Grab a cup of coffee! 10-17-20

So many new things to talk about – this will be a long post of new things available in the online store. First, here are the Dirty Dozens:

Connie calls this one of the best Jellyroll patterns she’s ever used!

Here is her quilt top.

An easy block combined with a great setting = a great quilt!

Here is the Moda fabric I’m working with on the red/pink project – from Minnick and Simpson, the fabric line is called Roselyn. I’m not finished but I’m really enjoying this color combo!

And here are the new patterns Kayla has ready for you in the online shop. Just click on “shop” at the top of our home blog page. Payment is by credit card and PayPal. Instructions for downloading your pattern are also included at the top of the home page.

Little Black Hen

Ring Necked Pheasant – I hang this up every year about this time. I hate hunting but I know pheasant season will open in early November. Take cover, Fellas!

Wild Turkey – I know I have a single block wallhanging but where is it when I want it?

Gobbler’s Roost – Connie just made this cute pillow with one block. Here it is in multiple settings because I couldn’t decide which one I liked best.

And then there’s Heidi!

So that’s what’s new in the store as of this morning – hope you find a fall project you like! Next up is Christmas!


I can’t help but admit I’m feeling quite overwhelmed with Nala and the puppies. Here they were weeks ago in the dog bed.

Today only six of the eight puppies really fit in the bed at once.

Nala is turning out to be a very sweet calm dog – I am even going to try her with the cats – I think maybe the lunging was a temporary interest. I am ever so thankful for nice weather when the puppies can get outside during the day. It makes cleaning the kennel soooooo much easier!

I am torn between wanting my life back and worrying about all of them going to their new homes. The puppies have to be weaned which I thought was happening last week only to see Nala letting them nurse again just this morning. Ugh. Now I need to put a call into the foster coordinator. I dread the day that’s coming when they will all be separated. I am not a good foster mother – I don’t want to love them this much.

My evenings have been spent watching the baseball games out in the shop so I can keep Nala company. Anybody else watching baseball? Next week is the World Series. A couple nights ago was the 32nd anniversary of the Kurt Gibson “bases loaded home run” and I remember where I was as I watched him circle the bases with an arm pump to celebrate the win. My life continues to be marked by sports events and I am thankful that during this pandemic we still have sports to get excited about. Today it’s baseball again as well as college football. Rick has gone farming so my day will be spent watching tv, sewing and taking care of dogs!

Now here’s a stupid question – I am looking for a non-greasy hand cream and everything I buy leaves greasy fingerprints on the IPad screen. Suggestions?

Whew! Aren’t you glad I suggested a cup of coffee while you read this?

Be still, Everybody!

59 thoughts on “Grab a cup of coffee! 10-17-20

  1. Jan

    Thanks for all the photos this morning. Would love to find the pattern for that appliquéd girl pillow from Gail Celeste, Illinois. Could anyone help? Thanks.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan – I’ll let Gail answer you in detail but I think she bought this antique block at a quilt show and made it into the pillow.

  2. Diana in Des Moines

    I use Vaseline Hand and Nail lotion. Pink tube. I love it.
    I can’t imagine letting the dogs go elsewhere. But Im sure they will have great homes
    Im a huge Cubs fans and was so happy when they came back this summer. Sorry they were eliminated, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles!
    Have a lovely day, Mary!

  3. Diane and Squeak

    I am so happy those puppies have you. Someone will get a loving baby and I hope Nala’s forever home is perfect:) Thanks for all of the neat DD’s. I love how diverse this group is in our selections of stitching patterns. I will be shopping at Country Threads online soon, too. So many choices:)
    I sent you an email with a picture of Neutrogena fast absorbing hand cream. I use it when I am quilting and it does not rub off. It needs to dry for about 10 to 15 minutes to use on iPhone or iPad, I think. It doesn’t take a whole to to soften my hands.

  4. Vickie Devore

    Just couldn’t resist checking some hand creams I had — Gold Bond Overnight (never paid that much attention to WHEN I was supposed to use something, lol), CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, one just called “Special Care Cream.” All left prints just on my mirror (and I did wait a few minutes). The one I wanted — doesn’t seem to be in the house and I didn’t want to go searching the barn! Udder Balm — supposedly for animal udders — is one of the best I’ve ever had (but when the sheep had babies, got an idea of where it went –LOL). Trip to Rural King (the only place I know of that makes me almost as happy as quilting stores.)

    1. Kathy Roloff

      I think you are referring to Udderly Smooth uder cream. It’s in a black and white tub with red writing. Dries really fast, no greasy feel and a clean scent.
      I get mine at HyVee and most Farm and Fleet type stores.

  5. Sue in Oregon

    I love Gails pillow, too. It is stunning. And, I love the turkey pillows. I must be wanting to make a pillow. I will check it out in the shop. Every quilt is great, as always.
    Your Moda fabrics are lovely. I feel I can never go wrong with Moda. It always seems to work together so well.
    We are going crabbing in the bay again tomorrow. We have a new inboard motot on our boat. The old one was so old you can’t get parts for it anymore. It is going to be a beautiful day on the water.

  6. Jo in Wyoming

    Boy, there is a lot going on today. Love the mini quilt show, the ever growing puppies, and the new offerings in the store.
    Good luck finding a lotion. I wipe my iPad with a micro fabric cloth. Works pretty good. I also use a special stylus. It looks like a pin but has a soft rubbery end. I’m getting faster using only one hand.
    My issue is how foggy my glasses get while wearing a mask! It drives me crazy!!! I must say, it keeps me home 😕.

    1. Charlotte Shira

      Jo, I heard that washing your glasses with shaving cream will eliminate the fog. Haven’t tried it yet.

        1. Barbara Moore

          There is this charming story told by Red Skelton who, as a boy, would make money selling an “anti-fog” for bathroom mirrors. He would find scraps of aluminum foil in the trash, smooth it, and wrap bar soap slivers in the foil and then sell them. These are the wonderful stories of how people made it through the Depression Years.
          Barb in Tucson

  7. Roxanne

    I have tried so many hand lotions! My highly recommend Vanicream—free of dye, fragrance, lanolin, parabens and formaldehyde. There is a regular and lite version. I like them both. I use the regular most of the time and like the lite at work and in the sewing room. I especially use the regular every night at bedtime. Terrific stuff.

  8. Connie R.

    Those puppies all squeezed in the dog bed makes me laugh. You did such a good job with them. You can tell how much you love them and Nala.

    1. Julie B

      Hi Mary..I have trouble with lotions absorbing into my skin…my favorite go to is Crabtree and Evelyn Gardeners Hand Therapy….my “leg/arm” lotion is Jergens Aloe Vera .. not greasy at all.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Julie b – I remember that Gardeners hand cream – forgot all about it and I loved it! I will shop online – thank you!

        1. Barbara Moore

          On my dermatologist’s recommendation, I’ve used CeraVe for the past ten or so years. This company makes a series of lotions, but I generally use the all-purpose one, and the heavier creamy one when I have areas that need extra attention. Available off the shelf at Walgreen’s or other drug stores.

          1. Betty Klosterman

            I really like the CeraVe creams. My elbows have a scaley problem so I rub a very generous dose of CeraVe on them before I go to bed. Best they’ve looked for years. Also good on the feet, too. Used it on my husband’s feet, too, and it really helped. Plus it seems to rinse off my hands with just water leaving no greasy feeling. Don’t ask me why!

  9. Anne

    My favorite hand lotion is still good old Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Lotion … the original pink stuff, with such a great familiar smell for long ago, and not a bit greasy. You can also buy it in a large size with a pump, which I prefer. I also use the Nivea original lotion, but can’t promise it won’t be a little bit greasy.

  10. Marian

    Enjoyed all the photos after spending two hour cleaning out my patio pots. Some flowers were still pretty. Vanicream is my choice. You have a lot of recommendations to chose from. Love the puppies and Nala. She is such a good mama. And, the fall quilts are great. So many to choose from. I, too, like all the sports; a nice diversion from the pandemic while I sew and knit. Enjoy the day, folks! Oh, I think Heidi stole the show!!

  11. Charlotte Shira

    Thank you for the quilt show! Beautiful!!! The puppies are adorable in their bed. I’m sure they will find great homes for the puppies. You’ve done a great job with them.
    Enjoy your weekend. I have the WV – Kansas game on. I was born and raised in West Virginia so go WV!!!

  12. Carla

    Today’s photos were wonderful. So enjoy hearing from you again.
    As a Tiger fan, baseball hasn’t held much interest in the post season lately. I do know where I was when they won the series in 1968 though, but that year was quite memorable for many things and events.
    Your memories of Kirk Gibson home run made me smile. He announces some Tigers games but is suffering with Parkinson’s Disease. That clip gets played weekly during baseball games.
    I have so many tubes and tubes of cream, hard to find one that doesn’t leave residue.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carla – I’m so sorry to hear Kirk Gibson has Parkinson’s – I think that was my favorite baseball moment! I’m so glad I know somebody who also has fond memories of that home run! I don’t watch much baseball during the regular season but look out when it comes playoff games and World Series! I love it!

  13. Diane Bauer

    I use Gold Bond Ultimate Healing lotion for my hands and body and have found it to absorb quickly and not feel greasy at all. We are at 5000 feet and dry, dry, dry here, so lotion is a critical daily self care practice!

    I’m working on catching up on my Moda Stitch Pink blocks today, staying inside and out of the smoke from the Cameron Peak fire. The evacuation orders have expanded again today. So scary!

    Nala and the puppies look so good!!! You’re actually THE BEST foster mom, Mary, though I know you love big and that means sadness when they go to their new homes.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Diane–Just watched the news. How close are you to the Cameron Peak Fire? Have you had to evacuate yet? I know, like you are probably reading this blog. Just wanted you to know that we are hoping that you are safe. Betty

  14. Debbie Miller

    Really enjoyed this “eye Candy” post! If I lived closer I would want one of the gray speckled puppies-so cute! Love the Wild Turkey Pattern and your red fabric. We have flocks of wild turkeys passing through our property all year long and last year a hen raised her babies in our pasture. Yes, baseball here too-GO Braves!

  15. Kathe of Montana

    Love the turkey designs, and those pups are really getting big ! I remember my dad going turkey hunting with a muzzle loader’s club probably 50 years ago. Always felt sorry for the turkeys. I am currently using Windrift Hill goat’s milk lotion. Love it. Cheaper to get directly from the mfg. too.

  16. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, maybe if your next foster experience was just 2-3 puppies? Your 8 puppies was a whole passle and a ton of work. Just think of the families that have had 5-6 babies at a time and how their lives are totally up ended! It is so emotional which can be extremely tireing.
    Love your dd’s. Peoples’ creativity just amazes me and we can’t wait to see them. Especially like the sampler baby quilt next to the top.
    The wind is blowing hard and it is snowing here in Rapid City. Must be a regular blizzard in the hills. I’ve got the crock pot going and except for taking out the garbage and bringing in the rain guage, I’m staying home. Got lots of stuff to do, some of it even fun! Have a nice day everybody.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty Klosterman – your day sounds like our forecast for tomorrow. Nala is also lots of work since she killed the chicken – I can’t let her be loose in the yard and it is exhausting. The worry is nearly debilitating! Needless to say, this won’t be happening again at my house.

  17. Sandy

    Loved puppy post and project pictures. Our one puppy is a load of work; I can’t imagine 8 plus a momma. They certainly needed you. As far as lotion, Underly Smooth lotion is the best for me. I can use it at work at my school and go right back to my papers, mouse or keyboard, especially since we are doing so much hand washing and hand sanitizing, with no oiliness or greasiness. I use it when I sew because I can go right back to handling fabric with no problems. I have used it for many years and love it.

  18. Mary Lund

    Always love reading your blog. Quick question for Connie. How does she finish up her mallow plants in the fall? Thanks.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Lund – this is Mary typing and it’s me who has the mallow plants. I cut them off, let them dry out all winter and then lay them where I want flowers next season.

  19. Maryjane - CA

    Loved all the quilt pictures! Those dogs are wonderful – I could take them all., but wouldn’t. lol You might try Burt’s Bees hand cream. Not greasy or smelly.

  20. Earlene Springs

    Hi Mary
    Loved the pictures. As a hand embroidery student I heard about Udder Cream. It won’t stain fabric but I think it might still smear on the iPad screen.
    I love the turkey pillow and recognize it from your patter “IsThis Heaven-Iowa in the Fall”
    That is the first pattern that started me quilting.
    Loving baseball too and was lucky enough to have Kirt Gibson manage out AZ Diamondbacks a few years

  21. Minnie Homans

    I too, use the udderly smooth cream I have used it for years. I keep it in the bathroom and reapply every time I wash my hands. My hands are already feeling the affects of the cooler weather. I just bought a new 12 oz jar at Ace hardware today for $6.

  22. Kathy Hanson

    Loved seeing all the beautiful DD finishes, Connie’s jelly roll quilt and all the projects. Loved seeing Heidi with your project, she loves being in your pictures and she is so pretty! Wow! So much work with this big group of fosters, funny to see them all trying to lie, at the same time, in the dog bed! You have been amazing to foster this brood and I know you will feel sad when they are gone but I hope you take a nice break for yourself when they go to their “forever homes”! You have done a fantastic job with them and that momma has been the luckiest dog in the world! Sounds like you got a lot of good ideas for lotion, it is a problem with lotion that is greasy! Enjoy! Have a lovely Sunday – be still!

  23. Gayle Lacey

    Love all those turkeys! Would Connie please share the pattern name for her little turkey pillow? Please?

    My heart breaks that the puppies will be leaving … but you saved their precious little lives, and Nala’s also. You have a wonderful heart.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gayle Lacey – I posted Gobblers Roost – her pillow is just one of the turkey blocks.

  24. Candy

    I really like the Ring Necked Pheasant pattern. Growing up in southern Alberta, our area was known as the “pheasant capital of the world”, although I’m sure we weren’t the only place to make that claim … LOL! My dad was a big time hunter, and my mom cooked the best pheasant dinners! That was back in the 50’s and 60’s when ladies wore hats, and my mom had several that were covered with pheasant feathers. I wish I had one of those hats for a keepsake, but I do have the memories … and thanks for reminding me! I love your Heidi … so sweet looking,! I hope parting with Nala and the puppies goes smoothly. They are all so lucky to have been rescued by you … I’m sure you saved their lives.

  25. Kathy in western NY

    You are so kind to keep providing us with a quilt show of such talented readers. It’s a bright spot in my day to see these wonderful pictures. I miss supporting quilt shows as I love the variety and talent that people share.
    Last night I saw a school bus go by and what a wonderful sound it was after all these months of no school sports as I knew it was for a high school soccer game under stadium lights. Funny how we find comfort in those familiar sounds and when I didn’t hear a plane fly overhead for days after 9-11, it was so earrie to me.
    I use Neutrogena Norwegian HC and gold bond healing. Then I let it sink it before I use my iPad. We will all be hoping you Stay strong Mary for the next week As you see all your unselfish efforts you gave for Nala’s life and her family as they begin their new lives. I know I will have some tears. Give yourself time to adjust and rethink future requests to what is best for your own sanity.

  26. Rhonda in Iowa

    So many wonderful DD finishes. Love seeing the patterns and all the fabric choices. Just too many ideas; can’t make them all. I love the Little Black Hen, the turkey pillow, and those puppies!

  27. Teresa

    Hand creams and lotions are such a personal thing because we all have different skin. My absolute favorite is CeraVe. I use the lotion in the white jar or the pump model at the sink. In the winter, I use the heavier healing ointment in the blue tub on my face, before I go out to do chores, and it keeps my eyelashes from freezing shut when the windchills are -30 and my eyes are watering from the severe cold and wind. Also works great on dry, chapped feet (put socks on) and I use it on our terriers tummy in winter because she gets chapped from the cold.

  28. Peggy

    We sold the Udderly Smooth lotion and Gloves in a Bottle when I had the quilt shop because they were not greasy when working with fabric. Your puppies are so cute. Glad to have you back.

  29. Nikki M in Tx

    For your hands….feed store- DuraCream brand utter cream (NOT balm) is lemon yellow cream & ever so mildly scented ( scent doesn’t linger).. is great !!!! Not oily or greasy.. soaks in.. no residue
    Note: You donot have to follow directions…(wash & dry tits before applying). I started using when was working as was always washing my hand & have dry skin anyway. In fact if have dry skin is great body cream after a bath.
    There is another similar product that is medicated.. ( cream is greenish blue color & has a menthol smell) not as good in my opinion.

  30. MaryLou

    O’Keefe Skin Repair is wonderful & all of their creams/lotions do a great job & You do not get slimy & can continue on with whatever ur job is. Love I & have used it for years .. Most every place carries it – Walmart – Target @& so on.
    Always enjoy all things on your blog – thanks for adding spark to everyday life.

    1. Sherry Whalen

      I like O’Keefe as well – a little goes a long way and it seems to last a long time. It seems like I am washing my hands ALL the time and now that it is colder my hands keep reminding me to moisturize!

  31. Marcia Rocheleau

    I rarely comment but I love to read your stories, see the quilts (yours and others), and see your photos of rural life.
    The best hand cream for an on-the-go woman is from Mary Kay. It absorbs well and makes a difference. You can turn a door knob right away or use the microwave immediately w/o making a smudgy mess. It is reasonably priced.
    If you don’t know a Mary Kay representative locally, get in touch and I’d be happy to send you a tube to try.

  32. Paula Philpot

    The babies and momma are just precious. Hope they all get good homes. Paula in KY

  33. cindy karas

    Hi Mary, Now this is a subject I know about. I was a hairstylist/owner for 30 years. Hand lotions are meant to be greasy feeling. Most people have” thick skin”-or several layers of callus that you are trying to soften. To copy Mary-HA! the scientist is trying to get as much oomph in as little time as they can. People with heavy callus did not get this skin by sitting around eating bonbons. They are working hands and cleaning hands, so the scientist knows people are not going to use this lotion and give it 5 minutes to work! No it took lots of work to acquire. The brand I used in the salon, is really expensive-I treat myself once a year. I went on a search about 6-8 months before covid. I found Burt’s bee’s body lotion in a tube really worked nice, most body lotions don’t work as well on your hands because they don’t use the heavy base hand lotions do, once again it goes back to how you use the skin. The only difference are our feet-that is for another day. Really, it is what” you” are looking for, if you are going to use the ipad right after applying hand cream you could purchase one of those pens with the rubber end,it is at wal-mart it’s by the ipad “stuff” Oh, I found the lotion at wal-mart, When you apply more is not better,use less you can always apply more. If you appy to much your elbows are probably dry as well. Hope this helps!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cindy Karas – THANK YOU!!! I so appreciate all this info. I am now armed with new knowledge and many good suggestions for hard working hands.

  34. Mary Howland

    I use Lubriderm on all boy parts. I have a small container in my car and fill it from the larger bottle when needed. Usually Costco has two large bottles and one small one for a reasonable price.
    I really liked the new patterns on your website.

  35. Kate

    Just think of the puppies leaving the nest, just like human children must do one day. I’m sure they will all go to good homes. They are all so adorable and I really love the speckled ones. You’ve given them a good start in life and should be proud of that fact because what would have happened to them if good people hadn’t stepped in to help them? Love all the quilts you are offering and I may have to order the Fat Hen since I raise chickens.

  36. Celene

    Good morning. Try Med Spa lotion. It is used in hospitals and doctor’s offices. It’s non greasy and it soaks in fast! I want to thank you for your newsletters. I enjoy them so very much.

  37. Sandy

    I haven’t received any posts from Country threads, not sure why. I looked up this page so I see you’re still posting. Could you add me to your list again I love reading about all your adventures.

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