Grand National Rally

You’ve all heard about Winnebago motor homes, I’m sure but did you know they’re made just 12 miles away in Forest City, Iowa? Every July motor home owners who are part of Winnebago International Travelers, abbreviated as WIT, gather in Forest City for the Grand National Rally. This year around 1000 motor homes parked together where they met up with old friends and were entertained by the likes of Lee Greenwood one evening. Here is a small sample of how it looks but remember there are 1000 motor homes, some very huge!

One of our blog readers was attending and I asked her if she’d like to meet for coffee. This happened during fair week so it was a spur of the moment coffee date. Meet Pat Smith from Stowe, Vermont.

She and her husband live in Florida during the winter. The day before they were to leave home for Iowa one of their Shelties, Jack, was killed in their driveway in a freak accident. Heartbroken and grief stricken, their hearts were no longer in the trip but instead of wallowing in their sadness, they packed up with their other Sheltie, Sonny, and drove to Iowa.

I was so happy to meet Pat and so glad we worked out a time to have coffee. The story of Jack made such an impression on me, I can’t remember anything else we talked about.

As I was typing the post about the hot dog relish, I got company and didn’t get a chance to look it over for mistakes which I’ve done now. I always hate typing out recipes! Yes, last year I added some hot peppers because my original recipe said it was optional. Well, it was not optional! That relish was too hot to eat. Inedible!

I received three more orders today – postmarked July 31 no less! Please do not order Connie’s Cobblestones or Hometown USA anymore. That’s it, gone, nada, no more! We are going to make a pattern available on September 1 and it will be available for one month and that’s all so order as soon as you think you want it. Having more than one pattern available at a time is just too confusing. Sometimes an order comes in without saying which pattern the person wants. We’re going to try to avoid that confusion.

Two posts in one day! Whew! Time for bed.

8 thoughts on “Grand National Rally

  1. Kathy Hanson

    How nice to have the chance to meet someone that reads your blog. I’m sure that all of us that enjoy your blogs would love to meet you, we all feel that we know you and that you are one of our best friends!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Ellen -you know it’s so old I don’t remember where I got that blue and white star shirt!

  2. Mary Kannas

    State of Iowa Fire Convention was held at Forest City several years ago. Winnebago was kind enough to allow us to use their campground. It was wonderful!!! Just imagine over 1000 campers of all shapes and sizes as well as fire trucks, golf carts, and antique fire trucks all buzzing around that campground. The Iowa vs Iowa State football game was also that weekend. Everyone watched the game! It was fun listening to the cheers and jeers from every corner of the campground.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary – oh how fun! Yes, yours would also have been a massive group!

  3. Linda

    The Winnebago plant also gave very nice tours showing how they are made when we visited there too.

  4. Martha Engstler

    I had a cousin that lived in Forest City and I always wanted to visit her and the Winnebago plant but it’s one of those things that just didn’t happen. The rally sounds like a “grand” time. Would love to rent one just for a short time.

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