardening? I have put in 4 this year and am loving it. Lots of advantages, the best being no or very few weeds

  15. Linda Greethurst

    Dirty Dozen challenge is new to me – but I love the idea. Even suggested it to a couple of quilting buddies to join in with you. I also added a 13th project – as Bonnie Hunter calls them – a leader/ender project to work on during the year while working on all the rest of the UFO’s. Looking forward to getting started!

    1. Janice

      Oh! That’s a great idea Linda! To be working on a 13th project using Bonnie’s leader/ender method! I like that! Jan in MA

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Janice – yes, I thought it was a no brainer including a leader/ender project except that my brain didn’t think of it – hahaha!

  16. Gloria

    Received your email, with photos this am! Love the red and white quilt you are working on and the books looks so interesting. Wonder if others, when seeing what you are working on…..think “Oh, I have that fabric and there’s another one I have.” I haven’t make my Uncle Sam yet but it is on top of stack!

  17. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    I agree with Hedy about the grooms attire for the wedding. What will he (they) think 25 or 50 years from now when they see the pictures. A seven min. ceremony. . . . really? The venue was very attractive!! Somebody put a lot of work into that place.
    Hazel has it made in the shade.
    Your garden looks great. My stuff is just peeking through. Planted June 12th. Weeds are doing very well.
    Got on the Toro yesterday and mowed. Today it is time to get the weed eater and go to it. Farmer Dave had knee replacement last Fri.. . . right in the middle of cutting hay and rain. Not fun for him or me.
    Thanks for sharing your posts and great pictures.

  18. Linda in TN

    You made it through. Don’t know if I’d be able to manage that, but so glad you did. I’d miss your blog!!
    That little girl is precious and sure has a great scowl and smile.

  19. Peggy

    Very interesting news letter. It is bright and sunny here at Echo bay, Sask, Canada. Expecting some rain latter today. Everything is looking very green and growing well. Have a good day.

  20. Kate

    Outdoor weddings are nice, but if the weather doesn’t co-operate they can be a misery. I went to one where it was so hot and the chairs were in the sun, I thought I’d die before the service was over. And I’m with you about including prayers and Bible verses in a wedding. It just doesn’t seem like someone is properly wed without those included because, after all, it was God who ordained marriage. I’m still working on my Uncle Sam and another patriotic wall hanging and hope to have them both done to hang for the 4th. Today I am waiting on a phone call from the delivery people to deliver a new washer and dryer so I’m pretty much stuck.

  21. PJ

    Everything was great to see but 7 minutes on the wedding???? Oh well n I would love to have your extra book n thanks all your blogs❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Kim J LeMere

    Your pictures came in this morning so I think you’ve mastered the new program. I was talking to some gals this morning that attend water fitness class with me and we were all talking about our farmers markets and looking forward to sweet corn. They don’t believe me when I say Iowa has the best sweet corn on the planet. Its hot and humid here in TN and we have finished berry season but its almost time for fresh tomatoes and peaches. Happy mowing.

  23. Jo in Wyoming

    I refer to your blog as “A postcard from Iowa”, so thanks for a great postcard today.
    Things are crazy busy at my house this week.
    My self imposed goal, until I get caught up, is to take a quilt top for show-and-tell at the jail. I then have to finish it before I can put it away. I kept up until this month. Now…..4 quilts a month for backing, quilting and binding. Have I lost my mind? This too shall pass.
    I’m so glad you got the bugs worked out of the tech issue. Nothing is worse than spend time and energy, hitting the go button, and a negative message comes back.
    Thanks for hanging in there.

  24. Claudia Sheets

    I’m in on the dirty dozen challenge! It was a challenge to whittle it down to just 12!!🤣

  25. Marilyn Stevens

    Love to read your blog! I hope I remember to pull 12 projects,I’m sure there are more than 12, when I get home from Cape Cod. I’m here with my daughter and son in law and three dogs who love swimming in the ocean near the tip of the Cape.
    Marilyn from CT

  26. Betty Klosterman

    In defense of the groom. He had a nice, longsleeved shirt and jeans on and I think he looked alright. I couldn’t tell if he wore a jacket for the ceremony, but nobody in the barn had jackets. It is hot and humid in Iowa. As for looking scroungy, are you looking at the tall man with full dark beard and black shirt in the first picture in the barn? I don’t think he is the groom.
    The dress code can be very proper out here in Rapid City, but it is not unusal for jeans and cowboy boots. I wouldn’t be surprised even if the horse was there! I must say that I really prefer causual and relaxed.

  27. Marsha Ransom

    The wedding pictures were lovely. As our culture becomes more and more casual as far as dress goes, many of the guys don’t ever wear a tie, dress pants etc. Many weddings don’t do tuxes any more. I personally think it looks kind of silly when the bride and bridesmaids are dressed to the nines and the groom and groomsmen are in jeans and button-down shirts without ties, but it’s their wedding, their choice.

    I wish I had enough time to sew so I could enter in with the UFO Challenge. I haven’t been able to sew since I got back the day after Labor Day due to work, taking my mother to doctor appointments and surgery and more appointments (16 since the beginning of April – one of my sons even took her to one while I was away in May), unexpected company, babysitting granddaughter when her mother has to work and daycare is closed, attending other granddaughter’s recitals, great niece’s graduation open house, and a joint Father’s Day and son’s birthday dinner . . . love all those social events but I’m beginning to go through withdrawal.

    But my husband’s bear hunt in May included a private cabin on a lake, fully stocked with food and I went with him and took several projects to work on. Completed two small ones (pillowcase and fabric book) and worked on three others, all quilts, but none complete yet.

    Enjoy summer!

  28. Debra Miller

    As usual loved your post and the little girls pictures are adorable. I really want to know what Connie’s #10 project is-such great fabrics showing! It is still very dry here in my part of SC and I ate my entire crop of cherry tomatoes (4) yesterday. I will have to go to the farmers market for fresh veggies this year. Gathering my 12 UFO’s-I am embarrassed by how many I have. I have always said I am a great starter-and a slow finisher. Currently working on binding 6 quilts for Project Linus by hand.

  29. Joyce

    Your post & pictures came thru real good today. It has been raining here about every other day. I don’t have a garden, but a huge lawn. I mowed yesterday, i’m glad because it is more humid today, more rain coming tonight & tomorrow. Have my ufo’s picked out, don’t know if I can keep up though.
    Graduation this weekend, my first grandson is graduating w/ honors. They grow up too fast!

  30. Christina

    So glad you’re back in action! Love the pictures and your porch looks so inviting! I’ve got my dirty dozen ready too 🙂

  31. Marie

    Mary, I just love your barn !! It gives me peace to look at it. I live in Southern California. Not ( aka none) any around here. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Jeanine

    Our granddaughter was married in April of this year in ND. The bridesmaids wore simple gray dresses with a necklace, and the groomsmen wore plaid flannel shirts and nice jeans. Even the groom wore the same. It was casual, but practical……..both could wear the clothes later. That is what the bride and groom chose. She had a very simple wedding dress. I really liked the simple wedding dress of the bride above……very modest and simple. Like someone else has said…….it’s the brides wedding and she can choose whatever she desires. I agree though with others about the lack of prayer and scripture.

  33. Launa

    What a sweet smile the young girl with beautiful red hair has! I so enjoy all the pictures you share with us.
    I have my Dusty Dozen somewhat ready! We have family coming for a nice longer visit in early July. Don’t know how much sewing will get done with all the activity, but it’s good to have a challenge! With our locked entry gate no quilt police can get me if I lag behind. Would love a chance to win your extra book drawing; your red/white fabrics are beautiful.
    My area in Idaho has had huge electrical storms the past two weeks and more coming again tomorrow for a few more days.

  34. Terri

    Hello, just a note to tell you I look forward to your post. I have a friend and we conduct estate sales and we just finished a big, big one. The lady was also a quilter and it made me smile to see some of your papers in her quilt room. One thing I did get was a tote bag that said country threads quilt shop. You were on my bucket list to come to see but I can saying I’ve got to do that and now it’s too late. So this is the next best thing. Keep up the good work blog and sewing. Your quilty friend.

  35. Linda Rouse

    Well good to hear from you Mary. I was hoping nothing happened to you!
    I am not participating in the UFO’s challenge. I tried it a few years ago and failed miserably! I have so many and want to start new ones all the time. I am bad.
    I did learn one thing today with your pictures. I saw that Connie? Had all her projects in all sorts of containers. She had bags and baskets filled with her projects. I have a Goodwill bag filled with old purses and tote bags. Well, sorry Goodwill, I am going to use some of the big ones to hold some of my projects! I always buy those 12″ x 12″ plastic things (can’t think of their name) to hold them but they are quite expensive now. Better to reuse what I have. Thanks!!

  36. Kathy Roloff

    Folderol is indeed a word. My Mother used it all of the time. Your newsletter was wonderful today. Worth waiting for.

  37. Judith Ann Jaques

    I was a florist for many years and you are right that arrangement is unique and very beautiful.
    I have had guests ,from Texas,for 5 days. Short notice called last Thursday and they were here on Friday. They had planned to stay with others but had their 14 year old dog with them.The others are not dog people. I am and had made the offer several months ago. Dog tried to ran, out in the grass and yelped. She hurt her leg and was not walking on it at all. Poor old girl.We did the baby aspirin thing,which helped. Finally got to a vet on Mon. acl damaged. On meds and is doing so much better. Thank goodness. I am ready for some quilt making time after I clean this really messy sewing room.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I’ve had two dogs with ruptured anterior crucial ligaments and the recovery after surgery is long and agonizing for dog and owner. Hope your 14 year old dog friend will be OK!

  38. Ruth

    Thank you so much for this blog!! I so enjoy reading all the comments on your posts, and finding out about people all across the country!

  39. jan VanDeWalle

    Good afternoon from Yamhill, Oregon. cloudy here today with chance of scattered showers tomorrow.. Looking out my window just saw a deer jump our fence into the hay field. Nice to see all the bales gone. My husband is worn out after a week of hay cutting and baling in the heat. Love the blog and reading all the comments from all over the country. Hi to Sue from Coos Bay, My grandparents lived out of Coquille near La Verne Park Spent many summers down there. I am late to the quilting stage don’t have many UFO s yet. just a couple. Most wedding in this area are the casual type out door but usually have some prayers etc. in the service 56 years ago when we got married ,I chose simple cream colored dress that I could wear to church afterward, Still have it wish I still fit in it LOL. Jan from Oregon

  40. Donna Sproston

    I did not respond to your failed post yesterday, but you asked if we thought you had been loafing! You are the busiest person I follow, and loafing would never apply. I love the red and white quilt you are starting and will start working on building my stash. I love the small navy and white one trimmed in red sitting on your table too. I have some left over jelly roll strips that will be perfect for that one. Sometimes the simple ones have great appeal. The rain keeps coming here in central Illinois. As we crossed the Illinois River at Peoria, I counted rows of barges four deep just waiting for the water level to go down. Nothing has moved on the Mississippi in weeks, and we have fields still not planted.

  41. Jeanice Domino

    I do so enjoy your blog . Thank you for sharing your life with us. I love all the animals especially the goats. Hazel looks so big in those pictures . she is a spoiled little girl and isn’t it wonderful to spoil animals .

  42. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

    I have been getting all posts so am happy to receive this one, too, and to close ads😃. I have my 12 plus projects for Dirty Dozen. I did finish 6 the last time plus some other new projects. Hazel’s smile while she’s in the pool is priceless~~pure joy! I love the bride’s dress with the lace~~ simple, but beautiful. We are preparing for our relatives next weekend 6/28 and 29 to celebrate our 49 th and a half anniversary. The relatives from NY, MA, MI, IN, CT, and NC didn’t want to travel to Ohio in late December so it’s 49 1/2!! We celebrate half birthdays so it seemed appropriate. We’ll celebrate with local friends in Dec. Who doesn’t love two parties?? The flowers at the funeral are stunning. Lots of rain in Central Ohio, too.

  43. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    So glad to see your blog. Missed you. Your pictures are worth waiting for, many thanks.

  44. Patricia Campbell in AZ

    Hi Mary! 😊
    What a beautiful venue for an outdoor wedding. God’s Creation is just as much His chapel as a church building, but if He is left out of the ceremony, you have to wonder if He will be left out of the marriage…
    My youngest daughter is getting married this coming September – outside, in Las Vegas (where they both live) – the ceremony will definitely be short due to the heat!!
    Every time I read your blog, I am reminded of the things I meant to order and promptly forgot as soon as I get off the internet!! LOL
    My garden is slowing down now that it’s getting HOT here in Phoenix. My basil, chili peppers, habaneros, jalapeños, and cherry tomatoes are still doing well. My zucchini may as well get pulled out. Probably this weekend. Okra, sweet potatoes, and black-eyed peas do really well here in the heat. I’ve never planted any, but I’m thinking about it. (I say that every year… haha)
    I also do not have 12 UFO’s. I’ve made two quilts total in my life for my 2 granddaughters. I am working on a large quilt for my 92 y/o momma (I think it’s called Twin Sisters??) and I have a 1/2 done doll quilt – of all things – for my oldest granddaughter. That’s it. 2 UFO’s. lol I DO have TONS of fabric though…. haha
    OH!! WAIT! There are 3! I have tshirts to make my niece a quilt from all her activities since she was a little squirt until college graduation! Almost forgot about that one!! 😳

    I love your blog Mary. I wish we were next door neighbors. My German Shepherd would have do much fun playing with your animals. Poor guy needs some doggy friends.

  45. Margaret

    Hi Mary, You asked what’s going on in our life–well on Sunday June 9 we had a very violent wind come thru
    Dallas County TX, thus our neighborhood looks like a disaster
    zone as does the rest of the county. Came up very suddenly and ended the same way after 30 minutes. Scary! But I enjoyed the pics of the wedding and others such as Connie’s UFO’s. Am gathering mu UFO’s and hope to keep up.

  46. Connie R.

    Glad to have your blog back again. I love all the news and pictures. I especially love to see all the projects Connie has lined up for the Dirty Dozen. I recently finished a Christmas stocking I started in 1990 from a Lands End pattern they used to offer in their catalog. I had gotten stuck on one part and just put it away. It was a sense of accomplishment to finally get it finished.
    Here in far Northeastern Wisconsin, our garden is just coming up. Always have to wait til after Memorial Day to plant as the threat of frost remains. Still only in the 40’s at night so plants are growing slowly. Add to that, deer eating our new raspberry plants and rabbits eating whatever else they can find. I already replanted some of the beans and cucumbers and spent time reinforcing the fencing. Constant battle but, l love to have a garden.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Connie R – you have quite a challenge with your garden, don’t you? I remember that Lands End stocking – so glad you persisted!

  47. Ann (now in Va.

    Loved the update. Been involved in moving.
    When does the UFO begin? I want to participate.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann(now in VA)- Dirty Dozen UFO game starts July 1 – gather your 12 projects and number them 1-12. Glad you’re going to join in!

  48. Janine

    I love the table topper in the first picture – I don’t know if it’s a pattern so am drafting it based on what I can see. So simple, but beautiful – and feels like spring/summer. Loved today’s post, Mary – I know it’s hard to do and hope you know how much it is appreciated! I’ve pulled my Dirty Dozen and am ready to go!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janine – are you referring to the bright one in the porch? I’ll take a picture and put it in my next post – it’s Bonnie Hunters Trip Around The World.

  49. Mary Evans

    The little girl at the wedding was adorable, smiling or not!!

    Will you please reiterate how much I should send you for the Uncle Sam big and little, and the other flower one. I forget what it was called. Plus $3.00
    Don’t know why I didn’t write it down at the time.

    BTW, I have a picture I need to send you of a C.T. quilt that I spotted at a quilt show several years ago, not made by me.
    And I have a picture of ME sitting in a chicken yard at about the age of 1 or 1.5. What was my mother thinking of????? LOL

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Evans – Uncle Sam is $10 including postage. The monthly quilt is actually a watermelon slice and it is $3 including postage. The additional postage money is for any special order pattern that we are not offering at the time it’s ordered. Yours are both being offered unti

  50. Liz Schrader

    I love your posts Mary and fun reading all the replys. I have my 12 UFO’s ready to go. I just finished a baby quilt for new great-grandson coming in August. I have my Bullseye quilt back from long-arm quilter and will bind it in the next few days. I was in the middle of that “strange” storm in North Texas. I had no power, phone, tv, for 50 hours. Lost all my food in 2 freezers. Like Margaret, still looks bad with all trees and branches out by the streets.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Liz Schrader – always fun to hear from you! That must have been a real freaky storm! When you finish your Bullseye send me a picture for the blog readers!

  51. Moe Baly

    Mary i’m so excited about the dirty dozen! You picked the right time to start this. Since October (when my breast cancer was discovered and treatments began) I have not sewn much. Just Bulls Eye blocks (thank you for that), and a little hand sewing. I’m feeling good again and am ready to tackle a Dozen UFO’s. Thank you!

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